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AFWH WK 11: Attack, Attack, Attack!

Another Five Years of Hell (AFWH)! Week Eleven (Attack Attack Attack!) (Tories attacking but Morse, Frost and Columbo are in town and their methods fail me badly!) 11 (WC Thurs 16/07/2015) of 260… Continue reading

Another Five Years of Hell. WK 10: Tory Bloodletting Begins!

Another Five Years of Hell! Week Ten (Tory Bloodletting Begins!) (The war to destroy the legacy of Bevan & Attlee, to protect and support the most vulnerable, sees yet another true blue Tory… Continue reading

The Bullies & The Banks!

The Bullies & The Banks!  16th July 2015  If you were unlucky enough to be bullied at school your one overriding hope was that such behavioural, along with its effects of demolishing any… Continue reading

Another Five Years of Hell! Week Two

Another Five Years of Hell! Week Two (The bitterness of what 37% have done) (2 of 260 Weeks) The second week in Government of their second term in office saw Cameron go to… Continue reading

Unrecognised Mental Health

Unrecognised Mental Health  There are many dark times when you have a degenerative condition, many times when you can feel utterly alone even though you are held in the arms of your loving… Continue reading

The Absence of Morality & Opposition

The Absence of Morality & Opposition  I saw online an article about the attacks on NHS Staff in Accident & Emergency Departments had reached such levels that in some they now have Police… Continue reading

We Are At War

We Are At War (But no one notices) The media is full images of the Seven Bore combined with high tides and strong winds adding to the flooding of Somerset’s lowlands, which now… Continue reading

Dementia G8 & Awareness Raising

Dementia G8 & Awareness Raising Published December 11, 2013 | Edit There has been so much going on this week relating to dementia, prioritising it FINALLY, raising awareness and even a Health Ministers… Continue reading

60 Years On

60 Years On  “Our Queen Elizabeth 2nd has served us for 6 decades, yes I am a Royalist and proud of it….” Our Queen Elizabeth 2nd has served us for 6 decades, yes… Continue reading

So Very Proud

The Olympics have been a boost to the flagging moral and mood of the Country, this great state of nations called the United Kingdom, well united most of the time. So I don’t… Continue reading