Innovative Ideas

Moments in Time was created as the vehicle to commercialise innovative ideas, concepts and designs that have been fostered, nurtured and grown via Innovative Minds at Work.

Moments in Time brings together the creative oversight and inspiration of Nicola Martin, combined with the commercial skills and knowledge base of me as I represent Smiling Cat Ventures & Innovations Group.

The aims of Moment in Time are simple and direct:
1. To commercialise products developed between Innovative Minds at Work and Newcastle University
2. To showcase true innovations in form and design
3. To showcase innovative designers and their unique concepts
4. To generate income that can be reinvested in research and development of new innovative products

Moments in Time, as with all the Smiling Cat Ventures & Innovations Group of companies, remains committed to overcoming the barriers faced by people with a range of disabilities, mental health issues, learning disabilities and other potentially disenfranchised groups:

Moments in Time was designed to be the perfect combination of innovation and commerce, recycling profit into research and design in an infinite cycle, but remain true to its aim of helping others and doing our small part to help this great Country of ours out of this global recession.
Jonathan Wade
Group Managing Director, Smiling Cat Ventures & Innovations Group

Don’t live your life wishing you had tried this or tried that, do three things instead:
a) Think the impossible, think every day ‘what if’
b) Make things happen, innovate and solve simple everyday problems
c) Make a difference to others, if you are successful make sure you help others to experience the positives from successful commerce

This is what Moments in Time is really about.


All it takes is just one idea to create a positive revolution that changes society for the better, for ever:

A Green Recovery =

Narrow the Gap =

Impacting on Youth Crime =