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PROJECT 84 A note for the reader: As Jeremy Corbyn pledges to invest in Mental Health Services, which have been slashed by up to 50% by the Tories since 2010 (don’t believe anything… Continue reading

The Right PA

The Right PA   “Selection can be a pain in the derriere to say the least…..” From time to time one has to recruit a PA, whether on a personal basis regarding care… Continue reading

Sat in the Garden

Sat in the Garden  What is the point of having technology if we cannot use it to assist people to overcome barriers with the Social Model of Disability in mind? I find myself… Continue reading

Sudden Increase in Vitamin D

Sudden Increase in Vitamin D   And The Perfect Blend of Whisky  Could it be the sudden burst of spring like weather, or is it going to be the only summer we will… Continue reading

There’s a Tension at Times

There’s a Tension at Times  There are several elements of mental state I find it difficult to move past or resign to the past, intertwined like ivy in and out of strands of… Continue reading

The Storm

The Storm Beyond the Horizon  They, the people of medicine and care, talk about wounds and sores looking “angry”, but they have no idea of the true nature of physical anger. The anger… Continue reading

It’s Not An April Fool, It Really Never Ends!!!

It Never Ends!  “It’s time such issues were discussed openly to remove the stigma, but to also acknowledge these things happen every hour of every day……”  “Dragging them down with me……” As my… Continue reading

The Demons of the Night

The demons of the night (Nights are Worst of all)  Images of grey & sobs of sorrow Fill the silky blackness visual void Eyes straining wide but could simply be shut Ghosts in… Continue reading

Cruel Trick of the Mind

Cruel Trick of the Mind  There are aspects of my disability I find difficult to cope with, now being restricted to a chair and needing near total care, I feel I am sinking… Continue reading

The Management of Chronic Pain Group (MCP)

The Management of Chronic Pain Group (MCP)   ( The MCP Group has simple aims, to bring into the light the effects of chronic pain, joining professionals with those experiencing CP, discussing: Experiences… Continue reading