Are Our Children Safe in Education?!



Are Our Children Safe in Education?!


Euan wasn’t safe! Euan

 Luke wasn’t safe! Luke

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ALL WERE AVOIDABLE: YORK’S rivers have claimed 24 lives in the past 15 years and there were 35 near misses in 2013/14, a new report has revealed.

 Help us raise money to stop these deaths:

We are raising money to find solutions to keep our children safe whilst away from home at University or other learning, education, training establishments, etc.


How many of our children must die before we parents take action to protect them. In Durham City, along just one short stretch of the river there have been three high profile drowning’s and several of our children rescued. The same has happened in York, so these are not isolated incidents.

Yes they are Students at University, yes they are adults and must take some form of responsibility but they are our children and as such we parents have a responsibility that never goes away regardless of how old they are. Our children, many of whom are away from home for the first time, the protective cocoon we as parents created for them, do what all children do when parental controls are no longer there, they do go wild. We did, we did the same in many cases, which we think entitles us to lecture our children even when they are not in seminars, with an all knowing wagging finger of experience. BUT, we didn’t listen, we didn’t tell our parents what we got up to and the same is true of our children.


Rivers are just one issue, one danger, there are so many other dangers our Student children, whether at College or University are facing with a naïve blindness that means they just don’t see the risks. These lethal dangers include: 

  1. Excess Alcohol – ‘preloading’ is a terrifying term that is in common use, yes it applies to alcohol but it might as well be preloading a gun to play Russian roulette. This is just one example of the multiple risks of alcohol, as is being drunk and falling into unguarded rivers;
  2. Violence – Alcohol is also largely responsible a huge increase in violence on our streets, in night clubs & pubs, even in Student Union bars, even my own daughter was strangled by a drunken Student in a Student Union Bar! Thousands of Students face violence ever year and we MUST REDUCE THIS;
  3. Illicit Drugs & Legal Highs – Makes you think it’s ok doesn’t it, but in reality these are untested, unregulated, mixtures of chemicals, often intended as experimental drug trials, drugs disallowed as unsafe, even drugs that were for Veterinary use only but have been proved too risky. This is the reality of the ‘legal-highs’ and those that sell them are killing 100’s of our children each year, killing our brightest, our babies. Again Russian roulette but with more chances of death is the truth;
  4. Bullying – Yes this is rife in our Universities and when our children are isolated from home, not wanting to worry us parents, bottling it all up hoping it will go away, stop, but it won’t, this is when they are at most risk. These bullies, ‘Trolls’ (what an apt name for these monsters stalking our learning environments), feed their ego off the misery they inflict on others, the power they wheeled by organising others, and I have seen personally how this can even be orchestrated by Student Union leaders!!!! These are parasites on our children and are responsible for many Student suicides each year, and I use the term ‘many’ as no-one keeps any accurate records of suicides of Students in Universities, and certainly not categorising reasons for suicides if a particular University does happen to keep such stats;

Durham RescueThe above are just some of the risks our children are dying from, literally dying, each week! Another example: Even in 2015 low quality, unsafe rental accommodation for Students still results in carbon monoxide poisoning and death!

Universities’ say that avoiding these risks are down to individual responsibility; this is just shirking responsibility for our children, whom we have entrusted to them to gain an education. This education is supposed to act as the foundation of their future careers, future lives, professionals & leaders of our UK, future parents themselves. It is not supposed to be an epitaph extolling the unmet potential and contribution of another child lost to a system that is literally enacting survival of the fittest, the most weary. BUT potential is only reached if they can survive the risks they just cannot see or appreciate, as this comes with experience, to get experience you need to be alive!

But whilst we wait for cash strapped Local Councils and Authorities to find solutions we are determined to raise money and put in place workable solutions to stop OUR children drowning when there is no need for such deaths EVER to happen.

Please support & join the fight to keep our children safe!Durham Searches 1

Yours most sincerely

Jonathan Wade

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