AFYH WK 12: Sticking-Plaster Thinking

Another Five Years of Hell (AFYH)!

Week Twelve (Perils of Sticking-Plaster Thinking!) 000

(From Crystal Meths to the Med!)

12 (WC Thurs 23/07/2015) of 260 Weeks 025

What is it with my Father’s generation, specifically those that have wealth, influence and power, they seem to rot from a humanitarian perspective, evil creeps into their souls until they are utterly corrupt and void of any sense of Social duty & responsibility. Further up the social ladder002 they climb the more they become morally disfigured, forgetting that they have status and privilege in order to serve others less fortunate. I do have to admit that it is not just an elder generation, perhaps that was too much of a generalisation, but you would have thought when people are elevated to the very highest levels in our Nation, because of their life long knowledge, skills and expertise, asked to apply these attributes to better our Nation and the people that live in this Nation, they would have learnt along the way what is and is not acceptable, moral, even legal! Obviously not in some cases, which makes me think this is about their personalities, the same ruthless, achieve at any cost, instant gratification, egocentric, psychopathic, narcissistic traits that made them so successful. Such perverse personalities, which I have worked for and with over the years, are scary people who are only interested in their own needs and having these needs met! Everyone else was just seen as either a means to get their needs met or as an obstacle to be removed at any cost, and I mean any cost at all (see Boardroom Psychopaths). When these individuals gain some of the highest positions in our Country they genuinely believe they can do what they want, devoid of any possible consequences, as they have the money and influence to manipulate media, Police investigations and Government Officials, via their secret societies with their special & ridiculous handshakes and playground level of secrecy, or use of crushing intimidation through the power that they have been given to make society better, which they do not do. 012


You will know of course I refer to people who should know better than to take drugs and party with prostitutes, you never know what the prostitutes would catch off these upper class, high society, super rich animals. To prove my point do you remember the formerAdams-icon_SE-555x413 Chairman of the Coop who was into his cocaine, crystal meths and his parties with ladies of the night, the Reverend Paul Flowers – Yes he was also a religious leader. Before these revelations, before his leadership (lack of) was brought into sharp focus when he nearly drove the Coop into bankruptcy, and before he was dragged before a Government Select Committee for Banking and Financial Services to answer questions about the way he drove a well-respected institution to the brink of disaster since he took over; Rev Flowers was actually being thought of as a future Peer of our land and to sit within the House of Lords. If he had achieved this status I tend to think he would have been in good company with his behaviour. The latest Lord to be found to be drug taking, using Ladies of the Night and running down significant figures within the Labour Party, I talk of course of Lord Sewel (should be renamed as Lord Sewer!). But these people are symptomatic of a second legislative house in our democratic system that is not democratic in any way and is substantially made up of (with several exceptions to the rule) people that would never be voted for in an election, and spend half their blinking time asleep during the debates, that’s when they bother turning up. This second chamber, which often resembles a dementia day club, costs us millions every year, is an utter waste of money and is redundant as the steam engine. 007

It should be made up of all elected members, reduced in number,000a say one per city and one per county, paid a fixed fee for attendance with a set, an all-inclusive allowance, with a contractual agreement of attendance. The election for these members should be mid House of Commons period, say 2 years post General Election (again as per the American system) and no member can serve for more than three terms. One final thing, they should not be called Lords, as this elevates them to a class of people that have always been seen as better than us Plebs, superior to us and they think they have the right to ‘lord’ themselves over us. It should be us Plebs that are represented in this second chamber and all votes should be legislated as free votes and not forced down Party lines by the Whip’s office. We need this more than ever now with the ‘Party of opposition’ in chaos and unable to hold our Gov to account, with all the revelations that happen on a regular basis and are guaranteed to continue to happen. This is never more important to have a second house of with a higher level of integrity and trust from the public than the Lords have at the moment, especially with rumours and growing allegations of paedophiles being protected by our Parliament’s Houses, 009by the ‘establishment’, which will, over the next few years, explode one after another, after another. These revelations, which started with that evil Savile, rotting the very core of our Parliament, rotting away any integrity OUR ‘establishment’ may have once had, making OUR ‘establishment’ hide ever greater secrets and twisting its duties to until those that were elevated to serve us, but now see us Plebs as threats, when in reality we are here to be served by the ‘establishment’, not abused by it and lied to, manipulated but it! ! ! ! ! As the truth fights from the well of darkness to the surface and is finally examined in the light, these truths will shake apart our political system to its foundations and rightly so, STOP THE LIES. It is better to make the changes now, rather than being forced to change with the driving force behind the changes being the disgust of public opinion, which is already building like a tsunami to wash away all that we hate about the House of Lords:

