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Foreshore Fossils is a North of England (Newcastle upon Tyne) organisation that formally started trading, began life in many respects, on Monday 24th November 2014. Foreshore Fossils worked in a very close partnership with the professional and extremely supportive Vanilla Bean Creative (Owned & operated by Ryan Boyd at its helm, VBC is a North East based delivering digital marketing, branding & website developing and consulting services), to whom we owe a debt of thanks for all their support.

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Please bear with me for a moment whilst I explain that Foreshore Fossils, as a company, is as rare as the fossils we are selling at You see at Foreshore the organisation is owned by people with disabilities, invested in by people with disabilities, exclusively employing only people with disabilities, and operating for the benefit of people with disabilities. But one should not be lulled into a sense of duty to support Foreshore Fossils just because it is making positive inroads into destroying out of date negative stereotype of disabled people and employment. No, people should support Foreshore Fossils because the team provide a first class service & the best quality fossils in the North of England.  01122014 0024b £76 #  (2)

Our fossils have been handpicked for their quality, for their detail, for their authenticity, as we only use the most reliable sources, who have ethical, robust policies in place that guarantee that these fossils have been gather without damaging the environment.  The fossils come from all over the world and have been professionally treated to remove the matrix (the rock surrounding the fossil) to expose the fossil, which then goes through a preservation process. As the name suggests, this preserves the exposed fossil for many generations to come, but also has the added benefit of highlighting the finest details, the wonderful structures and the beautiful colours. 01122014 0009 £142 #  (3)

Hand picking the fossils by the team at Foreshore Fossils means that (yes you can get cheaper items and much more expensive items) you won’t get better fossils, these are the very best specimens available at the very best prices. This attention to detail even extends to protection we offer our customers since we are an online retailer. We have gone to extraordinary lengths to make sure your information is safe, that your transactions are safe and cannot be misused. We even recommend people use PayPal, as this offers an extra safety barrier and is our preferred method of payment for this very fact.01122014 0010 £204 #  (2)

There is another stunning and unique fossil on the way and can be sent to you prior to Christmas.  Look at this stunning fossil that will soon be with Foreshore in the next day or too, rare, high quality, highly detailed and will make a wonderful ornament, addition to any collection, or simply as a unique (and to be treasured) gift.

Name: Scyphocrinites sp.

Age:     Devonian

From: Morocco

This fossil is in superb condition, and would make an amazing display piece. 250mm x 150mm x 10mm. You can pre order and reserve this or any of our fossils by just emailing

Scyphocrinites sp. #1 Scyphocrinites sp. #2 Scyphocrinites sp. #3 Scyphocrinites sp. #4

These fossils make such beautiful, unusual gifts for Christmas or any other occasion, display items that will be treasured. Have a look at our selection of fossils, signup for our newsletter so you will be notified as we gain more specially selected specimens. If you don’t see what you want just email us ( and tell us what you are after, and we will do our best to find it for you. Please come into our online shop and support our company, not because we are people with disabilities, because we offer the best and most wondrous products created by Mother Nature over millions of years. We are selling moments in time, captured and preserved for eternity.

Yours Sincerely

Foreshore Fossils




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