Another Five Years of Hell! WK9: Sir Winton Five Years of Hell!

Week Nine (Sir Winton)  

(No Welfare State under this to be 10 years of tyrannical Tory Government!)

9 (WC Thurs 02/07/2015) of 260 Weeks

 (Dedicated to all those effected by the London bombings a decade on 07/07/2005)



It is with great humility and a degree of genuine sadness athat I write to say Sir Winton departed us, a man obscure in history due and unknown by many, yet a truly heroic figure who actively shunned the limelight. Sir Winton was knighted when it came to light that in 1939 he tried to save over 800 children, succeeding in saving 669 (many of them Jewish) from the Nazis, as he said he could see the way things were going and felt war was imminent, which would result in genocide. He arranged 9 trains to start with to take children out of danger and out of reach of the Nazis and Hitler’s concentration camps. Unfortunately the 9th train was stopped when war was declared in 1939, the children were sent to a SS controlled ghetto where Jews were gathered, and eventually then transported on mass to ‘camps’ were millions were murdered. It was this ninth train that haunted Sir Winton, even hiding his heroic acts from his wife for over 25 years, until she found by accident paperwork that evidenced what he had done. His acute modesty and completely unfounded guilt about the ninth train caused him to hide his heroism from the world, but once the story got out he was heralded as he should have been. b

Sir Winton was the epitome of altruism and had no motived other than to save lives. The world is a better place for him having lived, how many families have result from those children saved, we are talking about thousands of individuals, 3 generations of offspring that have lived thanks to Sir Winton, and what contribution to our world have these thousands of people made. This is the true value of Sir Winton’s act and he worthy of sainthood for sure, but as we are a better world for him having been with us, we also have a duty to make sure we try to live up to the model of selflessness, of acting positively without thought of reward ourselves, to be humble and modest, rejecting a culture of “what’s in it for me” and replacing it with a culture of “what can I do for others”. It is our loss he is no longer with us but he has left his mark in the history book of the world events, when you look up humanitarian, kindness, selflessness, or altruism, there will be a picture of Sir Winton and an explanation of the 800 innocent lives he saved. f

As promised the Tories started their attack on benefits ahead of Osborne’s budget announcements in a week or so. Osborne’s first budget post-election will set out the Governments priorities for the term of their 5 year tyranny, including how they will destroy yet more of the Welfare State by removing another £12 to £13 billion in costs. Yes, people with disabilities, the vulnerable, the homeless,g those who need help and assistance from our state are now referred to as “costs” or “expenditures”, I suppose it is mildly better than ‘scrounger’. It’s become a tradition that the Tories release lots of information about the forthcoming budget, leaking snippets to the press/media more than a colander trying to hold onto water. It’s a kind of game that we all know about, various Tory officials mention lots of non-specific information, generalisations that cause huge speculation and anxiety for those to be on the receiving end, such as the disabled, but always reframing from any real detail or substance. For example, there has been lots of hints about the cuts to welfare and, when Osborne appeared on Sunday’s Marr show on BBC1, Marr could not pin him down to specifics, instead he kept saying that he couldn’t comment on such matters until they were presented to parliament and then went on to say that (paraphrasing) the “Welfare State has to be fair to tax payers”. No mention of humanity, of morality or care of the most vulnerable, no not at all, just about cutting the amount of benefit people could claim, but not saying how much by. Reducing housing benefit but no details, reducing sickness benefit, and of course this is where ILF was ended (by ended I mean killed off despite the consequences). Such things just cause enormous distress to some of the most vulnerable in our society, some are pushed over the edge into taking their own lives, many become depressed or even more unwell. But it’s ok really because people such as me, a disabled person, we are merely “costs” and have no feelings. i

