To Dad (Who passed away on 2 years ago on 21/12/2012 but is never forgotten) You are missed and never forgotten You are thought about so many times during the day You are… Continue reading

The Dull of Winter

The Dull of Winter  The North East has some of the most attractive countryside in England, but I have to say the Highlands and its coastline has even Northumberland beat by quite a… Continue reading

Mother Nature At Her Best

Mother Nature At Her Best (Lovely blog with some stunning images by Beautiful images in the new blog by Foreshore Fossils, come and see for yourself – Def WOW factor! Yours… Continue reading

Fossils Make a Beautiful & Unique Xmas Present

Fossils for Christmas  Foreshore Fossils is a North of England (Newcastle upon Tyne) organisation that formally started trading, began life in many respects, on Monday 24th November 2014. Foreshore Fossils worked in a… Continue reading

Emergence of Foreshore Fossils

Emergence of Foreshore Fossils (A force for social good and with genuinely ethical policies which underpin the exclusive employment of people living with the effects of disabilities – please support us, pass the word,… Continue reading

Striking Surprise!

Striking Surprise!  This callous, cowardly, catastrophic Coalition (consisting of the tyrannical Tories and limp, lying Lib Dems) are up to their old tricks again, tricks we have been getting use to after four… Continue reading

Hidden Gem

Hidden Gem  In the summer when my two daughters were little, on those rare occasions when it was a warm sunny Saturday, my wife and I had this habit of taking the kids to… Continue reading

Depth of Depravity

Depth of Depravity  (As many will know I normally place images throughout my blogs, but on this occasion I just cant, it is just too vile to justify them and I cannot face… Continue reading

What Now?

What Now?  I have to say I am a little gutted by the answer of 55% of Scotland who voted for a resounding ‘No’ to independence and I hope they do not live… Continue reading


Yes Doesn’t seem much of a word really, three letters that come together to have far more meaning than you would think at first glance, ‘yes’ now has the ability to set free… Continue reading