Another Five Years of Hell! Week 6: A Greek Tragedy unfolds!

Another Five Years of Hell!

Week Six (Hitler & Stalin)


(A Greek Tragedy unfolds!)

6 (WC Thurs 11/06/2015) of 260 Weeks b03qfjbj

I have to start this blog with a simple but loud tut of Chart-showing-nuclear-weapons-stockpiled-and-deployed-by-the-worlds-eight-nuclear-powersutter despair as I watched The Big Question, as Nicky Campbell wrangled an audience discussing whether Nuclear War is ever justifiable and do we as the UK need nuclear weapons? As one would guess there were two distinct camps and each actually had extremely convincing arguments, arguments that had been developed over many decades as we moved from:

  1. World War Two;
  2. To a Cold War standoff;
  3. To Cuban Missile Crisis;
  4. To the fall of the Berlin Wall;
  5. To a relaxed nuclear disarmament posture;
  6. To the rise of Nuclear Weapons standoff in Pakistan and India;
  7. To Israel developing Nuclear Weapons as they feel threatened Arab states developing the same technology;
  8. To the threat from North Korea and Iran developing Nuclear Weapons;
  9. Now we have the heightened tension as Putin becomes yet another Dictator in Russia’s history; Warheads

I have noticed that Nicky Campbell is a very skilled presenter, allowing people to have their say and to contribute, even the ones whose egos far exceed their katie-hopkins-456434level of knowledge. I am always surprised at the level of absurdity of some when there is a knowledgeable and well informed debate going on, some just say anything controversial in order to get them more invites, more bookings as the wild card, but in reality there is no substance to their contribution. Often their insensitive and offensive comments merely make them targets for abuse, which they then claim as vindication for their nonsense in the first place. The first example that springs to mind is that Katie Hopkins, popular with Tories but not particularly popular with the Left or the rest of humanity thinking about it, well popular as a negative example of all that is hated in Tory belief systems. I think the psychological makeup of such people must be based in sadism, with a large helping of hidden self-loathing. And so it was relating to this gentleman on The Big Question whose contribution to the conversation when people were discussing why nuclear weapons were developed, decided to contribute the following: 2973986668

“Hitler and Stalin were clearly rationale people” M517a8a14b310e15181ce0ecce781740f

No that was NOT a miss print, Adam Mendoza actually said this in the middle of the debate! This is where one saw the skill of Nicky Campbell kicks in and he quickly move the conversation on from the sea of disbelieving faces that were not sure if they actually heard what they thought they did. Nicky averted a verbal bloodbath as you could see that once the penny dropped as to what he had said, some very esteemed Professors, Historians, Philosophers, etc., wanted to lynch him. To be honest without people being deliberately controversial we might have a knowledgeable, well balanced, informed debate, with all sides of the argument being put forward so one can have a considered opinion on issues as important as nuclear weapons! So frustrating that even decent debates, which are conducted by quality presenters, allow ridiculous views to detract from a decent discussion of opposing opinions.

Logo One of the more disturbing aspects of the news was the OrgreavePolice Complaints Commission (PCC) gave its judgement after its two year investigation into the events and conduct of the Police during the Miners’ Strike but in particular the conduct at Orgreave in 1984 – it is now referred to as the Battle of Orgreave. This denotes the vicious clashes between Police and Miners, Miners who stood up to the forces of Thatcher and said no more. Hundreds were injured and arrested, I remember it so well and to use the word ‘battle’ was very accurate, as this was a war in the era of Thatcherism, a period in our history that Cameron and his mob of abusers claim to be so proud of, bringing in their new form of Thatcherism misery to a new generation. The PCC stated that they found that the police had on a huge scale falsified evidence against strikers of Orgreave, they had lied, committed perjury, been excessively violent, attacked people whilst in custody, threatened them and their families, and arrested some for no apparent reason at all. This was a shocking catalogue of police misconduct that reminds oneOrgreave of Hillsborough, an era where what the police said was enough for courts, a period where most middle class could not conceive of the police doing wrong. But what was to follow after this PCC confirmation of what 100’s of miners had been claiming for over 30 years was amazing, the PCC said there was no case to answer for any individual Police Officer and that it was not in the public interest to prosecute anyone despite the unacceptable behaviour. It wasn’t “unacceptable behaviour”, perjury, falsifying evidence, etc, are illegal, criminal acts but after 2 years, millions of pounds the PCC decided to take no further action! Well Orgreave was a festering wound for many communities and the PCC had a chance to help this wound heal but instead they left it to fester for another generation. Be ashamed PCC, be very ashamed! I have no other words to express my disgust at the PCC, quick enough to convict Miners with falsified evidence, who now have no recourse even though we know they were stitched up, but no further action – you bloody cowards! 

Mass Picket, Warsop Main, N Derbyshire. July 1984.


