Another Five Years of Hell! Week Two

Another Five Years of Hell! Week Two (The bitterness of what 37% have done) (2 of 260 Weeks) The second week in Government of their second term in office saw Cameron go to… Continue reading

Another Five Years of Hell! (Week 1)

Another Five Years of Hell! Week One (The despair & sadness) Government Formed 8th May 2015  The results of the 2015 General Election unfolded like a black cloud covering England, I could not… Continue reading

Are Our Children Safe in Education?!

    Are Our Children Safe in Education?! NO THEY ARE NOT! Euan wasn’t safe!   Luke wasn’t safe!  Sope wasn’t safe!  Megan wasn’t safe!  ALL WERE AVOIDABLE: YORK’S… Continue reading

Dossier of Shame!

PM David Cameron and Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt, Lib Dems Nick Clegg and Vince Cable are also on the list – here is the full rundown. Is your MP on there?  Please Note:… Continue reading

Je Suis Charlie

Liberty and Freedom of Speech Je Suis Charlie  (The human outpouring of disgust and sadness has been heart breaking, tears fall down distressed faces across the world in complete solidarity with the people… Continue reading

The Crisis Unfolds

The Crisis Unfolds (Four years and eight months in the making but eventually the system collapses and it was all avoidable) NHS “Safe in our hands”, really?  Before you think I am speaking… Continue reading


To Dad (Who passed away on 2 years ago on 21/12/2012 but is never forgotten) You are missed and never forgotten You are thought about so many times during the day You are… Continue reading

The Dull of Winter

The Dull of Winter  The North East has some of the most attractive countryside in England, but I have to say the Highlands and its coastline has even Northumberland beat by quite a… Continue reading

Mother Nature At Her Best

Mother Nature At Her Best (Lovely blog with some stunning images by Beautiful images in the new blog by Foreshore Fossils, come and see for yourself – Def WOW factor! Yours… Continue reading

Fossils Make a Beautiful & Unique Xmas Present

Fossils for Christmas  Foreshore Fossils is a North of England (Newcastle upon Tyne) organisation that formally started trading, began life in many respects, on Monday 24th November 2014. Foreshore Fossils worked in a… Continue reading