Another Five Years of Hell! Week 4: Death of a Statesman.




Another Five Years of Hell!

Week Four

Charles Kennedy announces that he is resigning as Liberal Democrat leader, two days after admitting a drink problem, Saturday 7 January 2006, at Liberal Democrat Headquarters in London. See PA story POLITICS Kennedy. PRESS ASSOCIATION PHOTO. Picture credit should read: Fiona Hanson/PA

(And the academy award for a train wreck of an interview goes to the Minister for Education – Morgan MP!)

4 of 260 Weeks Gove-Morgan-Pugh_2975102b

I start week four with a smile on my fury face and with a cautionary tale to tell to anyone going on TV or any other live media format, and when the person is an experienced Minister morph2of State you better know your numbers and facts. Alternatively you could just say, “I don’t know the number but I will find out and get back to you.” You may get an interviewer replying by saying well you should know the number, but the interviewer will have no choice but to move on. Alternatively you could speak for so long answering the question with irrelevancy that time has run out. What you don’t do is what a Minister for the Department of Education (the Honourable Morgan MP) did, which was the equivalent of watching a train wreck happen in slow motion. It was painful to watch but glorious to see these Tory b***sh*****s be asked a simple question and not know the answer. This idiot of an MP and Minister (god the standard of Ministers is CGlTV5vU8AAa2Ygdropping even by Tory standards) was trying to put across the Tory privatisation of schools policy, which they call Academies, stating that 1,000 failing schools would be made into Academies. That’s right 1,000 schools will be placed in private hands and no matter what this Government say all the indicators are that is costs the state far more money wise, but privatisation always does and you don’t get better services. What you do get is better cost effective operations so the provider (the private company) maximises the profits, and in educational terms this means the Local Authority get all the hard kids to educate, the ones with learning difficulties, behavioural problems, etc., and the Academy take the cream of the local youth ‘excluding’ those that effect attendance, or exam results, i.e. MONEY! Rural-Energy-1-MIFM-Apr15-620x330

There are some really good Academies out their but the majority are focussed only on making shareholders money. So as tis moron of a Minister was announcing another bonanza for the private sector, based on a 1000 state school that are failing under Local Authority control, the interviewer simply asked, “How many Academies are failing according to OFSTED regulators?”. The Minister stuttered and tried to keep on track about the 1000 new Academies but the question was asked again, and then again, and then again, and yet again, By this time I wasn’t sure the Minister was even talking English as she was so garbled, and yet she continued to splurt out utter nonsense rather than just saying, “sorry I don’t know, I’ll find out”. By the time this may have occurred to her, the interviewer was having great fun, but  all good things come to an end and eventually they interview said that they had run out of time and “I guess we won’t get to know how many academies are failing then.”, with a cheeky smile on his face. It was entertaining! charles-kennedy

Of course this week heralded the awful news that Charles Kennedyslide_340142_3495623_free had died suddenly at home, leaving a bereft 10 year old son. It was not a hidden secret that he was an alcoholic and had struggled to deal with this awful disease for a number of years. Even though he was a previous leader of the Lib Dems I guess I remember him most because he was, at the time, the youngest person to become and MP, and when he was Leader of the Lib Dems he fought with real integrity against the war in Iraq in 2003. He campaigned with heart that this was a war that Blair and Bush wanted and they were fabricating the justification that there were “Weapons of mass destruction” that the dictator in Iraq was threatening the ‘West’ with. Kennedy campaigned in and stop-the-warout of Parliament that this was nonsense and no one in their right mind would threaten the USA & Europe (mostly the UK) and there was no evidence at all of weapons of mass destruction. Was this a brutal dictator in charge of Iraq, yes it was and he killed any and all opposition to his dynasty (by the way it was the CIA that funded his takeover of Iraq to secure the oil flowing to America, only Saddam thought he could rule the entire region). So Kennedy stuck his head above the parapet and went against the vast majority of MPs saying the war was wrong, immoral and destabilise the entire region. He was so right, there were no “weapons of mass destruction” found, the region descended into chaos through a movement called the Arab Spring, and there were more people killed during the invasion of Iraq than ever were killed by Saddam. untitled

