Another Five Years of Hell! (Week 1)

Another Five Years of Hell!

Blog 12

Week One

(The despair & sadness)

Government Formed 8th May 2015 Blog 3

The results of the 2015 General Election unfolded like a black cloud covering England, I could not believe what I was seeing, a complete opposite to what was happening in Scotland. Scotland’s people reached out to the SNP and said represent us, deliver your promises of a better society, a better Scotland, a Government of the people FOR THE PEOPLE. Scottish Labour were wiped out, with the SNP winning all but 3 of Scotland’s 59 seats. Proportionally the biggest win ever in Scottish & Westminster politics, taking a whopping, eye watering 95% of the seats. The genuine and charismatic leader of the SNP (and the First Minister of Scotland) Nicola Sturgeon, lead the revolt against all that was/is Westminster, even having the youngest MP since the 17th Century (being 20 years old) winning a seat. Mhairi Black won a decisive victory in a previously sure bet Scottish Lib Dem seat, unseating Douglas Alexander who was a key MP and Minister in the Coalition of 2010 to 2015. Crucially I noted that Nicola Sturgeon was working class, went to a comprehensive and was not part of Eton, rich, politically elite class who feel they are entitled to rule. The same bloodlines who would have relished in an empire, hunted in India and crucially believed the people were there to serve them.


Although my heart sang sweetly at this news of an SNP avalanche across Scotland, this was not the case in the rest of the UK. Those dark clouds had spread across the land, but there was also a clear message with this gloom, Pollsters, those that predict election results, thoBlog 9se that said since January 2015 that said with consistent certainty that there would be another Coalition. Many of these Pollsters were adamant that:

  1. The Coalition would be between Labour and SNP;
  2. There would be a minority Government of Labour, SNP & Green MPs;
  3. There would be significant gains for UKIP & the Green Party;
  4. Lib Dems would remain the 3rd main political party of the UK;
  5. UKIP could win enough seats to form a coalition with their not so Nazi right wing Tories;

All wrong, wrong, wrong! We would have been better off listening to a crystal ball reading; perhaps even tarot card would’ve been more accurate, even a Water-Diviner would have had a chance at being more accurate. So let’s go forward with the premise that these highly paid, highly educated Pollsters and the predictions they put forward are simply rubbish. Let’s not take seriously anymore these masters of making flimsy guess work seem ironclad certainty; they are manipulators of public opinion with no foundation in truth, very much like Tories. Blog 11As the SNP were propelled into an overwhelming command in Scotland, the blasted Tories were propelled to an overall majority by the collapse of Lib Dem and Labour support across several seats, enough to give these Tory blue mad dogs another 5 years. Wasn’t their record in the first five years enough:Blog 6

  1. The death of thousands of disabled;
  2. An eye watering record of a million people a year using food-banks;
  3. Charging the poorest for having an empty room enough;
  4. Privatisation of the NHS;
  5. Starving Councils of money for Social Care;
  6. The death of equality with the rich being facilitated by the Coalition to rape our nation’s assets as their ancestors had done in India, Burma, North America, Africa, West Indies, etc;

They even reintroduced slavery to the UK, with a scheme called Work-Fair, (Social Media aka work-farce), which is code for working full time for nothing. If you didn’t you were punished with ‘sanctions’, which was code for stopping your benefits for any minor reason at all, driving people to food banks. Yes the Coalition, even in the midst of the worst worldwide recession for nearly 100 years managed successfully to make food-banks a growth industry – gee thanks.

 It seems that the English want another 5 years of this and much worse, the blue bastards even campaigned on the cuts they would make, deeper than before, a tsunami of destructiveness, a wrecking ball to our welfare state and NHS. Yet you don’t need a Pollster’s crystal ball to know this is going to make the Eton few even richer.

 I was so jealous of Scotland and think there needs to be some good old fashioned English Socialism going on, a socialism in which Labour being led by Eton rich boys could never happen. How could Blog 10anyone vote for a Labour Government that was just a less well defined, less eloquent form of Conservatism. They didn’t just lose the support of the Left, they even managed to lose the middle ground too. If you ask any Labour supported they just want a Party that is based on the principles outline by Bevan and Attlee. The Tories are going to destroy our welfare state, our jewel of an NHS and make them and their mates richer at the same time. Labour’s failure means thousands more disabled will die at the hand of vicious Tory policies, tens of thousands of elderly and poor will die each winter from cold related issues, and the crucifixion of people on benefits will continue at the hands of the Tory Minister who is the equivalent of a Nazi SS Commander implementing the ‘Final Solution’ for those not working.