  • With images of elderly Peers sleeping in debates;
  • The revelations I have noted above and so many more in recent years;
  • The use of money from outside organisation to persuade Peers to apply unfair influence;
  • The multiple other jobs these Peers have that of course influence them in favour of their employer despite pledging to represent the interests of the country and not their bank balance;
  • The criminal revelations shining bright in the horizon and rushing towards us;
  • The abuse of expenses which is still going on despite several prosecutions for defrauding the tax payer, including some being send to prison;
  • The immense cost of this House of Lords;
  • The attitude of being superior to the rest of us;
  • The total disregard many of them have for the fundamental duty to serve and protect the most vulnerable;
  • When under their watch poverty increases whilst they gorge themselves on lavish meals, expensive wines, all of which means the cost of one meal could feed a family in poverty for a month or more;
  • That there are Bishops representing religion in a political House of Lords;
  • That there are Judges represented in the ‘House’;

Both religion and our judiciary are meant to be independent of politicians to stop these two systems being unfairly influenced and rightly so. However, this should also apply the other way too and we should not be mixing religion and judiciary with our politics and having them influence the law makers in the land. 006

011What also drives me to want this chamber changed fundamentally is this Tory shite about us all being in this together, when there is an unelected chamber at the centre of our political system, wearing ermine and other expensive real fur corpses as part of their traditional garbs, screaming out the level of opulence that we Plebs can never experience. We are all in this together yet the catering and the champagne annual bill for Westminster is measure in the millions, and from their necks hangs weighty chains of gold representing their office and peerage on state occasions. It’s wrong and needs to be abolished, replaced with the peoples Second House of Representatives.

10308344_468856529915562_4306393219470057521_nBut this excesses of office are not just confined to the House of Lords, as we all remember too well, with echoes of moats being cleaned and claimed for, article-2609342-1D3C5A9600000578-583_634x534with refurbished dovecots on state expenses, and now with the Speaker of the House thinking, in this time of austerity, that it is ok to spend hundreds of pounds of OUR money on chauffer driven cars to go less than a mile. In total in one year I believe nearly a £100,000 was spent in travel expenses – IT IS OBSCENE! ! ! So tell me, please let me know how these jerks in the House of Commons, which 37% of those that voted (which is actually 18% of the people eligible to vote in the UK) thought would be fab in power without any control, can say we are all in this together as – THIS IS PLAINLY NOT THE CASE! Let’s also not forget that the current wave of cuts to Welfare is at least £13 Billion, with Local Authorities also facing a further 30% to 40% cuts from central Government, which will reduce care in the community without any doubt. This is where I show that there is no opposition at the moment, with Harman deciding that Labour should just accept the legislation that devastates our Welfare State yet again. Thanks for sticking up for us Plebs and working with the Tories to make our lives bloody harder Harman, good to know you are there to help increase poverty and homelessness! So as the Tories want to find at least £40 Billion in further cuts, they have also decided to spend £6 Billion on refurbishing the Palace of Westminster! Good to see the Tories have their priorities right! 016

