Leaving these hallowed halls behind me

(Announcement dated 01/11/2012)


 I have to announce that my company group and I are leaving the North East University I have been based at for 10 months. We feel that we have not been engaged over these 10 months, despite trying and that the unit we were based in was lacking in any innovation or creative engagement required (and promised) with reference to solve some of the bigger problems facing our future in care and ageing. I am sure they will have a different spin on this but I wish them well and hope whatever it is they want to achieve, they manage it, but they had no idea how to engage unfortunately.

However, I have met some wonderful people, many of whom I am working with privately despite the University instead of with the University. Many of these people have become firm friends and I will do all I can to help them in anyway necessary.

I am doing some Consulting work now with my background in disability services provision, neurological conditions services, health, social care & rehabilitation services, as well as with 20 years of management experience of every type of secure environment going. I am sure this consulting work will continue to grow, as will my other interests.

I will always help if I can and didn’t realise that when I retired I would be so very busy. Please feel free to get in touch at any time with me, at you will be warmly received.


Jonathan Wade

Smiling Cat Ventures and Innovations Group



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