Get in Touch

Regardless of my disability I am determined to focus the remainder of my years into finding and generating innovation for the betterment of others, I don’t make any apologies if that sounds pious, I do have spiritual beliefs I try to live by, yes I fail but I do try to live by these moralities in life and in my business. So I am being genuine when I say that I want people to contact me for any of the following reasons, or even for reasons of your own I have not mentioned:

  • If you feel the same way I do and want to make a real, positive, change and difference to other people & have ideas of how to achieve positive change
  • To highlight real innovation for me to feature both within the Universities I work with and outside to a wider audience (I truly believe innovation should be shared openly, as it inspires and has a ripple effect of positive ideas that spin off from the original innovation)
  • To propose ideas, concepts or potential products you think may be worth developing
  • To propose a business idea that you want some support with
  • If you have an established business you want mentoring with
  • To ask for assistance or help regarding a commercial matter
  • To suggest a topic for my blog

So feel free to get in touch, and the above list isn’t by any means an absolute, think of it as more of a guide to the criteria that do interest me, as I want to make a positive difference and believe in positive people, positive innovation & positive commerce, the door is truly open for you, why not take a step forward, it can’t hurt.