This illegal war opened the door for us to enter with the Americans over a decade of war in Afghanistan and the entire region is still at war with the emergence of ISIS. The whole Middle East fell into war country by country, like dominoes falling in a cascade, all stemming back to the invasion and overthrow of Iraq in 2003. But more recently Kennedy CGe0xj3WcAAMZFWwarned the Lib Dems against forming a Coalition with the Tories in 2010, stating it would destroy the Lib Dems and warning that to move away from the Left of Centre was a tactical error. Again he was proved right and the Lib Dems were decimated as we all know, just 4 weeks ago. It also result in Kennedy losing his seat as well, in just a few years the Lib Dems had gone from a high of 61 MPs built up under Kennedy to the current 8 under Clegg, who subsequently resigned as leader. Clegg was proved to be a liar breaking pre-election promises; a facilitator for the Tories on their ceaseless attack on the disabled and disadvantaged, and betrayed every core value of the once mediating Lib Dems. I am sure Kennedy would have wept to see what they had become. We will never know what Kennedy would have added to his achievements, he was seen as a great statesman that all sides of the House respected, and he would have definitely been offered a peerage after losing his seat thanks to Clegg. Who knows what he would have gone on to achieve but whatever the possibilities that were lost because of his death the only certainty is the country is a poorer place because of his loss.

 There were a few other occurrences to note in this week where CGzfuO6WwAI2ykMour Government of abusers got into their stride:

1. Disturbingly I saw that BBC Panorama had attacked Nicola Sturgeon and, by default, all those that had supported her and the SNP to a once in a lifetime victory. The BBC labelled her as the most dangerous woman in the UK and only achieved to show once again how they were the mouth piece of the Tories, being held to ransom over the Licence Fees yet again. So the BBC have lost all independence, all journalistic credibility, leaving them nothing more than a media outlet for the Tories and their perverse policies;

2. Alton Towers tried to prove that the key foundations of physics and relativity were wrong, attempting to get two objects to occupy the same space at the same time, namely two roller-coaster trains on their ride called the Smiler (the irony of the name not being lost on any of the reporters). One chance in thirty two million happened and two coasters were on the same track at the same time, one being stopped and the other running at full speed and full of people. Most received some injuries and four were reported as having “life changing injuries to their legs”. Our hopes for a speedy recovery go out to them all and thank goodness no one was killed, it was a miracle for sure. They suspect their computer programme didn’t work as it should have done – You Think! – well that mistake is going to cost you millions in compensation and rightly so;


3. SNP made a stinging attack on the other parties for not taking the seriously security concerns of the nuclear submarine base in Scotland, a Navy whistle-blower had raised such concerns to the media. The debate in Parliament was so poorly attended other than by the SNP, it really was shameful of the other parties. These are issues relating to the security of the submarine nuclear weapons that no one wants, and on which they are going to spend a hundred billion, whilst in the same breathe cutting social care and welfare twelve billion. On the one side care of people and on the other nukes, mmmmm difficult choice – NOT!!!!!!!!!!


For me the worst thing, the thing that made meCGoichjW0AAJCw5 choke on my morning cup of tea, was to hear Cameron saying there needed to be full investigation into corruption. He was referring to the goings on in FIFA and the sudden stepping down of Blatter but this is the guy that leads a party bought and paid for by private business. A Party that is privatising the nation’s assets, the level and like of which has never been seen before. There is no way that these deals are being done without someone getting a knighthood here a peerage there, the word Tory is Latin for “back stabbing, corrupt and inept shysters” that would sell their own children if it made them a profit. They have overseen, or should that be turned a blind eye to, the most hideous periods of tax evasion ever seen, with some figures estimating we as a country are losing one hundred and twenty billion pounds a year. I think we can see how genuine these Tory charlatans are about the war on corruption is, to tackle the hundred and twenty billion each year avoided by big corporations there are about 300 HMRC staff. However, to nab one point two billion pounds of benefit fraudsters, much less than one day of the welfare budget, there are over 3,000 DWP staff working on it. Seems a little strange to me! ! ! ! ! ! One day the Tories will be held to account for their corruption and wrong doing and I hope I am in the front row to see the axe come down on them, as they are financially perverse and brutal form a morality stance. CGfEWxKWcAA_8kl


Yours most sincerely Blog 4

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