Monthly Archive: August, 2015

AFWH WK15: Dr Khaled al-Assad

Another Five Years of Hell! Week Fifteen (Dr Khaled al-Assad!) (ISIS, just murderous thieves, nothing more!) 15 (WC Thurs 13/08/2015) of 260 Weeks I wanted to cry at what I was watching, I… Continue reading

AFYH WK14: Enola & Bockscar

Another Five Years of Hell! Week Fourteen (Enola Gay & Bockscar!)   (Lessons of the past don’t always inform better decisions of the present and the future!) 14 (WC Thurs 06/08/2015) of 260 Weeks … Continue reading

AFYH WK13: The Problem with Mental Health!

Another Five Years of Hell! Week Thirteen (The Problem with Mental Health!)  (It’s hard enough to recover from mental health problems without this Government cutting services and attacking those that need support, care… Continue reading

AFYH WK 12: Sticking-Plaster Thinking

Another Five Years of Hell (AFYH)! Week Twelve (Perils of Sticking-Plaster Thinking!)  (From Crystal Meths to the Med!) 12 (WC Thurs 23/07/2015) of 260 Weeks  What is it with my Father’s generation, specifically… Continue reading

AFWH WK 11: Attack, Attack, Attack!

Another Five Years of Hell (AFWH)! Week Eleven (Attack Attack Attack!) (Tories attacking but Morse, Frost and Columbo are in town and their methods fail me badly!) 11 (WC Thurs 16/07/2015) of 260… Continue reading