Another Five Years of Hell! WK 8: A Day of Terror, a Decade of War!

Another Five Years of Hell!

Week Eight (A Day of Terror, a Decade of War!)

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8 (WC Thurs 25/06/2015) of 260 Weeks Blog Section 1

All too often I have to write about the obscenity that isBlog s 1 ISIS and their followers, the violent and ruthless acts that bring shame on the beautiful religion of Islam, they bring shame on all Muslims everywhere and they are driven by hate, by evil and by the need to be violent. They have grouped together, have harnessed social media, are well funded through the sale of oil and ancient artefacts they have stolen, as well as funding from some prominent yet nefarious people in some ‘Arab’ states, and seized massive amounts of weaponry from forces they have beaten already. This is a mechanised, artillery supported, huge army, claiming to act in the name of the Profit of Islam, may peace be upon him, as if this justifies or legitimises the horrors they are committing, brutal, barbaric butchery of civilians, which goes against all the teachings of this beautiful religion that in reality they defame. They disparage an entire religion and an entire religious community that numbers some 1.8 billion individuals united in a pure faith. They go against the teachings of the Profit, may peace be upon him,   claiming to act in his name by murdering, slaughtering, massacring and effectively committing genocide to eradicate anything that doesn’t fit their disgusting ideology of ruthless expansion & occupation. They are simply evil, perverted fanatics under the banner of ISIS, and are determined to kill anything that is not the right greed, colour, tribe or religion. Since they have no recognisable religion this effectively means everyone, anything that makes you different from these evil terrorists makes you a target and so far the countries that are facing their evil onslaught (that would be all of us if they continue) have not been unified enough to stop them. I think Cameron mentioned that this was a fight of a generation, I think this is the beginning of World War Three and once again we are facing secular psychopaths.

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We have messed around in the Middle East and allowed these profane, hate filled, murders of children to break out of Syria and fight their way into neighbouring countries. As ISIS expanded they took control of some oil fields and gained weapons from poorly trained Iraq forces that to start with fled. But we must be honest and admit that the ‘Westblog s 15sent/paid for huge amounts of arms and ammunition that was sent into Syria for these very same people to overthrow Bashar al-Assad, or so we hoped. Yes we were part of the group of ‘Western’ countries that thought by sending in huge amounts of weapons/munitions in order to support these fighters to overthrow Assad, a brutal Dictator. However, now Assad’s brutality shrinks into nothing compared to the evil darkness that ISIS now peddles, but once again this is a demonstration that the ‘West’ knew better and we took the lid off Pandora’s Box there is no going back. The awful truth is we were happy for people to die to overthrow Assad as long as we didn’t need to put boots on the ground, now we face a rabid dog that is utterly out of anyone’s control! Well what price now for interfering in some idiotic colonial game of chess since 9/11. I’ll tell you what the price is, it is that these blasphemous ISIS killers have spread like a cancer, now attracting our own youth and the youth of many other countries to follow their perverted cult, persuading other terrorist groups to join them in other countries in Africa. But this sickness also has another effect, ISIS are training terrorists and sending them back to their countries of origin with vicious effect – remember “Je Suis Charlie”? blog s 13


Well now you don’t even have to offend these morons with a harmless cartoon, now just being the wrong colour will get you killed, and there are too many easily lead psychopaths, claiming some form of disenfranchisement from their country of birth, using the banner of ISIS to justify murder plain and simple. So what happens when you psychopaths are trained to use explosives and firearms, then sent back to their country of origin, well they:

  1. Murder Cartoonists;
  2. Behead their boss in France and claim it is in the name of a peaceful religion (no I don’t get it either);
  3. Have a 25 year old suicide bomber go into a one of Kuwait’s oldest Shia Mosque, full of over 300 Islamic Worshipers, and detonate a bomb causing 27 deaths and over 223 injured – because they were Shia and not deviant ideological ISIS, claiming to be Sunni;
  4. On the same day as the incident in France and Kuwait, ISIS backed terrorists walked along a beach in Tunisia shooting anyone they could find that was ‘white’;

