The Things You Never Forget!

The Things You Never Forget!8be0c473-297f-49dc-9c76-caf289990f8d_16x9_600x338

(Warning: Please be aware there may be images contained that may cause distress.)

I was thinking about those times in your life that are depicted in your memory as an image or series of images, perhaps with sound too. My Grandparents had the end of World War Two, the Cuban Missile Crisis, my Parents had the death of John Lennon & Elvis and the colour TV first viewed, and I guess my generation had the Falkland’s War, Brookes_26_775046bdeath of Princess Dianna and of course watching her two stunned children walking with Charles behind the coffin of their Mother. I was at the time a tough, cynical, been there, seen it all, warn the T-shirt, cool, calm and collected, clear of mind under pressure, Duty Operations Manager of a specialist Cat A unit for Adolescent ‘Lifers’, and as I watched those two poor kids, as for that moment they weren’t Princess, they were bereft children who were trying to understand what was happening but couldn’t possibly appreciate the enormity of this moment in history, which nearly brought down the monarchy. I look at these two kids and my throat tightened and my eyes filled, I looked round the high security unit with a dozen or more murders sitting on the sofa’s watching this going on, and everyone, staff and inmates, all had tears rolling down their faces. The image of those children following the coffin draped in a flag is as vivid today as it was all those years ago, yes this was a my ‘Death of Kennedy Moment’ that will stay with me always. But they are not all negative moments that shape you with their sheer impact, I talk of course about the more intimate moments in one’s life:
  • Meeting my wife as we were training together;
  • When we started dating, Christmas with us both being so far away;
  • Getting married;
  • The birth of our first child;
  • Followed by the birth of our second child;
  • The first time I realised I had a real problem with my spinal cord;
  • The death of my Mother in Law, a wonderful woman taken so cruelly by dementia, someone we admired and respected, cherished and loved greatly as we do to this day;
  • The death of my Father, a man whom I try to emulate and if I can be just ten percent the man he was, the loving Father her was to his sons, then I am not doing too bad at all;
OK I admit it that these last two were not positives but they did shape me and change me, affect me deeply and make me re-evaluate myself on a personal level (and probably several other levels too). Where am I going with this, well bear with me a little longer and all will be clear I promise you.


