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Welcome Penny Moon a Guest Writer – (

Guest Writer – Penny Moon ( An Offering Let yourself slip into a safe and relaxed state, no interruptions, pay attention to your breath and deepen it, feel it flowing around and through… Continue reading

Life Bursting, Sprouting…………………..

Life Bursting, Sprouting and Warring   Finally in the gloom of winter that would not give way, to counter the morose grey   of recession, in the fear of Boston’s terrorists, as we lay… Continue reading


SANCTUARY  The wind just came as a howling blast, those little birds darting for cover like darts flying into our unkempt hedge row, swinging snow spins round the open spaces of the lawn… Continue reading

Dilston Physics Garden

The title disguises what a wonderful place this is, nestled between Corbridge and Hexham on the A695, up a dirt track that could challenge a mountain goat in bad weather, we were greeted… Continue reading