Depth of Depravity

Depth of Depravity fe724454-321f-11e4-_760822c

(As many will know I normally place images throughout my blogs, but on this occasion I just cant, it is just too vile to justify them and I cannot face the images of either perpetrators, facilitators or of course victims.)

I finished my time as prison Governor and felt I had seen the worst society has to offer, with a sense of social paranoia as I knew the monsters we warn our kids about are real, alive and stalking our communities. I had also been part of the management of a special Category ‘A’ Adolescent ‘Lifers’ establishment where to be accepted you had to be on multiple ‘life’ sentences, the four main units each specialised in a different genre of crime:





Even though all were under the age of 18, the reader should not let that lull you into a false sense of security. There were characters there with up to 5 life sentences, and that’s going some. Part of the job was to know in detail the crimes and even the post-mortems that were carried out so one knew how best to manage them safely. This knowledge was power because this meant the little darlings couldn’t hit you with any shocking revelations about what they did, which they did throw at you sometimes like a hand grenade trying to shock you, throw you off balance, make you scared of them.

This was the context on which I guess I have judged the depravity of humanity for the past 20 years but it has also made me see the beauty in people such as Mandela for example. I admit I had never experience the horror of war but again I have worked with people with PTSD following them witnessing the abject terror & unlimited violence of war, and proud to, hopefully, have been of some use to the brave men & women of our armed forces. But as fast as a flash flood can turn roads into rivers, events have definitely caused me to redefine what my mind has constructed as the bench mark for the depths of depravity. There are new monsters walking the earth that I don’t understand and I am confused as I do not know how or when these evil people where created, or when elements came together in the perfect demonic storm to release these twisted individuals upon the earth. What, and when, was the tipping point that has meant we now have evil on an almost industrial scale?

We thought we had seen the worst with Savile and Harris et al but then an explosion goes off that redefined everyone’s concept of abuse, not that I am devaluing what those poor victims of Savile/Harris et al went through. No one was ready for the earthquake that shook the UK and even the world to its core with the release of Prof Alexis Jay’s investigative report into the abuse in Rotherham between 1997 and 2003. This report was commissioned after the successful prosecution of at least five adults for organised child abuse and child prostitution. The report detailed failure after failure of every agency of Rotherham and at every level, including Councillors in charge of Rotherham & South Yorkshire Police. It detailed multiple incidents of the police failing to act to safeguard children as did Social Services. One example that keeps repeating in my mind is an 11 year old girl was reported to have been drunk and then used for sex, when the police were informed they said that she was consenting to be promiscuous. On what BLOODY PLANET do officers think it is acceptable that an 11 year old, who is having sex with adults, who are also supplying her with alcohol and drugs, is not being abused? Are these people living in a parallel universe to anyone with any morality or humanity at all, would they be so willing to do absolutely nothing if it were their 11 year old daughter? Was it because the authorities, in all their many forms and functions, labelled these children as ‘problem kids’, ‘troubled teenagers’, even labelled as ‘white trash’ as most were in care or had been in care in this 16 year period.

The report estimated 1,400 children had been abused in Rotherham alone – I had to do a double take when I heard this figure on the news, 1,400 kids completely let down by services in one town alone! Every single Police Officer (regardless of rank), every Social Worker, Child Protection Officer, Care Worker, Manger, Director, MP, Councillor, in fact everyone that turned their back or allowed abuse to continue for any child, let alone 1,400 children, shouldn’t just resign and be struck off as a professional but should be prosecuted for facilitating child prostitution. Every single one of them! These utterly unprofessional professionals have used all sorts of excuses but when it is your job to keep children safe, SAFEGUARDING CHILDREN, the whole point to their jobs that they were and are paid for is kind of in the bloody title. The one excuse was, because those prosecuted to date are all Asian, was that they were scared of being labelled racist! Well how about being labelled as facilitators of child prostitution on an industrial scale? I don’t understand why only 5 of 6 people have been prosecuted; there must have been hundreds of vile, putrid, animals abusing these children?

To me the report has merely left more questions and the announcement of yet more enquiries is NOT what is needed, we now need action, to have every child in care during this period spoken to, to have every case file looked at, re-examined, to interview everyone who has evidence that may be of use, in order to hunt down these abusers, and that includes those that let these children down in the most heinous & atrocious of ways! We need to:

  1. Set up a special investigation squad made up of ‘real’ Safeguarding Children professionals & specially trained Police Officers from other forces to take on this hunt for all those that abused, even from a neglect perspective;
  2. Set up a specially trained support team for the young people that were abused and so badly let down by services;
  3. To set up a squad of Police investigators and ‘real’ Safeguarding Children professionals to actively look at other towns and cities, with no Council & related Police Forces allowed to review themselves;

This last point is fundamental as the focus is all on Rotherham and I don’t think for one moment this is an isolated incident. So whilst the mess in Rotherham is cleaned up, as if that is ever possible for those poor children, as a Father of daughters I would want reassurance that the same has not been replicated in other areas. The depth of depravity that these animals sank to have not been since the days of the ‘Work-House’ where children were exploited on every level and in every way, but these places existed pre-World War One and not in the 21st Century. As you may have gathered I am all for these predatory abusers and users of children, establishing a child sex slavery network in Rotherham, being hunted down, but what allowed this to happen was clearly the Council, Agencies and Police almost facilitating this dreadful, evil situation to occur over 16 years. We must work to rectify this situation to ensure this can never happen again. I note that if we can find a £100 billion to spend on new nuclear weapons, surely we can spend more than this to protect our children, our future.

I sincerely and genuinely & genuinely hope that all the victims of this and any other abuse has justice but also finds peace on every level. In equal measure I hope all the perpetrators, facilitators and abusers suffer greatly and rot in hell!

Yours most sincerely

Jonathan Wade

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