Another Five Years of Hell! Week Two

Another Five Years of Hell!

Week Two

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(The bitterness of what 37% have done)

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The second week in Government of their second term in office saw Cameron go to Scotland to have a meeting with the First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon. The press release concerned itself with Cameron effectively going to Scotland to congratulate the SNP for their total victory north of Hadrian’s Wall, but to also make it crystal clear that independenceBlog 002 for Alba was not on the Tory agenda. Furthermore, it was suggested that to keep the Sturgeon quiet and onside he was prepared to devolve the powers he had promised on several occasions, giving Scotland every greater autonomy but no quite setting them free. Cameron was not doing this out of the kindness of his heart, partially because he doesn’t have one, but also he wanted to finish Labour for a generation and break up any chance of SNP combining with Labour in the future and giving the Tory tyrants a hard time. The method was simple and was discussed prior to the General Election, Scotland can vote with the UK on issues affecting the UK as a whole, but issues affecting England are for only English MPs to vote on; the same applying to Scottish issues only being decided by Scottish MPs. If you apply this to each of the Countries making up the UK then the Tories will strip any opposition back and leave Labour unable to mount any challenge for some years to come. Once such a law is passed it will be near impossible to undo as no one, for example, in Scotland would give up such autonomy, therefore reversing this significant change in the future is almost certainly not going to happen. Blog 003

The Tories have it all their own way for sure and it is going to take a huge movement of public opinion to unseat them from controlling England and the UK in the future. They were self-serving before they got a majority and now they are exuding smugness, emanating confidence in their Parliamentary majority and they are going to make the most of it. As Nicola and her MPs from Scotland arrived to storm Westminster, Cameron went on the attack, and guess what was first in his sights? Cameron implemented classic Tory strategyBlog 005 and started saying loudly that the NHS should be a seven day a week service, i.e. they should be operating the same at the weekend as they do during the week, this applying to GP, Surgeons, Out-Patients Departments, Community Services, etc., etc. You see the strategy is that:

  1. The Tories bang on about how bad something is, how much a service is not doing, running the staff down from a moral perspective;
  2. Government Agencies barrage the public with negative views of the Tory target;
  3. Funding becomes restricted, yet all the time the Tories will say how much they are investing in the organisation, yet each sector of the organisation starts developing huge deficits, which are then widely publicised by a willing media (let’s not forget negative news is so positive for media ratings and sales);
  4. Performance drops through the floor, with staff leaving in droves, proving the that the service or organisation can’t cope, because now it really can’t cope;

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But the public need not worry as the Tories will come to the rescue and suddenly the private sector becomes the savour, picking up the ball the state organisation has been forced to drop by Tory Policy. Yet all the time if the Tories invested in the organisation and gave it the same money that now flows to the private sector, well let’s just say all would be well. Yes this is what Cameron and his Ministers of mayhem started in their last term in office, but now there is nothing stopping them. Blog 007

The NHS has already been condemned by the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman just a day or two after the Prime Minister’s comments about all things NHS operating a seven day a week service. Immediately Unions within the NHS condemned the PM’s comments as unhelpful at best and deliberately provocative, as the money promised to the NHS was not enough to maintain services at their current rate. To suggest the service could expand on all fronts to meetBlog 004 the PM’s requirements was the rantings of someone who has an agenda that he is trying to hide. It was estimated by the Family Doctors Association, the British Medical Association and the Royal College of General Practitioners that currently there are not enough GP’s and that vacancies are not attracting Doctors due to the perceived high workloads and significant stress associated with GP Practice. It was estimated that to go to a GP 7 day a week service would require between 7,000 and 9,000 more GPs, a figure for which there unattainable and unfunded, there aren’t the University places available for such an increase. Even if the PM gave the Universities and the NHS the money to fill all the GP places that were needed, it would still take 7 to 10 years for them to feed through. You would need to double the estimated numbers if you wanted the hospitals and community services to operate at full 7 day a week tempo, and that is about the same number of additional nurses that would be needed. Then you have to add in the additional Nursing Assistants, Porters, X-Ray & Imaging Technicians, etc., etc., and this is just the staffing costs what about all the additional consumables that would be needed. stream_img_edited-1

