The Shadsworth Amongst Us

Panorama, BBC1, 11/09/2012, 9pm, ‘Trouble on the Estate’ (Shadsworth Estate, Blackburn) I actually started to cry as once again I watch an individual with learning and other disabilities try to live independently in… Continue reading

What Class

The Paralympic Games have shattered and smashed negative stereotyping of disabled people, delivering positive role models, heroes for able and disabled alike to follow, showered us in images of what people are capable… Continue reading

Able & Capable – The Legacy

I really don’t know where to start, where on earth can one begin to even contemplate what these Paralympic Games have achieved, have meant to so many, have gifted to millions of people… Continue reading

I Am An Addict

No one could have envisaged the true nature of these Paralympic Games, the world stage they have taken in a matter of days, taking disability in sports from the murky shadows, where few… Continue reading

Let’s Just Roll Easy

(This is a revolution in motion, a revolution in wheelchair design, materials & production – ABOUT TIME TO) I was watching that marvel of the pool, the aquatics centre sensation, swimmer elite Ellie… Continue reading

Just Majestic & Magic

Although I have written my views in a previous blog of how we should engrain the Paralympian medallists into the heart of our Government, I find myself overwhelmed with the sights, sounds and… Continue reading

Go GB Go – Lasting Legacy

As some of you may follow my blogs from time to time, they range from personal opinions to observations of the state of elements of our great nation, and not always positive commentary… Continue reading

Bartering is Back in Business

There are many negative business influences at the present time. We all know what they are as they are displayed throughout the news outlets day in, day out: “Poor or no growth” “Worldwide… Continue reading

Being cutthroat in business

Being cutthroat in business is an old model of commerce which should be dead and gone! Businesses I have been involved in, service industry, healthcare industry, even secure environments, and not to forget… Continue reading

JCP = Not Fit for Purpose

I am starting to think that I should stop watching Dispatches, I always end up being angry and appalled in equal measures at the people and organisations they expose. None more so than… Continue reading