AFWH WK 11: Attack, Attack, Attack!

Another Five Years of Hell (AFWH)!

Week Eleven (Attack Attack Attack!)


(Tories attacking but Morse, Frost and Columbo are in town and their methods fail me badly!)

11 (WC Thurs 16/07/2015) of 260 Weeks Forensic_Science

It is one of those unusual blogs because my normal process is to keep notes of events that occur during the week and then expand on them to form my blog. I wonder how many readers remember MorseInspector-Morse-2 and his continuous pursuit of murders in and around Oxford, whilst sustaining his mind and soul with Opera and the classics, as well as the more than occasional pint of real ale, which his side-kick Lewis would inevitably have to pay for. Yes he loved all things classical and he immersed himself deeply in the snobbery associated with Oxford (which he professed to dislike), finding further nourishment from the intellectual stimuli from his fellow Dinner Suit owning peers. Having watched a couple of episodes of Morse, with the secret societies and complex secrecies that had to be kept berried (literally in some cases) at any cost, one might be worried & concerned about sending one’s child to Oxford. Despite it being arguably the most hallowed seat of incredibly expensive learning, it also seemed to be the murder capital of the world. These murderous trends continued through to our own ‘modern’ era with the next generation of Murder Investigators with their own series, ‘Lewis’ (who graduated to having his own series once Morse was no more), the Police Detective Sergeant who survived Morse’s untimely death.


‘Modern’ or current criminal investigation series focus more on the forensic_science_frontscientific detail, the Forensic Scientists working their magic with Fingerprints, DNA, blood splatter analysis, high resolution scanners, even metallurgy, study of the life cycles of flies and other critters. The scientific approaches leave no stone unturned and can go as far as the analysis on a molecular & atomic level, which may bring the case a twist no one but the write expected or could see coming, this leading to a grand crescendo of truth telling, arrests and people being dragged off in handcuffs swearing revenge on all those proved to be innocent. But I feel there is something essential missing from this new genre and brand of science led detective investigation stories. Yes we have left behind, forgotten and no longer use what was once the only way to solve a crime pre-DNA and computers. Although strong actors in many cases still lead the modern day murder hunt, they are reliant on the scientific crew supporting them, but the likes of Morse used and relied on only one main tool to solve the most intricate and twisted of blurring clues to reach the guilty person, and he used this tool in abundance. A_Touch_of_Frost_title_cardThere were no mobiles, computers, GPS or data analysis, nor social or unsocial media to narrow down the suspects into the one guilty killer. The likes of Morse, Columbo and Frost et al were a pre-World Wide Web generation of Detectives and all used one main tool, the only tool they had access to and which they never left the house without. It was an underestimated (by suspects) part of the Detectives and was an underrated constant in every episode of Morse, Frost and Columbo, the unspoken hero of every murder solved and crime foiled; the star that spoke not one word! Of course I am referring to a scrap of paper and a pencil. The paper note, the clue hurriedly written down in near undecipherable scribble, would end up screwed up and placed in one pocket or another, one place or another, merging with a sea of similar pieces of paper that had increased in number as the years had passed by, defiant against any attempt to apply method to this detective based chaos theory in action. Morse, Columbo and Frost et al would, as the credits were waiting to roll and the audience waiting to use the toilet, make a sudden connection and retrieve this original clue in pencil (yes I know that the younger audience don’t know what the hell I am talking about). Holding it in his hand the Detective would un-crumple the paper, and declares the equivalent of: cluedo“It was the Vicar, using the candlestick, in the library, as the dog barking distracted everyone from their croquet. And he did it because his victim was the 3rd cousin of the 2nd wife, to the 6th Earl’s driver, who had a slight squint to his right eye that made him see what the Vicar did even though he was not looking into the dog grooming centre next to the Plumbers” or something like that.

But often Morse, Columbo and Frost were hugely frustrated aspaper-screwed-up5032-460x306 they could not find one of the many bits of paper, to their growing frustration, as they knew it contained the answer and key to closing the case and getting their man, or woman. This is where the overlap with my good self is made, if you could see around my work area and my bedroom, there are numerous notes, post-it-notes, slips of paper, small notebooks, even the occasional piece of cardboard retrieved from the middle of a toilet roll when my writing material ran short as my thoughts continue to flow. I now have staged around the bungalow, in nearly every room I am able to access small notepads and pens, including within the car and in the pockets of my coast and jackets, as you just never know when an idea will sneak up on you. I guess there are a couple of thousand ideas amongst all the parchment scraps I have scribbled upon in a measure to get the idea from bouncing round the inside of my mind, secured on paper. I find if I don’t the idea keeps me awake as it wants me to develop it, or it can be fleeting as a snow flake caught on the hand, beautiful to glimpse but lost forever within secondsjsw_paper_avalanche if not recorded. But, as with Frost, it is how I organise my thoughts, my ‘to-do’ lists, my ideas, passing whimsies that occur to me on reflection and crucially, for relevance for this series of blogs, notes gathered during the week, and related other abuse about the Tories. However, my filing system, i.e. the chaos of piles of paper all over the house and car, bits of paper stuffed down the side of the chair, or in draws within my pedestals either side of my chair where I spend my day, etc, badly let me down. I normally tell people to leave these bits of paper alone, “I know exactly where everything is so leave them where they are” is in truth nonsense, at best I know which room to look in.

