The Company Men

The Company Men (The tide is turning, watch out!)  The Company Men is a film starring Tommy Lee Jones, Ben Affleck, Kevin Costner, all putting in amazing performances but the best, in my… Continue reading

Turning Their Backs

Turning Their Backs  More and more unfolds, the news filtering through from some of the most dangerous places on earth, but this time we cannot blame Mother Nature for the threat to life.… Continue reading

Covering Up The Sins

Covering Up The Sins (They will cover, lie and spin, veil you in a dense choking fog of deceit until you feel sick of the ride and want to get off, a ride… Continue reading

Sins of the Father

Sins of the Father (Tories coming home to roost)     The revelations, the horror of yet more abuse allegations is now unfolding, but this time not connected with the Yew Tree Police investigations that… Continue reading

Descent into World War 3

Descent into World War 3  Only 70 years ago was the beginning of the end of World War Two when D-Day unfolded and the reclamation of Europe from the grip of Nazi Germany.… Continue reading

Still A Lovely Concept

Still a Lovely Concept  For once it was a lovely day where the rain didn’t soak me and my motorised chair through to the bone, or should that be to the frame as… Continue reading

70 Years On

70 Years On  The bombardment rained down shells of high explosives, the resulting explosions must have seemed like hell, pure terror must have rippled through their ranks as the ground beneath them shook… Continue reading

Less Than Zero

Less Than Zero  I don’t understand why, when Labour wiped the floor with the other parties do the BBC and other media streams go on and on and bloody on about UKIP. They… Continue reading

A Clear Message

A Clear Message  Even in the darkness you see inspiration, but only if you look up and stop staring at your feet. Even when the worst of experiences happen, significant loss for example,… Continue reading

Beyond Grief

Beyond Grief  I was totally rocked by the news of Ann McGuire’s murder as she taught her class in Leeds, stabbed multiple times by one of her pupils, but as the news unfolded… Continue reading