Another Five Years of Hell! Week Three :(

Another Five Years of Hell!

Week Three 😦 FIFA # (3)

(The EU becomes centre stage & FIFA’s own goal!)

3 of 260 Weeks Austerity # (9)

LIBOR, the interest rate that is fixed daily relating to buying and selling currency, raised its head again as the alleged Ringmaster’s trial began, apparently exceptionally bright, yet stupid enough to text and brag about what they were doing – go figure? Perhaps money made them feel they were untouchable, a bit like the Tory backers. It was a timely reminder of the arrogance of the financial sector, this group who demonstrated the banking culture so well:

  1. Extremely bright;
  2. Greed focussed;
  3. Make as much money as you can even if it is illegal;
  4. As long as you don’t get caught;
  5. Either way pay your people huge bonuses;
  6. Even if their bank loses money; LIBOR # (1)

Let’s not forget, just because a few people orchestrated this illegal fleecing of the financial markets motivated by greed, that the banks & financial institutions they worked for also benefited. Whilst individuals may be called to account you don’t see the institutions returning the money their employees obtained by LIBOR # (2)alleged but obvious fraud. It reminds me of the Thatcher era with Harry Enfield’s “Loads of Money!” but it isn’t that this behaviour has once again risen from the 1980’s ashes, it never went away! As many will recall it is scandal after scandal but has now exploded under the Tories. I do openly accept that this has not been helped by a decade of lack of financial oversight or willingness to take the banks on under Labour. However, under Cameron and Osborn the veracious greed of financial services, the financial equivalent of hedonism and debauchery has found a home, as they have bought themselves a Government. This is their Government, the Tories with only 37% of the votes, a Government that throws prime cuts of state owned organisations to feed the gorging and insatiable private sector demand (backed by the financial sector). The Post Office swallowed whole, billions of pounds worth of contracts taken from the NHS, probation, GP provision, prisons, court escort services, parking ambulance services, etc., etc, all heading for total private financial sector ownership. What was once owned by us all will soon be owned by the few in order to exploit the many! ! ! ! All is for sale under the Tory perverse philosophy of allowing the rich to flourish whilst the poor use food banks. The only people to benefit from these changes are the narcissistic Tories and the financial sector wolves at our doors. Austerity # (7)

This is the real crime, it’s not the value of what is being lost from the assets we all own under state ownership (and pay into via National Insurance and other Taxation), it is that all sense of a fair society, of the needs of the people being put before the needs of corporations is lost. Sickness, illness, poor health, Austerity # (8)poor social circumstances is no longer about the individuals and families, it is now about the value to the private provider, misfortunate has been commercialised and it disgusts me. Yes the essence of equality and fairness has been killed and is starting to rot, equality has been lost and we are only in week three. We see the truth behind the Tories, that austerity is a phrase used to penalise the poor, allowing to poverty run rampant in this rich country of ours. Equality has been slaughtered on the altar of rich and poor! Whilst the food banks feed the poor by the million, the miniscule minority eat Caviar decorated with gold leaf; have diamond studded mobile phones; designer clothes for babies; drink Champaign as the poor drink water; ride in private jets whilst the poor have holes in their charity shop shoes; have opulence beyond the imagination of the masses because we are the Plebs the rich look down on. Opulence # (3)

Nothing highlighted the death of equality more, and chasm that has grown between the people and the ruling rich elite, than the State Opening of Parliament and the Queen’s Speech. There were Lords and Baronesses dripping in Ermine, MPs with Savile Row Suits and shoes that would take someone on minimum Opulence # (4)wage months to afford (as long as they didn’t want to eat or heat their home). It was utterly obscene that they had the nerve to talk about austerity whilst decked out in the fineries of their Lordships’ office that the Tax Payer bought, and yet they did not have a clue what it was actually like on the receiving end of Tory policies, whose only mission is to make the majority of people’s lives a bloody misery whilst the minority rich thrive! Getting rid of these massively expensive farces such as the Queen’s Speech, and let’s face it the House of Lords in its entirety could go, saving millions of pounds and no one would notice! And before anyone mentions you need the ultra-rich because of the ‘trickle-down effect’, the only thing that trickles down from rich to poor is the urine as they urinate on us from a high! Yes we need corporate owners but create jobs but we also need them to pay their fair share of bloody taxes and to pay a living wage, curbing the abuse of zero hours contracts!

