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Liberty and Freedom of Speech

Je Suis Charlie 858Paris%20Attack%20San%20Francisco%20Vigil

(The human outpouring of disgust and sadness has been heart breaking, tears fall down distressed faces across the world in complete solidarity with the people of France, but this has also produced real strength in the face of mindless terrorism, mindless extremism.) B6xo4_3IUAAHg3j

These acts of brutal, calculated, callous, cowardly, merciless, inhumane murders in 6Paris are not the acts generated by any religion; they are the acts of mindless morons using religious beliefs as a justification for their behaviour. Where in the Koran does it say to murder defenceless people who are just going about their normal lives? Tell me where it states in the Koran that it is acceptable to calmly walk up to an injured police officer and kill them? Where in the Koran does it say it is OK to take hostages and then to kill them? Where in the Koran does it say it’s OK to shoot and kill a jogger or a police officer? Where does it say in the Koran that it is OK to take a coffee shop full of hostages and murder some of them whilst the police try to rescue them?B6x-f8BIAAI7cy_


I don’t even think these murderers in Australia and France have evenB6xaizZIgAAzNi0 read the Koran, as they use this as an excuse, a pitiful justification but one that has no credibility at all. How many times in history has religion been used to justify pathetic and equally horrific acts of murder? Yet nearly all the religions I am aware of have at their core compassion, understanding, tolerance and, the most difficult facet of all, forgiveness. Religion cannot be allowed to be a shield that these cowards hide behind, as they believe violence is the way to convince people that it is their way or death! NO RELIGION believes this, and they are cowards as they took machine-guns to the offices of cartoonists, satirists whose weapon was the pencil and pen.B6xmg3SCcAAEA92


These cowards are simply afraid of moving forward, they want toB6xl0ztCcAAtmDy introduce a strict and pre-medieval form of Sharia Law and introduce it at any cost. This is the basis on which ISIS claims to be fighting and committing barbaric murder, slaughtering men, women, children, journalists, aid workers, health workers, and sells women into slavery in the Middle East but also by their thousand in parts of Africa. The same murderous, insane people but with a different name, insulting and smearing in blood the Islamic religion with these barbaric acts, using this beautiful religion as justification, betraying all 1.6 billion Muslims worldwide (23% of the worlds population). Let’s not forget that these same brand but differently named murderous thugs also attacked a shopping centre in Mumbai; recently massacred over 2000 unarmed men, women and children in Nigeria; 400 Christians burnt to death in another part of Nigeria; and still NONE of the 270 girls that were kidnapped by terrorists from their boarding school in Chibok have been returned, despite the world wide campaign characterised #BringBackOurGirls (it’s is thought they have been sold into slavery or used as sex & domestic slaves by their kidnappers).B6xo4GdIIAASSrZ


B6xmg7YCMAAp1QJAll of these were done in the name of religion (just a thin veneer of false justification for their mindless psychopathic tendencies) and the latest incidents in France are no different, just publicised more, seemingly higher profile being a modern and mass media country of Europe. We fought for over a decade in Afghanistan to stop this type of thug, to stop the training camps of terrorists/extremists and the tyranny they peddle with bullet and bomb, smearing the name of a beautiful religion with the blood of innocence.B6xoEJkIcAEuHSn


These sociopaths cannot adapt to modern times, so resort to violence thinking they B6xo0UHCUAAtCStcan turn back the clock with these bullets and bombs, by use of fear and terror, by making people submit with threat of torture and death, rather than persuading with their words, their passions, their beliefs, debating and winning hearts and minds. Instead they only offer cruelty and mass graves – DISGUSTING. Laws all over the world have adapted with the changing needs of the population, as of course is the will of the people these laws serve. This isn’t by any means perfect, far from it but changes to laws have brought better equality, better working conditions, better rights for women and protection for children. These murderers want to throw all this advancement away and bring in laws that were brutal when they had relevance, but which have had no relevance for a millennia and more. They want to create states across the world, all based on fear not freedom, on punishment not people’s protection, on sadism and not freedom of speech and learning for all, B6w_bICIQAAzHH7the cornerstones of ‘liberty’ that the French rightly feel these murders, these common criminals, have violated. Let’s be clear, freedom of the press, the right of Journalists to investigate and report are part of a free society, free of tyranny, not that I will agree to all that they may print. They want to create States where only approved media content is publicised, where women are deemed to be of little worth, of far less value than males on every level. Under these antiquated laws women cannot:

  1. Vote
  2. Be educated
  3. Worship with males
  4. Drive
  5. Leave the house without permission
  6. Be in public and show their face
  7. Be in public without their husband or a male relative
  8. Divorce
  9. Object to emotional or physical abuse by a spouse
  10. Be raped by their spouse
  11. Own property