I think its best that I move on to an issue that will affect the entire EU if it goes as badly as it seems likely it will, yes the Greek defaulting on the money they owe to the EU, which is underpinned by world banks who supplied the money, cart-gr-2which in turn many of whom are based in London, the financial heart for the EU. The fear associated with Greece possibly defaulting hangs in the political air like the stench of rotting Eurozone meat, but to be honest I think the EU has handled this whole situation badly, backing Greece into a corner. The EU has leant Greece so much money that it cannot possibly afford to even make the repayments on the interest of the loans. However the EU bosses had an answer to this problem, their solution being to make Greece cut services, jobs, Government, pensions, healthcare, basically super-max austerity! In return for this severe austerity that would lead to people starving in Greece, the EU agreed it would lend them even more money so they can make the payments on the interest of the money they borrowed right at the beginning! The previous Greek Government was more than happy to take as much money from the EU as they were offering and had no qualms about how much the ‘people’ were suffering under their austerity. However, this was a new Socialist Government who was voted in on the promise of ending crippling austerity and if at all possible staying within the EU. Cover_Story_18_02_2015_Main%20_Image%202

So the EU and Greece are in a game of brinkmanship on a truly continental scale, with the EU insisting on increasing the level of austerity if more money is to come Greece’s way, with the Greek Gov saying hell no, insisting there is another path to take. So with the EU cranking up the pressure to put Greece in more debt, more austerity, the Government’s Finance Minister and Premier were going round individual EU members promoting that more money was needed but so Greece could grow out of its problems, investment in new infrastructure, new jobs, to create growth and not sustain a never ending decline, never ending austerity. 1423739633-1423739464-ansa-20150212112902-11540742

All the while this is going on, more and more migrants were (are) crossing the Mediterranean, risking their lives on the slightest possibility of a new start with the absence of war, hunger, disease, mediterranean-migrantsBarrel Bombs, ISIS, etc. A huge percentage of these people are ending up in Greece as it’s an easy drop off for the ships trying to stem the flow of these migrants and try and keep them from drowning as these poor people are packed into inflatables, towed by the smugglers into international waters and then set adrift to brave the sea and all it can throw at this most unsuitable boats (when I say boats I actually mean just large versions of the plastic boats you would blow up with your own breath till you felt giddy for you kid to play with in a paddling pool, but wouldn’t even let your daughter put a Barbie in one!). The People Smugglers, who have sent thousands to their death in the Mediterranean, now even phone the Italian and Greek Coast Guards and give them rough locations of where they set these desperate and exploited people adrift. But such acts of face valued kindness, probably to easy a molecule of morality they may have left, are rare and it is felt that for every person rescued, another has died from drowning, exposure, etc. We are taking entire families lost, babies, children, exploited for money and then left to drown when the overloaded inflatable capsizes; these traffickers should be found and shot, or be set adrift in the same conditions as they have imposed on others.

untitlednThey are nothing but mass murderers; they are worse than ISIS as they take money from desperate people, knowing many will die, these are crimes against humanity and need to be treated as such. We (Europe and other NATO members, Migrant%20Boat%20Deaths%2008G8 members, UN members) need to use their special forces and hunt out these traffickers, all the way along their chain of command, so they know if they traffic in people we will find you and you will be subject to arrest and sent to the Court of Human Rights for mass murder. At the same we need to be setting up secure, well provisioned safe havens that are administered by the UN, WHO (World Health Organisation) and disaster release agencies, guarded by international forces so these people are safe and taken care of until they can be relocated or returned to their own homes. If this is not safe to do so then there needs to be a fair sharing of the people around the UN Countries, but keep them safe and alive is the first priority, so they know where to head for rather than risking their lives with these parasitic smugglers of humans. But at the present places like Italy and Greece are taking the brunt of these refugees, these poor desperate migrants that need housing, food, water, medical and healthcare, infrastructure, and a plan of how to help these people. Most of this is still lacking to be honest; as per usual the EU and the UN are playing catch-up505452-89b1a87a-de73-11e4-bde2-90f29debd666

What should really worry the EU is the flirting that is going on between the Greek Premier and Putin of Russia, who is supporting the stance Greece is taking, well he would wouldn’t he! Let’s face it, if Russia can split off a Mediterranean country away from Europe and secure a Mediterranean base of operations for Russia’s considerable forces, especially led by a Government with the same socialist DNA that Russia gave birth to, then I am pretty sure Putin will. Could we see shortly a defaulting Greece removed from the Euro and then supported by the Roble? There is so much up in the air at the moment anything is possible and when the Greek PM was on stage with Putin addressing a Moscow audience, let’s just say they looked very cosy together. Perhaps the EU should be a little more conciliatory and supportive of the new direction Greece wants to go in? cartoon%20greece%20ruins

Yours most sincerely

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