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Betrayal of OUR Citizens

Betrayal of OUR Citizens This Blog is about the complete and utter offence that many people feel with how their relatives, their loved ones, parents in nearly all cases, people (remember they are… Continue reading


To Dad (Who passed away on 2 years ago on 21/12/2012 but is never forgotten) You are missed and never forgotten You are thought about so many times during the day You are… Continue reading

Hidden Gem

Hidden Gem  In the summer when my two daughters were little, on those rare occasions when it was a warm sunny Saturday, my wife and I had this habit of taking the kids to… Continue reading

Poo Sticks and Slugs

Poo Sticks, Hadrian’s Wall and Slugs   There are things Father’s should pass on to their kids, regardless of gender. These should include, and many hidden from their Mother for reasons you will see… Continue reading

Bridges Made Unsteady

Bridges Made Unsteady  Attempts to re trace ones path across bridges long since made unsteady by the decay of time, distance and disregarded. I ponder what could have been if I had turned… Continue reading

Everyday A Blessing

Everyday a Blessing  When you have experienced certain events in your life, you come to realise the mortality of what is around you. When young you feel you can do anything, recover from… Continue reading

My Love, My Life, My Angel

My Love, My Life, My Angel  I tremble as I start this I know I don’t have the words The words to describe how I feel The words to describe the love I… Continue reading

Beyond Comprehension

Beyond Comprehension My mind shudders My thoughts are jumbled I can’t make sense of it I don’t understand How could it have happened so quickly How could it have been so final How… Continue reading

Eulogy to my hero…………….

My Dad My Hero (Eulogy)  He is my role model He is my hero The person I aspire to be Even though I fall so short He taught me so much And will… Continue reading