(*All done in the Muslim event of Ramadan, which is based on fasting, prayer and contemplation, many Muslims describe it as a ‘reconnection’ or ‘deepening’ of their faith – MURDER isn’t mentioned at all – See below for more details of Ramadan) Blog 002

These last three events all occurred within a few hours of each other on Friday the 26th of June, during the holy month of Ramadan; the event in Tunisia followed a similar attack in March when two gunmen killed 22 people in the Bardo Museum in Tunis. This was the hallmark of ISIS followers, the cowards that they are murdering people they know to be unarmed. On this occasion the gunmen wandered up the beach between two hotels known for having tourists, shooting to death 38 holidaymakers on the beach, 30 which were Brits. The victims were elderly, retired, middle aged and the young, murdered because they were not part of ISIS, and for no other reason. When a so called religious group murder people of their own religion, what hope have tourists? My mind wonders through the possible retaliatory options but the only option to destroy this evil is to send in massive ground forces and wipe them off the face of the face of the earth, just like they are doing to people and to ancient historical sites. When you murder people on mass that is definitely a crime against humanity, but when you also eradicate their history, when all mention/trace of them is lost, then on many levels it was as if the people and their heritage never existed and this goes way beyond just crimes against humanityIT IS EVIL! This is precisely what people such as:

  • Hitler tried to do with the Jews;
  • Pol Pot (born Saloth Sar) did in Cambodian;
  • Ratko Mladic did in Srebrenica in Bosnia and Herzegovina;
  • Radovan Karadžić did in Bosnia;
  • Taliban in Afghanistan;
  • Hutu in Rwanda;

To name, unfortunately, just a few of many examples, not the sort of list you want to be part of in my opinion, but one that ISIS is definitely now on it. Blog 001

Unfortunately the only answer is a massive United Nations’ response in the form of multiple army units, with air cover to match, artillery, tanks and the whole shooting match (if you forgive the phrase).blog s 7 It was the only way to oust the Taliban in Afghanistan and the time to stop these mad dogs is getting increasingly short as they are now knocking on the door of Israel. A few days ago ISIS engaged Egyptian forces near the border with Gaza, and there is no love lost between ISIS and Palestinians, so if ISIS got into Gaza it would be a blood bath. But the real fear is that ISIS will eventually be strong enough to attack Israel itself and that is bad news for the entire region as Israel has nuclear weapons. We all saw what Israel did in Gaza back in 2014, what do you think they will do or how do you think they will react when faced with a mechanised army such as ISIS? I have no doubt at all that they would use nuclear weapons rather than allow ISIS to take Israel and all that would occur from such an attack, genocide of Jewish people yet again. So we have to stop ISIS and this means more deaths of our troops, our armed forces, but we are actually in a position where I don’t think we have a choice.


This isn’t a lone Gunman where we can turn the other cheek, this is a mobile, mechanised army of murders, highly trained in many cases, and they are knocking on Turkey’s door. If Turkey falls ISIS will be able to attack Europe with significant forces. ISIS have ravaged and controls huge swaths of Syria, Iraq, threatening the borders of Egypt, Iran, Turkey, Tunisia, Libya, Lebanon, Jordon, Saudi Arabia, etc. We have to stop them gaining access to the North African and Persian side of Mediterranean. We have to turn the tide now as a united planet against such evil, as we did in World War One & Two. We will prevail but we cannot wait any longer, I was as much against boots on the ground as anyone was after what I felt was an illegal war in Iraq and Afghanistan, but the old phrase “you break it you bought it” is so very true. We meddled thanks to Blair and Bush, we broke a delicate political standoff between countries of Persia, and now our tourists are paying the price, so we must wipe this ISIS out. Blog s 2