And so it came to pass I mislaid the notes I had made about what had been going on in the week, I did find one piece in the paper bin, which may suggest I through them out but of course I deny this completely. However, this is the most likely explanation, so I have to now try and remember the bits without my aid memoirs, so I ask the reader for a touch of leniency (unless you’re a Tory, in which case go lie face down in a very deep bog or are of quicksand): cameron-nhs

  • Hunt decided that this was perfect timing to attack Doctors 151216742-618x413for not working weekends, even though most actually do, especially in hospitals, many forming a backup on call type service for experienced Registrars and Junior Doctors. The implication was that because not enough Doctors worked at weekends, this being Hunts assertion, accounted for why death rates go up at weekends. Then he started talking about wanting the NHS to offer a 7 day a week service – What the hell does that mean as he was unable to define it. Hunt, probably because the problems in the NHS are complex, is definitely out of his comfort zone and could administer a toy Barbie hospital; he has no chance of changing the NHS for the better. It might help if he stops attacking the very people he states he is supporting and stop pretending the NHS hasn’t been cut to the bone! The NHS has halved its number of Psychiatric beds in most regions and young people’s units are down by two thirds. So Hunt start telling the truth but do the NHS a favour and resign;
  • Cameron decided to attack the Unions in the most shocking of manners. Carrying on the work of that evil woman, the echo of Thatcherism has returned as Cameron’s legislation proposals will make the unions near powerless against the will of the employer. Another contemptuous and abusive move by son of Thatcher, Cameron, to disempower, even disembowel the Unions from the role of safeguarding the workforce, safeguarding individuals and act as a collective voice that is loud enough to be heard and bold enough to not be intimidated. Let us not forget that before Unions became truly organised workers in industries had not rights, had not paid leave, hand no Health and Safety, had no maternity pay, or women’s right to be equal, no sick pay, no fair pay, no ability for an employee to speak out against the abuses and the squalor the working class were expected to live in, and the list could go on and on. It is safe to say that without the Unions effectively forming Labour, we would not have the NHS or the Welfare State, and this is what Cameron is attacking between the lines of his legislation, the ability for unions to act and to protect those things in society we hold most dear and we cannot imagine life without. Cameron’s move against the unions is a dreadful attack on the working class, the disabled, the sick, the very people Cameron is in office to protect. Instead he protects the bankers, the 0.1%, the owners of where you work, where you live, what you consume, the rich and the powerful, as Cameron tries to take us back to the Victorian era with us Plebs merely being worker ants to make the industrialists ever richer. But the real kick in the pants by the Tories is thatimg they want to bring in legislation that requires a minimum 50% of that a Union’s eligible voters to vote on ANY industrial action, and to then have at least 50% of the voters to agree to what is being proposed. Seems fair on face value but in reality it castrates the Unions and their ability to operate. If for example the RCN representing Nurses in a local dispute at the Freeman Hospital in Newcastle, the issue being Nurses having to pay extortionate rates of parking at the hospital to work a 12 hour shift. The RCN would need to get 50% of all its members nationally to vote on any action the Union wished to take locally to raise local awareness of this problem, especially if the Hospital Management would not even talk about the issue. Even if the RCN did meet the requirements of the new legislation to have a picket line to raise awareness about this charging nurses to work at their own hospital (not a strike just a picket line), the new legislation also limits the amount of people on the picket line and requires ant changes to the industrial action to once again meet the new voting threshold. The fact is that if we applied this to the voting in the general election then none of the Tories would be MP’s (wouldn’t that be nice) and they wouldn’t be able to form a Government as they did not get 50% of the votes. However, this point falls on deaf Tory ears and Cameron just proves the point that when it comes to the owners of the companies and the workers creating the wealth for them, it is definitely a case of one rule for the 0.1% and bugger the Working Class.
  • IDS, who is now seen as no better than an SSB8SQvHCIMAE-n2O loving abuser of anyone needing the support and protection of the Welfare State, was looking forward with joyous rapture to taking another £13 Billion of funds out of the Welfare State and Pensions annual costs. There is definitely something wrong with the man as he knows his policies will result in deaths, in people giving up and ending their lives, but he won’t release the figures to say how big a problem the Tory policies of taking more and more money out of the welfare state, yet looking to spend ten time the amount on a new generation of nuclear weapons. People can starve but let’s make sure we have nukes at our disposal – HAS THE WORLD GONE INSANE! And all the time IDS smirks and laughs at the misery and deaths he is responsible for, he is no better than those evil SS Nazis in the concentration camps of World War Two – Prove me wrong IDS & release the figures! He makes me feel physically sick.  Blog 5
  • Even Theresa May got in on the act and attacked the Police and the Prisons for deaths in custody and for the way the Police were handling the tidal wave of historical and current abuseUntitled-38-587x351 and neglect claims. Even the police agreed that they needed to do better but also noted this was in the environment where their budgets had been cut by 40% since 2010. This attack on the struggling Police was then followed by the news that even deeper cuts were needed! So the Tory rule is that you must do much more, must do it much better, must do it much quicker, must do it in much more detail with much more support to the victims, improve visible policing and prosecution rates, but with less than ½ the budget you had 5 years ago. The Police Federation also noted that the volume of historical and current child abuse and neglect claims, all of which needed intensive investigation and extensive support for the individuals and families concerned, was reaching into the thousands in most Policing Areas. Yet there were no extra resources made available to cope with this avalanche that was burying the Police, but there were further cuts to be made, significant further cuts to be made.
  •  Yes you guessed it Osborne was the face of glad tidings and certainly did not want to be left out in the week of let’s just attack everyone. With that awful grin on his face and mannerisms that clearly shows you he has no socialB8SQvIMIIAAHK5Z skills what so ever and does not care at all about the effects of the cuts and the misery they are causing. Osborne the human, emotionless calculator announce that further £20 to £30 billion of yet more cuts were to be made across all Whitehall Departments; the Police, fire and ambulance services would be cut further; again Welfare would be cut again on top of the £13 billion already needing to be cut from the budget; Councils would be cut even further which would also directly affect the care in the community and other essential services (how many more deaths will this round of cuts cause?) reducing such services so they can barely function but expecting more and more from social services and other Council Services! To many of us this constant erosion of funds and resources to people focussed services, whilst demanding more and more is just same old Tory tactics to run services down so they cannot function and then sell them off to the private sector, following generous donations to the Tory Party by interested corporate heavyweights who are already buying up swathes of NHS contracts.