 There were a few proposals in the Queens Speech that were worth mention:

  1. Yes that old favourite the Snoopers Charter is back, effectively destroying any right to privacy, unless of course you have enough money to afford solicitors to ring fence those things you want to hide. Never fear you don’t have to hide the billions we lose every year in tax evasion, as they would rather spend millionsOpulence # (2) going after the few that cheat to gain benefits;.
  2. The “right to buy” your own home was extended, another blast from the Tory past, allowing people who have rented Housing Association properties (the only large suppliers of social housing thanks to Thatcher) to buy the property after three years. Under the Government scheme they would be entitled to up to a 70% discount, sounds fab doesn’t it. However, the Tories are going to make Housing Associations sell at a massive discount and then force them to replace the properties like for like, which will ultimately loose them money. It’s just crazy, the social housing stock was decimated under Thatcher and has taken 3 decades to recover under Housing Associations, and there is still in some places a 10 year waiting list, and now it is going to be decimated again by the blood sucking Tory ingrates AGAIN! Social housing needs a long term strategy nationally, not a Tory grab for Labour voters;
  3. What is now being called the ‘Scottish Bill’ was proposed, this being removing any chance of Labour getting a working majority in the foreseeable future, as only English MPs will vote on English matters, Scottish on Scottish matters and so on. We have to remember that the Tory stronghold is England and is practically non-existent in the other three countries of the United Kingdom. Isn’t it funny how it’s called the United Kingdom when in reality we are far from ‘united’, and 3Austerity # (4) of the 4 countries are passionately anti Tory Government (or should that be Tory abuse);
  4. There was also the pledge to bring a referendum on membership of the EU in 2017 (nice of them to actually keep a promise). This sounded the starting gun for Cameron to rush round Europe meeting his peers, trying to convince them to get behind the reforms he wanted, using statements such as “The EU must change to meet the needs of the UK”. What utter arrogance and he wondered why the French were frosty and the Polish were public in their annoyance. What Cameron wants is to go back to the UK and say he has made progress on and has agreement on reforms relating to EU citizens claiming benefits in the UK; on open borders to EU citizens; on the rebate we get and a whole host of other issues. He has no hope of getting agreement on such matters. Cameron thinks he is in a win, win situation, if they don’t reform as he wants then he can come back and go “well I tried and they won’t budge these stubborn Federalists of the EU, so let’s leave.” If he does get reform (which he simply won’t) he can say “look how wonderful I am, I tamed the world’s largest bureaucracy.” Either way he wins and at the same time destroys any remnants of UKIP that may be lingering like a bad smell, probably winning back any Tory voters that defected to the Fascist Party;

NHS # (1) So whilst the Tories were living it up and gallivanting round the EU, FIFA imploded with the American’s and the Swiss making several arrests for corruption. Rumours had been rumbling for years about FIFA and the president Sepp Blatter. Is it me or does his name sound like a character out of Star Wars or FIFA # (8)The Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy? So yes the FBI launched their investigation with the usual media show and sound bite, all the flare of a 1970’s disco dancer and the same complete lack of subtlety. Immediately the Europe and North American elements of FIFA went on the attack, because this was timed perfectly as it coincided with Blatter being up for re-election at the FIFA Conference. It looked like these arrests and investigations by the FBI would finally unseat Blatty after 20 years at the top. It just goes to show how out of touch with the rest of the world we are (by ‘we’ I mean North America and Europe), as all the majority of Counties within FIFA (over 200 of them) voted for him and he was duly elected for another term. It was Blatter that forged the voting system to equal out the power within FIFA so one country had one vote, as opposed to a system where the number of votes dependent on population or a country’s wealth. Therefor the smallest of island countries, or the poorest countries, had the same power and influence as the largest and the richest, pretty good really and Blatter was the architect of this structure. Is Batty corrupt, perhaps, does FIFA have corrupt officials definitely, but let’s not forget what has also been achieved, the positives achieved by FIFA? FIFA # (6)

