So Very Proud

The Olympics have been a boost to the flagging moral and mood of the Country, this great state of nations called the United Kingdom, well united most of the time. So I don’t… Continue reading

Lord Morris

If we cannot add years to people’s lives, then surely life can be added to their years. This now famous quote has stayed with me from the very first day I heard it.… Continue reading

Bloody Slaughter

I find myself often banging the drum of the Social Model of Disability, but this covers for the true war that rages and ravishes, with bloody slaughter, the psychological daily battles within oneself,… Continue reading

Selection Processes for Recruitment of Carers

In my previous life I took a particular interest in the recruitment of carers and felt this may be of interest now that: 1. People with disabilities are becoming more in control of… Continue reading

Paralympians Get Royally Stamped On!

Twitter is a buzzing twit with comments after it was disclosed that the Royal Mail are going to celebrate & highlight gold medallist abled bodied athletes with a stamp series of their pictures,… Continue reading

To Help or Not to Help, That Is the Question?

Actually it’s not, in life with a disability, as in business whether you have a disability or not, the question is actually “do you know when you need help?”, and then opening yourself… Continue reading

ATOS & Incapacity Benefit

(Dispatches on Ch4 20:00hrs on 31/07/2012) As a disabled person, I cannot find the words to describe how disgusted I was when I watched the documentary on the relatively new Work Capability Assessment… Continue reading

Dilston Physics Garden

The title disguises what a wonderful place this is, nestled between Corbridge and Hexham on the A695, up a dirt track that could challenge a mountain goat in bad weather, we were greeted… Continue reading

Defining Oneself

I have been asked if my disability, this retched condition my family and I live with every day, defines me? I needed a few moments to think, usually people avoid asking me about… Continue reading

A Passing Thought

It was mentioned, almost as a passing comment, if it were eye contact it would be a glance without recognition as two people pass, it was mentioned “we are merely limited by our… Continue reading