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Although we obviously don’t want to lose you, we have to say that the links below are well worth exploring, after all it can never hurt to have an open mind and use your curiosity, it didn’t really kill the cat:

    • (The Caregivers’ Living Room) “This blog is a breath of fresh air and the expressions are born out of actual experience, which just adds to its credibility, so 100% suggest you subscribe to it and become a regular supporter – you won’t regret it.” JonathanW
    • Disability Horizons “These guys are well worth the visit and worth your support, please pay them a visit and let me know what you think?” JW
    • Age UK Blog “These people will keep you bang uptodate with what is going on with some of the biggest issues our society is facing, afterall we are all ageing.” Jonathan W
    • is an orgnaisation supporting people with disabilities who have children, they need your support and every penny raised is spent supporting the family unit. The contact is Krishna Ramamurthy (,  Manager, Disability, Pregnancy & Parenthood International, 336 Brixton Road, London, SW9 7AA
    • “Disability in Work are definately worth following, they make a lot of sense and discuss important issues such as the Social Model of Disability but in a work context. Please follow them.” Jonathan W
    • “Am loving this site, it has a lot to offer and well worth supporting/following, give them a try and take time to explore their site and its contents.” Jonathan W

*If there are other blogs you think I should be listing here, why not suggest them via your views really are welcome. Yours, Jonathan W.