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I started this blog some years ago and then had to have a break as my political views had the potential to damage the project I had started, a small business giving severely disabled people (such as me) an opportunity to experience commerce. The business was selling fossils but it could have been anything, it just so happens that fossils were a childhood hobby, but it was about giving people the opportunity to run all aspects of a business, from sourcing through to customer services. For me it was about seeing the person and not the disability, a supportive environment where one can be supported where needed but respected for what one can do and not condemned for what one can’t do.

I made the mistake of thinking if I backed off politically, as some of my blogs were, uurrmmm, shall we say in one’s face, well see for you, but then I would be left alone. How wrong could one be? I have recently had to collapse the business because the Access to Work I was getting was not renewed, 15 years I have been helped and then I was told I was just too disabled to work, as my needs were such that I should be supported by Social-Care. But Social Care rightly point out when one is at work then such needs should be shared from a funding point of view, shared with Access to Work. But no, they have refused to renew my support, and the key word is ‘renew’ because it is a ‘renewal’ they have declined there is no right of appeal. If it were a new claim then one can appeal but it isn’t so that’s me written off.

So I say to everyone out there that stepping away from politics does you know favours at all, I say to you all that we must all step forward, especially if you have a disability or simply don’t agree with what the Tories are doing. Step out of the shadows and fight for the NHS, for Social Care, for the working classes and those not able to work due to physical or mental health problems. Fight to stop the rise of big business and the privatisation of every aspect of this country, every aspect of our lives, where the rich get richer and the rest can go to hell on there no rights Zero Hours Contracts. It’s time we realised that people realised that when they say the rich must get richer as this creates a “trickle-down effect” that this is rubbish, the only trickle-down is the super-rich peeing on the rest of us. We see it every day now, large multi-billion pound companies with the top echelon gorging themselves on tax-payers’ money, guzzling the wealth from the contracts they are given by the Tory Government that these companies have bought for themselves. Even when these companies fail the Government don’t do anything as the Directors walk away with millions of pounds in bonuses, bonuses for a company failing. And then they are allowed just to hand the contracts back, once the wealth is stripped out of them, and the their pets the Tory MPs and Ministers just do nothing. So we have to fight to change this Government and bring in a Labour Government that supports the most vulnerable, the disabled, the elderly, investing again in the NHS, mental health and Social Care, that frees our children from debt and knows it is wrong for pensioners and the poorest to be murdered in their thousands ever year by cooperate greed, as they cannot afford heating and food. Do you think any Tory Minister has to make such a choice or their parents, grandparents, or their children going to school hungry?

So this is why I am blogging, so we can galvanise and fight back, ensuring the Tory fall as a result of their murderous policies, removing the bitter taste of Cameron’s era of austerity for everyone unless you are part of the Tory club of sponsors, and May’s utter ineptitude over leaving Europe! We must see through there lies and the utter nonsense they pump out to the media, such as there repeated statements that they haven’t closed any hospital beds in the NHS. Well actually they have, as mental health is part of the NHS and in this respect half the beds across the mental health NHS estate have been closed, and for adolescent beds the cuts are even greater. Now if you challenge the Government and shove the truth in their face they come out with the old chestnut that they have done this in order to invest in community care for people rather than people being in units too long. It’s utter nonsense as the money going to community care in mental health has reduced since 2010 by 30% or more depending on whether you believe independent intellectual think tanks such as the King’s Fund.

So how do I know this, why do I step forward and stand up to these Tory bullies and oppressors of the non-privileged classes? It’s because I started my career as Registered Mental Health Nurse, a Psychiatric Nurse is the modern term, but this opened the door for me to my career in the 1980’s (yes I am feeling my age). I trained, I qualified an RMN, falling in love and marrying my angel all at the same time. I worked in secure NHS wards dealing with the extremes of behaviour and found I had a real aptitude for such environments. My career spanned working in Prisons, managing a Home Office Unit for Adolescents that had been or were going to be sentenced to a minimum of 1 life sentence. Yes I said 1 Life Sentence as there were under 18’s that had effectively got 5 or more, all were Murders, Sexual Offenders, Arsonists, Terrorists. It was very high risk, high security environment of 4 units housing 10 to 14 young people, all were considered too dangerous to manage in a normal prison environment, after all they had nothing to lose by killing themselves or killing staff. So we had to manage their behaviour until they were 21, by which time we had made them manageable through years of behavioural management and psychological based treatments. They would then go off to adult prisons. I climbed to the top of this tree and went on to become a Director of Youth Offending & Detention for a private prison environment, so I know corporate greed and exploitation as I have seen it up close and it nearly broke me. I left and worked as a Director for a charity and saw a gap in the market for intensive care provision within the home, and set this up in partnership with the NHS, but my own disability was escalating and I became depressed, very depressed. The company paid people above market rate and was set up to be a not for profit, high quality, high staff investment company. It was never about the money but was about delivering services that I knew one day would need myself, but I ended up having a breakdown. Whilst I was seriously ill I met face to face Corporate Psychopaths and ousted. I then went to work in Universities as an in house Entrepreneur and work with other companies where once again I faced the greed and the psychopaths that were not interested in quality but only interested in squeezing every penny out of the business and the staff. So I started up the my fossil business as a reaction to both the boardroom psychopaths that are like a virus infecting companies, organisations and our society, greed that is never satisfied, which brings me back to 2018.

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With respect to you all

Jon W @AbleNotDisabled

17th February 2018