Why I Blog

I was asked why I wanted a blog? I guess like all bloggers I feel I have a lot to say, and people that know me would say I am not shy about saying it either, but this isn’t the reason why I wanted a blog.

Some bloggers want to get certain views across, stamp their views on current topics or critique a film, raising the public prominence of their voice, but again this in not why I wanted a blog, although I do have opinions I want to share. I wouldn’t even say it is for any literary merit or scholarly pursuit, as my aspirations for this blog don’t fit into either sphere of influence.

And in that last sentence is the true centre of what I am trying to do with this blog, “influence”.

I want to influence opinions:

  • About disabled people
  • About current healthcare and social care provision
  • About successful entrepreneurs that have a disability but aren’t defined by their disability
  • About being successful in business without the need to be cutthroat and underhanded

I don’t want to go into politics so this is a nice form of communicating and influencing, plus at times it will be nice not to be too serious. For example I have just watched a Chanel 5 programme on Fred & Rosemary West, stating Fred West must have come from a dysfunctional family; well that’s like saying Hitler was misunderstood!!!

Finally, it is the duty of every person reaching maturity in their careers to help the next generation by passing on pearls of wisdom gained from many years of endeavour; I hope that doesn’t not sound too patronising, I don’t mean it to, but I just want to do my bit to help the next generation, as these are the individuals, groups and organisations that have to find solutions to problems such as global warming, care for those living so much longer than ever before, famine in Africa, rising sea levels, and the era of ‘oil’ coming to an end to name but a few.