But there was some good news despite all the Tories attacks and the announcements of cut after cut after cut, which will result in hardship and misery for millions of people in poverty, homelessness, hungry, dying from o-GEORGE-OSBORNE-570cold, being evicted, on zero hours contracts, minimum wage, expansion of food-banks to cope with the dramatic rise in sanctions of claimants of the Welfare State support despite the fact they may have children, who will be the first to feel the effects of cuts and sanctions, creating a poverty trap they can never escape from, as bad as any Victorian era suppression of the poor. But as I said there was good news in the continued Tory gloom and psychologically choking smog of despair across the nation they are creating, MPs can have another 10% pay rise, a total of 30% rise since 2010. Yes a minimum of, and I do mean minimum, an additional £7,000 year per annum. Must be so hard to be an MP nowadays, nearly £80,000 basic salary, then expenses to cover the costs of living in London, attending parliament, cost of parliamentary business, the costs of a PA and a Researcher, costs of travel to and from their Constituencies and running/staffing an office in their Constituencies, and a whole lot more they claim for as we well recall, as MPs were being imprisoned for fraudulent claims, in a culture of see how much you can get away with. It’s good to be a Tory and an MP at the moment and we all note they are not subject to the cuts that are making the rest of us bleed you bunch of Tory Blue Parasites. Every single one of you as a peer or an MP is in receipt of money from the Government and over inflated expenses, yet not one of you is subject to the bedroom tax, or to unfair sanctions when you don’t turn up for parliamentary business, of for SLEEPING in Parliament, and so many more infractions the rest of us are penalised for without any thought being given to the human consequences of their actions! Untitled12We are in such trouble from these newly excited and agitated Tories, they are going to do so much damage to the institutions we hold so dear, which may mean once we get these inhumane Psychopaths out of power there is nothing we can do to revive them. But it’s OK and roses in the Westminster garden whilst the Westminster Champaign flows and the bill has doubled and is measured in hundreds of thousands of pounds a year just on the Tory fizz of choice. Unfortunately they are running rampant at the moment as they is no effective opposition party, the only voices speaking out are those of the SNP, who are trying to challenge the Tories and the abuse they are delivering to the rest of the country. Unfortunately, Harman’s Caretaker Leadership of the Labour Party has been a disaster when she instructed the Labour MPs to abstain from voting on the welfare reform bill, when they should have been fighting tooth and nail next to the SNP to stop this Bill that’s only purpose is to cut more lives from the Welfare Budget (as this is what the reality is, it’s not money being cut but lives being lost!)! So for pity sake Labour, whilst you search for a new leader (Jeremy Corbyn hopefully) it doesn’t mean you can just sit on your hands and let the Blue bastards run riot. YOUR JOB IS TO BE AN OPPOSITION – ACT LIKE IT LABOUR! Harman you might as well cross the house and sit with the Tories since you are acting like the perfect definition and example of a Red Tory! (Imagine what I would have written if I had found my notes! ! ! ! ! !).


Yours most sincerely

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