B6xo4rzIcAEkbe3Under the shadow of Sharia Laws women are killed if the males in the family feel they have been dishonoured in some way. Certainly public beatings, whippings, stoning, beheadings, hangings, severing of hands, etc., are all acceptable under the strict interpretation of these laws from a bygone-age. These laws are used to justify human cruelty and abuse, the wars raging in the Middle East at the moment where ISIS say these laws justify killing anyone of any other religion or anyone who is not in support of their interpretation of Islamist, people ISIS label as Kefir or unbeliever, an Infidel. Perhaps they have forgotten that Sharia means ‘Moral Code’, and that these laws did not come from the Koran or out of Muslim faith, they are laws introduced by men, for men, to keep hold of power, as under these manmade laws women cannot hold public office.B7KW-ifCAAAG5tC


Now I know a reasonable amount about the Koran and the beautifulB6xo3RJCEAAAdMM concepts enshrined in the Islamic religion and the teachings of Mohamed (peace be upon him) as the last Prophet sent by God. Nowhere does it say that killing and mass murder of unarmed and innocent people is needed and talk of such people as Islamic Martyrs is an insult to Islam and law abiding Muslims everywhere. I am glad that their acts have had the result of empowering the people of France and of Europe, galvanising millions of people into one force that screams and shouts Je Suis Charlie. Nearly 2 million people, led by over 50 world leaders marched on Sunday, many holding pens and pencils aloft to honour the murdered cartoonists and satirists, the innocents in the Kosha supermarket, and the police just trying to make life safe for everyone. They call these cowards ‘Terrorists’ and for a few hours they did bring terror, but this has passed and now Europe and many countries in the world are galvanised  to defeat ISIS, defeat these self-proclaimed Martyrs – WHICH THEY ARE NOT! B6xo7zDIAAASHJ4


But unfortunately what these idiots have also done is to embolden and empower the far Right in Europe, the Fascists who don’t distinguish between these criminals and genuine,B6xorhiIQAA6SNc peaceful, hardworking Muslims, lumping them all in together, tarring them all with the same brush. Once again these Fascist also target Jewish people and the stench Fascist acts in World War Two still hanging in the air! Any rational person knows the acts of extremists and the Islamic religion, represented by Muslims all over the world, are not really connected. However, to European Fascists it doesn’t matter and these mindless attacks in France have added petrol to the fires the Fascists wanted to start. Now I don’t agree with these Fascists, to me they are just as dangerous as the murders that made Paris cry, and neither did I agree with the satirists and cartoonists that mocked many religions, but I accept that in a civilised country we defend the right to free speech (as long as it does not incite or promote violence to others in words or deed). I even accept that we must tolerate people campaigning for Sharia Law to be brought back and I certainly don’t want that. Our religions and our leaders of state MUST defend the right of diversity of opinion and power of people to vote as their conscious steers them.B6xPzstIYAALyQR


B6yiwZNIYAA5LrmI did think it ironic, and not in a funny way, that half the world leaders marching in Paris for freedom of speech and to defend liberty, have themselves tarnished records when it comes to freedom of speech, human rights. Our own Government, led by Cameron and Theresa May is trying to bring in the ‘Snoopers’ Charter (as it has been dubbed) and are using events in Paris to push these restrictive and intrusive laws forward. I find this quite offensive to use these particular murders to actually curtail freedom of speech and right to privacy.B6zp3KQCEAI2UOT


B6xR4geCAAA5mgdBUT in the end violence is the weapon of a moron, the answer that only ignorant unreligious evil pond life turn to, mainly as they don’t have the intelligence of a child and cannot debate the issues as we demand in a FREE society, a society that promotes liberty and equality for all. These perpetrators (who lack any morality) of these evil acts are just ignorant criminals that will rot in the fires of hell if there is any justice at all! Before I finish remember one last point about the murders in France, the murderers killed a Muslim, a man with a family whose faith was born of Islam, whose life revolved around the Koran & teachings of Mohamed (peace be upon him), for he was the policeman they gunned down outside the offices of Charlie Hebdo. FRANCE-ATTACKS-CHARLIE-HEBDO-DEMO

JE SUIS CHARLIE! 514fb71b7da6d_Paris_demonstration 150110130846-02-france-reaction-0110-super-169 ad_156395527-e1420993518287 ap_paris_shooting_12_kb_150107_1_16x9_992 APTOPIX France Attacks Rally REUTERS PICTURE HIGHLIGHT Thousands of demonstrators gather on the Champ de Mars near the Eiffel Tower in Paris paris_rally_charlie_hebdo_jan_11 untitled

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