020Just to demonstrate how out of touch with public opinion the Tories are, their only MP in Scotland nearly got himself lynched when he had the nerve to officially open yet another foodbank. The sickening and disgusting irony didn’t escape many and I think it is safe to say at the next election this is going to be used to ensure, along with the only Scottish Limp Dem, will be wiped out. The rise in foodbanks and uses by people in extreme poverty rocketing month by month, as the blue badged Tory beggers take more and more from the systems that prevent people in the UK from starving to death or dying from cold. The same group of people in poverty, growing in number, is now also the most disenfranchised section of society since pre-World War One. This is something that we should be ashamed of, and spend money to alleviate their suffering, their despair, their hunger, their cold and their destiny that generation after generation are going to be resigned to a reduced lifetime in utter poverty. In one sound bite the Tories brag about how our economy is growing all the time, with GDP up again, but they don’t tell you that Construction (remember we are desperate for housing with a shortage becoming critical in most areas) and Manufacturing is still below 2008 crash levels. Then with the018 next sound bite these abusive Tories are talking about how everyone has to do their bit, pay their bit to help us out of this deep recession. They use this to justify cuts to the poorest people in our country, so what happened to the economy doing so well?!? Other than to drive more and more families in poverty and homelessness, there is another side effect of the cuts to services, the freezing of wages (unless you’re an MP) and recruitment is that forces state services to use more and more agency staff, pay for more and more overtime. The Police bill for overtime in the last three years is up by a billion pounds, as year after year of cuts slice ever deeper into Police staff numbers, which is reaching critical in both the Police, Fire, NHS and ambulance services, the very people that are supposed to keep us safe. 022

024Then you see on the news that a motorway has become a car and lorry park as on the other side of the Channel there are French dock workers striking again and again. This also results in tyres being set alight on the Channel Tunnel railway lines and roads leading into Calais. Lorries are at a standstill and this means that Migrants use this opportunity to mass in their thousands around the lorries, hoping to stowaway until they arrive on the streets of gold that they think is England – guess they never heard of the Tories! ! ! ! ! This puts these Migrants and the Lorry Drivers at huge risk, it causes millions of pounds of perishables to perish, stagnates our island economy and forces some haulage companies into bankruptcy already. So the Government discloses it has spent millions on fencing in France to keep the Channel Tunnel secure, as well as the lorry parks where they wait to clear customs and then board ferries. Do the French spend money in the UK to compensate for the loss of earnings, the trade lost now measured in the billions of pounds because of their citizens striking?!?! I think not, so why the hell are we spending money in Calais? It is not the UK’s fault that these Migrants have ended up in France, but they are becoming emboldened because the Lorries can’t move and are static on roads all around Calais, thanks to French strikers and lacklustre French Police allowing the trucks to be targeted by thousands of potential stowaways.


2A1C177A00000578-3145596-Striking_French_ferry_workers_from_MyFerryLink_burned_tyres_in_t-a-20_1435790694975If the leaders of the EU and the United Nations just got together for a moment and problem solved this issue of millions of displaced people moving from Syria, from Iraq, from Jordon and Lebanon (let’s not forget the people fleeing from places such as Eritrea, Somalia, and other African Countries where life isn’t worth the cost of a bullet so they use machetes), all pushing up to the Mediterranean for a chance of freedom from war, disease and starvation. The EU and the UN need to establish proper processing areas that every country helps pay for in areas such as Greece, Italy and Spain, camps of safety. People can then be helped properly and the countries of the EU & UN can have a fair quota system to take these people needing a new home where their children live and thrive, isn’t this what we want for our families. We should absolutely target the people smugglers with all the force we can, they need to be PL25336971Migrants%20climb%20istopped, but the Migrants need our compassion (even if there is precious little of this in the UK at the moment under the tyranny of the Tories). But this processing is essential as we also need to weed out the people that wish us harm, the terrorists; the ISIS trained people and other groups that we should be destroying. It is only through destroying ISIS and stopping the bloodshed will the Migrants stop and resettlement & investment in economies start. This is the only way to move forward and end the sticking-plaster mentality. If you can afford Trident you can afford to contribute to the short, medium and long term solutions to the problems of millions fleeing the war zones. To try to cross the Mediterranean in an inflatable overload, poor excuse for a boat, which may not even have a motor or means to steer it, which is highly likely to sink and drown you, your family and the other people with you, shows how desperate such HUMANS are, as they consider this crossing as an acceptable risk because not to try and cross the Med will mean certain death anyway. Time we all acted to help our fellow humans and end the need for them to take such a risk.


Yours most sincerely 

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