But how has this happened, how did people vote to form our 56th Government:

  1. There was a turnout of 66% of the UK electorate;
  2. In Scotland alone the turnout was 71% and SNP won with 50% of the vote;
  3. In Scotland there was one seat where the turnout was 80%;Blog 8
  4. SNP won over 50% of the votes cast in nearly every seat;
  5. Tories gained 36.9% of the votes cast (over 11 million) = 331 seats;
  6. Labour gained 30.4% of the votes (Over 9 million) = 232 seats;
  7. Lib Dems gained 7.9% of the votes (over 2 million) = 8 seats;
  8. SNP gained 4.7% of the votes (nearly 1.5 million) = 56 seats;

Surprisingly compared to the 2010 election:

  1. Tories only increased their % of the vote by 0.8% = a gain of 26 seats in England;
  2. Labour actually increased their % by 1.4% and lost 24 seats in England!!!!!
  3. Lib Dem decreased by 15.1% and lost 24 seats (these were won by Tories);
  4. SNP increase their % by 3% and gained 50 seats in Scotland from all 3 main parties, especially Labour;
  5. The blood-letting and the infighting started as soon as the results were clear:

PartyBUT, and this is a crucial BUT, the majority of the people did not give these blue beggers a majority, in fact the vast majority of people did not vote Tory, they only gained 37% of the vote, 63% rejected them and their murderous ways. Yet Cameron and his Storm-Troopers will see this as a mandate to do what he wants, and now there is no real opposition at all in Parliament. The future looks bleak for the next five years as these blue bastards spend £100 billion on nuclear weapons, £60 billion on HS2 & 3, yet destroy our welfare state with £11 billion in cuts. These cuts will destroy any vestige of care and compassion that was left, I can her the despair of hundreds of thousands of people who will be made to suffer.

Blog 2

The map of the UK is frightening, a sea of blue across England, with Greater Manchester, Liverpool, West Midlands, slivers of North and South Wales, Cumbria, Tyne & Wear and sections of London remaining Labour, surrounded by Torism. It’s frightening! I sincerely believe that Labour stepped so far away from socialisBlog 4m that they just became another party led by another rich boy. They didn’t just lose their way, they lost the bloody plot completely – Red Tories and the people rejected it on mass. Even though Labour increased their share of the votes, they couldn’t command enough of the fleeing Lib Dem votes. Nearly all the crucial vote went ‘Blue’ and Labour went bust! Labour could convince people they were a safe pair of hands and when this happens there is only one outcome.

  1. First Clegg resigned as he realised the damage he had done to the Lib Dems was fatal, the price for whoring your morality and your values for a whiff of power;
  2. The it was Miliband that fell on his knife as he accept what we all knew, no one could see him as Prime Minister, the wrong Miliband echoed loudly. Perhaps the realisation that he had lost Scotland after all, paying the price for siding with Tories over Scottish independence;
  3. Nigel Farage resigned as he had promised to as UKIP lost 50% of its seats, going from 2 to 1, how embarrassing for Nigel;

Farage 1

Then came Labour destroying itself internally as usual, farage 11showing the worst they could be, claim, counter claim, allegation, recrimination, knives dripping with rich, luscious, political, ruby red blood as they were thrust deep into backs. Labour showing a level of disunity that there next leader will pay the price for when opposite Cameron at the Dispatch Box. This ran parallel to UKIP ‘refusing’ to accept Nigel’s resignation, so he couldn’t possibly go. Yes Nigel showed he was finally a real politician by promising pre-election something he quickly u-turns on with a claim he wasn’t allowed to go. The next few weeks and months are going to be very interesting, but now SNP are the third Party of Government. But we should be looking to the future as we are now entering a very uncertain era for the UK. We are being flung towards a hugely negative period for our economy, Tories will fight Tories, their divisions will damage our country, as we struggle to stay or not in Europe as a referendum rushes towards us.

Blog 13

Yours most sincerely

The 63% Who Didn’t Vote Tory


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