The Governments distain for the disabled is proved beyond doubt by two recent actions, amongst a storm of so many actions (two this week that is, if I was to list all the evidence, the anti-disabled Tory actions we would be talking volumes after 5 years).l First, the ending of the Independent Living Fund (ILF)! Second, we have the refusal of the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) to release the figures on the number of deaths by suicide of those affected by the changes to the Welfare State (which is supposed to be the support system of the most vulnerable) in the last 5 years of Tory & Lib Dem Coalition. ILF, as I have stated before was used only by the most significantly of disabled to enable people to have a more independent life, which we are surely all entitled too. So the Government decided that if they could get away with taxing the poorest just for having an empty room, then taking away funding for the 16,000 most disabled people in the UK would be easy, just ignore the protest and blame others. So that’s what the Government have done, even people in receipt of ILF breaking into Parliament was met with silence or a well-used excuse. The Government just kept saying that they had transferred the money and the responsibility to the Local Authority (LA) as (paraphrasing again) “they are best placed to understand the needs of people within their borough”. ii

There are a couple of problems with this, first there was no money transferred to LA’s to replace ILF oand secondly most LA’s have suffered enormous cuts under the predatory Tory tyranny, as they target the poor and the vulnerable whilst £billions slip through the net of tax avoidance. Nearly all the LA’s have clearly stated they are not able to give people the care they need, having to make sweeping cuts in response to the starvation diet the Tories have them on, and in such an environment front line care services are also cut. In this environment for the Tories to add to such responsibilities the most vulnerable people in the country, the most expensive to care for and to facilitate any form of independence (hence why a special fund called ILF was established in the first place) is simply reckless as LA’s just don’t have the money to allocate. The consequences are that these individual’s will see their level and quality of care diminished significantly, and the same effect will be seen regarding their independence. The Tories will be making yet more significantly disabled people suffer yet more Tory abuse, more misery at the hands of this murderous Government. j

But murderous behaviour comes naturally to this Government and this leads us to the second point, which is the DWP refusing to release the figures relating to suicides by people who have been subject to the draconian cuts in welfare by this awful Government, mled by IDS, a man with no perceivable humanity or care. Some may say these could be the traits of a psychopath, one who knows their actions, their policies will hurt, cause misery, distress, increase poverty and suffering to those whose lives are unperceivable difficult every waking minute. People who are unable to cope or even live without the support of the Welfare State, people who have the right to be supported and protected by those voted into positions of privilege and position in our Government. When I say privilege I mean that those voted for and elected are privileged to serve the people of this United Kingdom, unfortunately the Tories think they are privileged anyway and have a right to be in position of dominance over us Plebs, and the Plebs only exist to make them richer, more powerful, more, more, more! Anyone (meaning us Plebs) who cannot contribute to the Tories increasing their wealth and the wealth of the 0.001% (Tory relatives and friends) are just a drain on Tory resources. By resources we mean the pot of money the tax payers have paid Into, it’s not as if it’s their own person money but they act as if it was! ! ! u

So they make lives that are near impossible to cope with actually impossible to live by screwing them out of the support they need to live. As a result it is estimated that since the Tories came into power in 2010 there has been a huge spike in suicides and deaths associated with changes in the Welfare State. It is also thought that every time a specific change in welfare occurs there is a spike in deaths of those affected by the changes. However, even though it is known that the DWP has these figures and is tracking such numbers they will not release the stats. The DWP, led by IDS, have even spent tax payers money on extensive and costly legal proceedings to try and block any and every attempt to release these figures into the public domain. It is thought that we are talking about thousands of people, we already know there are at least 30,000 individuals each Winter that die from cold related issues, mainly because they are unable to afford heating. We already know there have been a considerable amount of deaths where families have blamed those contracted by the DWP to assessor all those needing the Welfare State, such as ATOS amongst others. But without the figures being released we just don’t know the real scale of these deaths! p