I also remember the day when Blair became our PM through sheer personality and likeability, he spoke of a future we would all be involved with and would have some ownership of. A future for us all after the years of Tory abuse, I remember Blair waving from Number 10 and we all celebrated, little did we know what was to come. To boil the parts (events) down to a quick list:
  • Blair had a bromance with Bush Jr, who had some scores to setting in the land Persia, not that Bush seemed to know where Iraq was in the world; article-2598837-1CEB6B0400000578-488_634x698
  • Bush Senior had gone to war to kick Saddam Husain and his Iraqi army out of Kuwait (no point going into why he invaded, but he was most certainly an unwanted guest). This was the first Gulf War, which many felt didn’t go far enough as once the USA and the EU kicked them out of Kuwait , we left madman Hussain in power, rather than finishing the job, destroying the dictatorship and the vast army and munitions the Iraqis had built up, which many felt were a continued threat to regional peace;
  • Anyway, Blair and Bush Jr decided to tell the world that Hussain was now developing Weapons of Mass Destruction, WMDs, a phrase we would all remember. Blair and Bush somehow got hold of CIA & MI6 dossiers that proved WMDs were being made in Iraq and Hussain was going to use them;
  • Bush Jr convinced Congress and the Senate we had to go to war again, “unfinished business” was a phrase used on several occasions. At the same time Blair convinced Parliament that going to war with Iraq was a case of necessity with the imminent threat to the UK and the EU from the WMDs;
  • So along with several EU countries, ones I guess needed to use up their munitions as they must have been approaching their ‘Use-By’ date, they went to war with Saddam Hussain for the 2nd time because he had WMDs;
  • Well Bush Jr did his Dad proud, and along with Blair they devastated the country of Iraq, removed all systems of rule, law and order (even if it was based in a Dictatorship’s rule), and the country fell into anarchy.
  • What we didn’t know then but it is clear now beyond any doubt, that Iraq’s Dictator didn’t have any WMDs and there was no proof that he had got them after all, certainly at a minimum Parliament had been misled, at worst it had been lied to and evidence fabricated in the now infamous secret blair_poodle_tongue‘dossier’;
  • Another thing we didn’t know then but we could have made an educated guess, we destabilised the entire bloody region, a domino effect happened with Dictator after Dictator falling to the will of the people, leaving chaos behind in the wake of rapid political change. Whenever there is a huge vacuum created from the fall of a totalitarian society, or a group of connected societies in this case, the vacuum is only ever filled with vengeful, chaotic, brutal violence that ensues as scores are settled and the rule of law becomes just a concept other countries conform to, mob rule becomes the norm, and when this happens extremists provide the answers people are looking for;
  • We funded and supplied arms to ‘rebels’ bringing down other Dictatorships (Syria for example, Libya for img811another) and tried to repair other countries by establishing a USA equipment mechanised, trained army in Iraq;
  • Well the plan backfired, the rebels in Syria amalgamated on the whole and formed ISIS, which expanded beyond all expectations and showed once again the more you fiddle the more you lose control. The difference is now this group grew and grew, taking more and more land, there was no control only ISIS’ lust to kill all those that opposed it and it’s extremist views. It also picked up oil fields from which it makes millions every month, and has the most up to date weapons taken off the Iraqi Army that ran, and those it took from Syria, Libya, as well as funding from some very rich Arab countries. We had unleashed hell and it was on the rampage in the Middle East, killing its way to control vast swathes of Persia;
These steps lead to millions of people being displaced and seeking somewhere to live without the risk of disease, death from ISIS (who blair_democracy_egypt_460have killed tens of thousands of civilians who don’t follow their insane doctrine), being bombed, dying from malnutrition, thirst, cold, heat, etc. They either migrate to escape death or stay and face certain death. Yes the journey is as hazardous and as dangerous as you could imagine, increased by the exploitation and pure greed of people traffickers, overloading little boats or inflatable dinghies that were never meant to cross the Mediterranean and be overloaded by ten times the capacity and weight. Tens of thousands are making the trip and nothing is going to stop them as staying isn’t an option as this means almost certain death anyway. The migrants seem to have a mind-set that they are going to be wealthy and affluent in the UK & Europe, that the streets are paved in gold. I wonder if it is the traffickers spreading these rumours, or relatives that have got to their country of choice telling them what it is like. Whatever the reason or where they got their views from, or who they got them from, we have to accept there are millions of people fleeing for their lives no matter what the risks, and they are heading for Europe.
You know what, we (the EU and the USA) completely destabilised the region, blairand we did it to control the oil, how did that work out for Blair and Bush Jr? We destroyed a delicate balance of dictatorships and military control Governments that kept the entire region in an uneasy peace. To coin a phrase, “we broke it, we own it!” So it is our responsibility for the wellbeing of these people and yes their resettlement in the safety of the EU and America can chip in money and supplies. We need to organise the evacuation of these people from the war zone, we have done it before, we have aided the evacuation of people fleeing famine, Germans, Japanese, history is littered with is doing these acts of kindness because it is the right humanitarian thing to do. It would stop tens of thousands drowning or dying from exposure in the Mediterranean and it would neutralise the human parasitic traffickers. We could then control their registration, their health needs, weed out those that pose us a security risk, those that want to harm us. Orderly migration with agreed quotas per country, and when their home region settles down we invest in the infrastructure and offer repatriation. It’s called being HUMANE and not a bloody sanctimonious arse Cameron.
It would also stop the latest event that I will never ever forget, that I can still see if I close my eyes, that has joined that elite list of events etched into my mind, the site of a young child, who had drowned in the Mediterranean and washed up on a beach being carried carefully by a Policeman. I can see the child’s clothes, his limp limbs hanging from the arms of the Policemen who was obviously struggling with this, as we all have. SO LETS STOP IT and facilitate the migration and stop children’s bodies washing up on Europe’s shores , all because Bush wanted to impress his Father and Blair wanted to secure the friendship and the oil of Iraq.


article-8089-hero*An interesting side note to this horrific situation, Blair is considered responsible for starting a war with Bush, tens of thousands of people have died as a result and an entire region of the world has been destabilised, Persia, the Middle East and all went to hell. Blair then supported Israel cutting off Gaza from the rest of the world and putting it into a complete blockade, then said nothing when Israel bombed the hell out of the Gaza destroying schools, hospitals, UN refugee areas, infrastructure such as water and electricity, destroying thousands of homes and thousands of people, more children died!!!!!! Blair said nothing! The reason this all is important is that after the mess he left Persia in, he was appointed the UN Peace Envoy for the same region – I KID YOU   N O T ! ! ! ! Blair the warmonger representing the region he destroyed with his boyfriend Bush Jr. A UN PEACE AMBASSADOR THAT SAID NOTHING WHEN ISRAEL WAS COMMITTING GENOCIDE IN GAZA. Blair then thinks he can comment on the Leadership Election for the Labour Party, you have no right and no credibility;  you lied to start a war! Corbyn is the right man to free us from the shame of what you did and lead us back to the socialist roots we need to invest in for a compassionate society once more.


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Yours most sincerely 

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