To Dad

(Who passed away on 2 years ago on 21/12/2012 but is never forgotten)

You are missed and never forgotten

You are thought about so many times during the day

You are present in the values I hold

The values I try to instil in my children

The decency I try to live my life by

The love I try to share with those close to me

In the way I cherish my wife, my angel, my friend, my Carol

In the way I cherish my children and my family

I hear your words in my thoughts

In the decisions I make

In the things I say to my children

The same things you said to my brothers and me

I miss you every day, every single day

I lost the most decent man I have ever known

But you live on through your children

Through our children

Through their children

You live on in the love we have for you that never ends

The love we hold deep inside us that burns brightly

Never dulled by the passage of time

You live in the memories we have, we share

In the love you gave to us

The love we pass on to our children

Down through the generations that started with you

 We miss you Dad

We miss you very much

But you continue to be a part of our lives

Every hour of every day