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OUR NHS & OUR Social Care!

OUR NHS OUR Social Care The NHS was established to serve the people, to provide free healthcare and to deliver equality of healthcare to all, free to all. In return it would be… Continue reading

I’m Back! ! !

I’M BACK AND MY BLOG IS LOUDER THAN EVER! We live in a country that has a ruling party which is clearly hostile to disabled people and those experiencing a variety of economic,… Continue reading

Life Under the Regime of Three Capital Letters

Life Under The Régime Of Three Capital Letters DDD – DLA – PIP – ATW (17/02/2018) Please bear with me and read to the end, this is to all my brothers and sisters… Continue reading

The Things You Never Forget!

The Things You Never Forget! (Warning: Please be aware there may be images contained that may cause distress.) I was thinking about those times in your life that are depicted in your memory… Continue reading

AFYH WK14: Enola & Bockscar

Another Five Years of Hell! Week Fourteen (Enola Gay & Bockscar!)   (Lessons of the past don’t always inform better decisions of the present and the future!) 14 (WC Thurs 06/08/2015) of 260 Weeks … Continue reading

AFYH WK13: The Problem with Mental Health!

Another Five Years of Hell! Week Thirteen (The Problem with Mental Health!)  (It’s hard enough to recover from mental health problems without this Government cutting services and attacking those that need support, care… Continue reading

AFYH WK 12: Sticking-Plaster Thinking

Another Five Years of Hell (AFYH)! Week Twelve (Perils of Sticking-Plaster Thinking!)  (From Crystal Meths to the Med!) 12 (WC Thurs 23/07/2015) of 260 Weeks  What is it with my Father’s generation, specifically… Continue reading

AFWH WK 11: Attack, Attack, Attack!

Another Five Years of Hell (AFWH)! Week Eleven (Attack Attack Attack!) (Tories attacking but Morse, Frost and Columbo are in town and their methods fail me badly!) 11 (WC Thurs 16/07/2015) of 260… Continue reading

Another Five Years of Hell. WK 10: Tory Bloodletting Begins!

Another Five Years of Hell! Week Ten (Tory Bloodletting Begins!) (The war to destroy the legacy of Bevan & Attlee, to protect and support the most vulnerable, sees yet another true blue Tory… Continue reading

The Bullies & The Banks!

The Bullies & The Banks!  16th July 2015  If you were unlucky enough to be bullied at school your one overriding hope was that such behavioural, along with its effects of demolishing any… Continue reading