For me there was a disturbing development that stood out from this FIFA corruption train wreck that was happening before our eyes, thanks to the media feeding frenzy. It occurred as Blatter went on the offensive against all those that sort to unseat him and he was (and is) out for blood FIFA # (7)working on the theory I am sure that the best defence is to attack. The element that got my attention and in equal measure received my annoyance, was Prince William’s input into this media feeding melee, who suggested (in his capacity as the FA’s President with his vast experience of all things football!) that the sponsors of the next World Cup in Russia (2018) and the 2022 World Cup in Qatar should really reconsider their patronage. The football expert Prince pointed out that such corruption was endemic in FIFA football and there needed to be a complete change of management and structure. Sounds spot on when you consider the billions of pounds spent and the rumours that Russia and especially Qatar may have ‘bought’ the votes that gave them the right to host the World Cup. But the Prince of football wasn’t concerned with and didn’t mention the fact that so far the workers building the stadiums in Qatar, in intolerable conditions, have been dying in there thousands. FIFA # (4)

FIFA # (2)

The deaths on the desert building sites have escalated, especially when you consider that building all the 2012 London Olympic facilities across the country only result in one death. These workers, many of who have been shipped in from India and other poorer countries, are claiming they are treated as slaves, FIFA # (1)with no health and safety to support them, not enough food or water in the extreme harshness of the desert. Manual labour, near slave labour in the burning desert heat kills by the hundreds each month, with the level of industrial accidents being ignored and under reported, as there is no worker representation. Nor did the Prince mention that the human rights record in Qatar being pretty shocking and absolutely unacceptable. He didn’t even mention that Qatar holding the World Cup in the height of their summer would mean it being near unbearable to play the silly game, the same weather that many of the workers have succumbed to. Instead our Prince decided to speak out about FIFA fraud and urging the multi-billion pound corporate sponsors to disassociate themselves from such corruption! Slave labour deaths are fine but corruption is not. Your own people in the depths of Government imposed brutal poverty and using food banks by the millions is not worth mentioning but let’s not have football being abused financially. Not a word on corporate greed, the targeting of disabled, the abuse of your own people William, the death of equality and the NHS. Instead feel free to make public comment about football. I am unfortunately old enough to remember William’s Father famously outraged by the standard of architecture whilst the Miners fort for their livelihoods against Thatcher’s tyranny. William’s comments seem equally as absurd! CGVP2q-XIAAp96k

Absolutely shameful! Don’t misunderstand my statements as I think that the corruption in football is totally obscene but for all the things for the future King of England could speak out against, this was totally moronic and misguided. There are people in the future King’s kingdom that are starving, dying of cold, sleeping rough, etc, Austerity # (3)all thanks to a Government thinks bringing back Fox Hunting will be a “jolly little jape”!!!!!!!!!!!!! And what of Labour as the media binged on Blatter? Well they were more concerned with putting a complaint into the Speaker of the House of Commons regarding where the SNP kept sitting. There was of course the leadership candidates doing the rounds of media outlets and I reached a stage where I was struggling to tell them apart from each other or apart from the Tories. There is a groundswell of opinion that Labour needs to get back to its socialist roots, back to the principles of being the party that represents the working class, the poor, the homeless, the disadvantaged, the disabled and all those need our compassion and not our criticism for needing state support. A Labour party that needs to stop trying to win the middle ground and gets serious about being Left! Have they not learnt yet that by trying to appease the undecided middle and right of middle voters just makes Labour look a definite shade of Tory Blue? The consequence is that they end up hacking off the political Left, Middle and Right voters. What follows from trying to command a middle ground, you get shot from all sides and you end up with a massive wreck on the political landscape that happened to Labour in the 2015 General Election! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !  It was an utter shipwreck and Labour was sunk.

Austerity # (2)

But there was one monumentally wonderful event that I just have to mention, as it lifted my mood and made me think that not all politics is a complete waste of time. I was so pleased that a Country once dominated by the Catholic Religion and an anti-gay message they push out from their pulpits, decided to vote based on fairness, equality and humanity! The people voted in favour of equality and marriage for same sex couples. Yes for the first time anywhere in the world this question of equality was put to the people directly and the people said same sex marriage would have the same legal rights as heterosexual married couples. Ireland you did absolutely the right thing and should be bloody proud of yourself, it was a wonderful turn of events, showing that as a Country you have moved into a new phase. You have shown the world that you are no longer dictated to and influence by a religion that has shown itself to be fundamentally flawed (not in its message but in terms of those executing the message!). Well done Ireland, well done, you have shouted to the world you are positive about equality regardless of sexual orientation. Austerity # (5)

Yours most sincerely Blog 4

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