Let’s not forget there are an estimated 5 million people displaced because of ISIS already, many are being exploited by people traffickers across the Mediterranean. We need to repatriate these people, hell these people want to go home, to countries that are free of ISIS; the cost of not destroying ISIS in the long term could be far more costly. On their own these countries cannot defeat ISIS, so the UN must commit to a strategy of destroying ISIS and then rebuilding the economies of these countries so that the migrants fleeing Persia in their millions can eventually go home. blog s 25

In the grand scheme of these murders in Tunisia, France and Kuwait I feel hesitant to mention such comparatively minor issues as Greece defaulting on their International Loan Repayments and we await Greece’s internal referendum new repayment proposals. In reality this is effectively a referendum on whether Greece stays in the Eurozone or leave with massive debts, which will collapse some banks for sure – “here we go again” seems to springs. And while all the above is going in Europe, North Africa & Persia, Cameron is trying to renegotiate our place in the EU, such as the subsidy we get, talk about bad timing! Perhaps Cameron needs to look up and see what are the real priorities for Europe:

Russia’s growing involvement in Ukraine

Migration & Refugees


Supporting Gaza rebuild

Rise of ISIS affiliates in Africa

And yes the Greek economyblog s 21

I come from a long line of people that served in the military, the navy, the RAF, and I am so very proud of them. I would not want anyone in our wonderful armed services to be hurt, injured or killed, Nic6254947and the illegal Bush/Blair wars took its toll on our Country’s faith in good decision making by Politicians. However, we can’t just leave the Countries of Persia to sort it out themselves as they don’t have the skills and experience to do so, and ISIS will not stop until it is stopped by overwhelming destructive might, the like of which the United Nations and NATO can deliver. This perverse ISIS and the evil they peddle will not stop, they want Africa to blaze with fire under their banner, they want Israel to be crushed, they want Europe to burn, they want to kill by the million and they want America to crumble into dust before their tanks and their growing arsenal. Imagine if these madmen get hold of a nuclear weapon, they would use it without any hesitation. We, the United Nations, destabilised the entire region and now we must be ‘United’ as ‘Nations’ to defeat ISIS and all their affiliates, wherever they hide, before they become unstoppable. blog s 29

We are entering World War Three whether we want to or not, blog s 9so we need the Tories to stop cutting chunks out of our Armed Forces funding, start building up the forces we need to defeat these satanic forces. So don’t spend £100 billion on new nuclear weapons, spend it on the conventional forces we need to defeat ISIS. Instead of Cameron brown-nosing round the EU and whimpering about the UK subsidy, the reforms the EU needs to do as he sees it, he needs to be forging alliances to deal with the Migration and Refugees positively, and gearing up the UN & NATO to take ISIS on. All the experienced military Generals and Strategists are shouting that bombing alone will not stop ISIS at all, the world needs to, and must, come together to rid the World of this cancer. We still have time but it is running out! I know many will disagree with this particular blog but I just don’t see what choice we have, we act to stop them or continue to be their victims in ever greater numbers! blog s 10

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Yours most sincerely Blog 4

The 63% Who Didn’t Vote Tory


*Muslims, of which there are about 1.8 billion in the world, believe Ramadan is the holiest month in the year, as it denotes when the Qur’an, the holy book of Islam, was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad, may peace be upon him. Ramadan is the ninth month in the Islamic calendar, or the Hijri calendar based on the lunar cycle, which began in AD622 when Muhammad, may peace be upon him, migrated from Mecca to Medina. This is the holy month where Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset each day. During this month, observant Muslims do not eat or drink during daylight hours. This is because fasting is one of the five pillars of Islam. The other acts of worship, or pillars, are:

  • The Shahadah, which is the declaration of faith;
  • The Salat, the five daily prayers;
  • The Zakat, or almsgiving;
  • The Hajj, the pilgrimage to Mecca;


I don’t see murder or crimes against humanity mentioned at all! There’s nothing Islamic about terrorism!


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