The whole concept is absolutely possible to implement but this would take many years and adding in additional £billions to both the NHS and educational systems to provide the people needed. But this is not what it is about; it is not about providing a seven day a week service to make people’s lives better or for some other altruistic reason – no not at all. Actually the opposite applies, it is for self-serving reasons that this is being pushed as an issue and the NHS is going to be run down, as the Tories push health services towards the private sector, remembering that the same money could be given to the NHS. I wonder how many Tory Peers, Ministers and MPs have positions within private healthcare sector, which means it would be in their financial interests togl15 have the NHS fail and private healthcare take over. Well we know the answer to that, we have already heard prior to the election about influential MPs using their position for personal financial gains, Dispatches and Panorama both have done exposés on this very subject. Buying an MP and their influence has never gone away and this is at the heart of the attack now focussing on the NHS and the determination to have the private sector step in. It’s really quite shameful when you stop and unpick the strategy, some of these people that are sent to Parliament to represent us, who attain influence and power within the corridors of Westminster, then use this power for their own personal gains, destroying one of the most wonderful and caring systems that has been put in place with two significant but simple aims:

  1. Make support, care and healthcare free at the point of access;
  2. That the healthcare system treats all people equally;

Yes this is the values and the principles of humanity that were put in place by Bevan and Attlee – OUR Welfare State and OUR NHS! Blog  (5)

We shouldn’t be surprised at this selfishness, this self-serving attitude these Tories have that they are entitled to abuse their position for their own aims. After all this is the same bunch of beggers that think it is OK to spend a £100 billion on Trident and yet starve the NHS of money whilst feeding funds to their paymasters who own huge private sector organisations, as well as owning MPs and their influence. But the Tory lack of humanity and decency goes further, much further; they actually want to repeal the Human Rights Act! The Human Rights Act 1998 links the UK and binds the UK into the protections we signed up to in the Blog  (6)European Convention on Human Rights. We were instrumental in the formation of the Convention of Human Rights and the Human Rights Act means individuals can use these rights to demand fair and equal treatment to every other person in Europe. It enshrines fundamental rights that everyone has and is simply a milestone in the history of mankind, which directly descends from the work of Unions to protect workers at the turn of the 20th Century and the work of Bevan and Attlee. The Act sets out the fundamental rights and freedoms that individuals in the UK have access to. They include:

  1. Right to life
  2. Freedom from torture and inhuman or degrading treatment
  3. Right to liberty and security
  4. Freedom from slavery and forced labour
  5. Right to a fair trial
  6. No punishment without law
  7. Respect for your private and family life, home and correspondence
  8. Freedom of thought, belief and religion
  9. Freedom of expression
  10. Freedom of assembly and association
  11. Right to marry and start a family
  12. Protection from discrimination in respect of these rights and freedoms
  13. Right to peaceful enjoyment of your property
  14. Right to education
  15. Right to participate in free elections Blog  (1)

What does it say about the Tories that they want to repeal such a marvellous achievement for Europe to enshrine a set of human rights? What does it say about the morality of the Tories that they wish to disconnect from the European Convention on Human Rights? If they do this there will be no rights for UK residents enshrined in law,40508_HUMAN_RIGHTS image what the Tories will do when the vulnerable in our society have no protection, no recourse in UK or EU law? Look at what they have done to the poor, the disabled, the homeless, those needing benefits, courts in secret, people held without trial, effectively the introduction of slavery in the form of Work Fare, and this is while we have the Human Rights Act! Now think about the nightmare scenario of what these Tories will do without the Act protecting us? It will be all out war on anyone who is not in their privileged strata and beyond anything we have seen to date from these narcissistic, selfish, self-serving, expense abusing, power abusing, egotistical, political animals! Let’s face it the Tory Government haven’t exactly won awards for being advocates of social welfare and equality! They are smeared with the blood and the misery they have caused. They are well deserving of the heavy placard round their necks that screams out ‘Tyrant’, with a deserved reputation of making sure the rich get richer at the expense of the 63% that did not vote for these abusers of privilege. Blog  (2)

This isn’t just a five year fight against the Tories; this is a five year fight to save OUR NHS, to save OUR Welfare State, to save OUR Human Rights, to protect OUR vulnerable and, equally important, to save OUR humanity as a nation. What does it say about us as a nation that our representatives want to spend a £100 billion on nuclear weapons that are not needed and will NEVER be used? Yet in their complete insanity and in the spirit of their previously proven sadism, these Tories want to reduce the Welfare bill by £8 billion, which they (& we) know will directly result in the suffering of those whom require and have a RIGHT to our help, our compassion, our empathy, our munificence, our benevolence! Are we really going to let the brutality of Torism poison our minds, perverse our principles of Welfare that have existed for over 60 years and bring a new era of brutality to roll across the UK for the next five years? Blog  (2)


Yours most sincerely

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