As a significantly disabled person I must say I blame IDS, why else wouldr he spend a fortune hiding the figures that we know exist, because if the truth came out I believe many Ministers that have connected with the DWP attack against the vulnerable would be impossible to ignore. Remember those abusing the welfare system accounts for less than a £billion, yes this is way too much but taxing an empty space, taxing those who are in poverty is not the answer. Now compare it to the estimated £120 billion a year tax avoidance, many of whom support the Tories with large donations, then you start to see how perverted things have become. This huge sum does not include the likes of Amazon, or the huge companies/corporations that operate in the UK, take money from UK citizens in the UK, and yet because they have registered the company in places like Luxemburg they can avoid UK taxes, and this could run into yet more 100’s of billions of sterling. The DWP have over 3,000 people trying to track down those abusing the Welfare State, yet HMRC has less than 300 trying to bring tax avoiders to account and pay their due. This is complicated by the fact that some of the most senior and knowledgeable HMRC tax avoidance Consultants, commanding many thousands of pounds for just a couple of hours work, also act as Consultants for organisations helping the wealthy people, corporations and companies wishing to find the loopholes and avoid paying tax in the UK. s

The one thing for me though that is the epitome of Tory abuse and misuse of power is that they have reigned over an explosion in the need for food banks, a million uses of just one organisations network of UK food banks in one year alone. Yet the Tories have not given one penny towards the funding of these organisations that are keeping people alive, yet the Westminster Champaign bill has doubled since 2010, MP wages will have gone up by 30% since 2010, and one more thing that makes my blood boil. Because of Tory policies the most vulnerable are starving, the only people that thrive are the Tories and their backers, mostly the financial sector, yet they have done nothing to stem the growing poverty and misery flooding the towns, cities and countryside. tWhilst this is happening they are happy to spend a £100 billion on new nuclear weapons rather than help use less than 0.3% of this sum to fund ILF. It is disgusting and I hope they rot in the fires of hell in retribution for the hell they have created in this country for the disabled, the homeless, the hungry, the cold, the elderly, the unemployed, etc., etc. It appals me completely, especially as I am one of the people on the receiving end of Tories misuse of power, abusive policies and their hatred of the vulnerable, the Tories are the quintessential Right Wing tyrants when it comes to the people they should be supporting.

It is so hard to look at the problems with Greece and the impact on Europe as a whole when we have such a Government in power determined to destroy all that was unique and wonderful about the UK, the NHS and the Welfare State. But before I finish I want to pay my deepest respect to the victims and the families of those who were caught up in the 4 explosions that combined to form 07/07/2005. The work of our emergency services was beyond reproach, they too are what makes this country amazing, that despite the political pressures many of them put their own lives on the line every day to keep us safe or minimise the harm we face. The attacks we face in the UK may seem minor to sum, people who have experienced war, or fleeing the likes of ISIS, but we honour those lost to the brutality and cowardice of terrorism, each act leaves a scar on our nation’s consciousness so that we don’t forget, so we don’t bend to the cowards. We should be proud of our security services that keep such events to a minimum, but also keep in the forefront of our minds why they act to keep us safe. Yes they act to keep us from harm, but if this is at the price of the freedom many take for granted than it may be a price too high. I don’t want to live in a dictatorship so we must take the fight to the cancer that is ISIS, as they are the biggest threat to us going forward (I wrote about this in my previous blog). n

As for Greece, perhaps instead of pushing the Country to the brink of bankruptcy, which could slide the EU back into the recession pit it has only just managed to claw its way out of, we should instead step back and ask Greece how much investment it needs over the next ten years to:

  1. Re-build a growing economy that creates jobs, draws in investments into new areas of growth away from reliance on Greece’s traditional failing industries;
  2. Support their role in the increasing migration of people fleeing war;
  3. Give every young person a future, through training, education and career pathways in new industries the money will go to establish;

At the end of the term, or at fixed markers along a pathway based on growth and productivity development, Greece then starts to pay back the interest, which should be no more than 1%, the interest going into a fund to help other EU countries when they need it. The sum originally loaned to Greece would then be paid off on a graduated level. The current debt should be suspended and deferred until Greece is in a far stronger position after development payments increase and establish a positive economy. The rule of thumb is that Greece should pay back a percentage that is the same as the growth in GDP, therefore when they are having accelerated growth the amount paid back is accelerated. When there is slowed growth or negative periods of growth then the same applies and no return is made. IT’S REALLY NOT ROCKET SCIENCE! ! ! You lend so Greece can grow, you don’t lend to then cripple a country with repayments. NOT ROCKET SCIENCE! ! ! k


Yours most sincerely

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