What Now?

What Now? uk-leaders

I have to say I am a little gutted by the answer of 55% of Scotland who voted for a resounding ‘No’ to independence and I hope they do not live to regret this decision. However, even from a dedicated ‘Yes’ perspective there have been several benefits, even if we have convincingly lost to the ‘Nos’. For example, the debate energised 85% of the Scottish electoral register to vote and that’s historic in itself, especially when you compare it to the Police Commissioner elections, which in some areas only reach a shameful, a pitiful 11% turnout. Another benefit of the independence debate is that it has galvanised the Yes camp into a new movement called the ‘45’, a movement with simple aims & dedicated to making sure:

* Scotland gets the addition powers it was promised by Westminster Parties

* Tories never get a foothold in Scotland again

* Scotland finally becomes an independent country that has thrown of the yoke of Westminster, who has been exploiting Scotland’s natural resources Routledge-cartoon-May-16

However, this whole process has been very empowering and shows that you can engage our younguntitled and old alike in politics, this being such a positive legacy. The use of social media to achieve this level of engagement and debate was astonishing, it showed what could be achieved if focussed and then unleashed. Twitter, Face Book, Instagram, Pinterest, etc., was awash with the arguments, the too and froe of key elements of the debate, NHS, pensions, bedroom tax, oil & gas, each side trying to convey and convince the other of their vision for Scotland’s future. I found it strange but not unsurprising that the Westminster political elite who came to Scotland to campaign probably did more harm than good in case of the ‘Nos’. It highlighted just how heart felt the Scottish people took this debate was and at the time representatives from Westminster just were not welcome. It was clear a major factor was both sides’ dissatisfaction with Westminster and the way Scotland had been treated, but the No’s won with the promise of more devolved powers behind them,KAV620_1890667a believing they can change things for the better within the UK family. This was not however a vote that was an endorsement of the Coalition or even of Westminster Labour, not in any way, as the old scars of Thatcherism are now combined with the new wounds of Cameron’s Tories.

Scotland for some time has been split into two main parties, SNP and Labour, so it offended a lot of Scottish people when Labour hooked up with the Tories. This single act drove a lot of voters to SNP but I think the main issues that derailed the push for independence were the lack of clarity over what currency an independent Scotland would use and what would happen to pensions. These effectively torpedoed Alex Salmond on the TV debates and such issues formed the main attacks from the ‘No’ campaign. But there was one further element that I think contributed to the ‘No’ winning the vote to stay with the UK, the promise of greater devolved powers to Scotland. My worry is that Labour will not now be an effective Government if they win the next election, and it is by no means certain even if they can harness social media effectively that they will win. My reason for this pessimism is simple, the Westminster Trolls & Demons (i.e. the Tory/Limp Dem catastrophic coalition of cowards & callous narcissists) not only feel emboldened by the ‘No’ camp win, but also beautifully manoeuvred Labour into a no win situation, and I don’t think Miliband saw it coming.MILIBAND2209AAs soon as the Government agreed to a Scottish referendum on becoming independent from the UK 1& Westminster was agreed, the Labour Party was sunk as surely as if they had been torpedoed as surely as the ‘Yes’ vote had been. If Scotland gained independence then the Westminster Labour Party would have lost some 40+ MPs in the House of Commons. Now Cameron is using the promise of devolved powers to stop Northern Irish, Welsh and Scottish MP’s from being able to vote in the House of Commons on issues & legislation that affect only England. This has positively resonated with the English populous and Cameron knows it as he is pushing forward with such plans, and again this undermines significantly Labour’s potential voting bloc in the future. Even if Labour win the UK General Election in 2015, due to Cameron’s push to devolve powers and restrict non English MPs ability to vote in Westminster, Labour may well not have an English majority to pass legislation. Again this would likely mean that a right wing alliance between Tory, UKIP & Limp Dem could easily out vote the Governing party of the UK. It is obvious that this was the plan behind Cameron’s enthusiasm to have Scotland vote, as said Labour was and is torpedoed. new-image2

As the Labour Party conference came to an end this week, Labour just did a1not have a convincing answer to this sinking feeling they were having thanks to the Tories. Even as the conference continued their own trade union backers were faltering when asked if they felt Labour would win the General Election. At one point there was a negative murmuring when it was said that the pension age would have to go up and that more austerity was necessary. Even though they promised to repeal the Tory Care Bill, there was no mention of re-privatising the swathes of NHS services that have been lost to the private sector, or nationalising rail and energy companies as many of the delegates and public would like them too. In fact Labour seemed to have forgotten its Socialist roots, that they were born from protecting the poor, supporting the working class and representing the disenfranchised. Miliband kept mentioning the phrase ‘together’ but the reality is he is a millionaire and no more in touch with his socialist roots than Cameron is. I am so sick and tired of these millionaires talking to people as if they know what it is like to struggle, to be on minimum wage or benefits, to be negatively targeted & abused just because you are disabled, attacks provoked by the rhetoric of this vile Coalition. political%20leaders2

Does Miliband understand the extent of the damage he has done siding with Tories to attack the Ian Duncan Smith Workfarecampaigners for an independent Scotland, I guess we will only really known at the next General Election, but it is thought it will be massive. Even now social media is awash with phrases describing Labour as ‘Red Tories’ & ‘New Tories’, not labels I would think Miliband would be enjoying. If this is the state of public opinion about Labour 8 months out from the General Election, then I would suggest Miliband sack his American political guru that he has been relying on. It is time he started listening to the people that are desperate to have an alternative to the rotten, stinking, putrid Tory led Coalition. In a nutshell people generally think:

UKIP – new branding for a far right group, which in history would have included the Nazis, openly targeting people settling in this island of ours, which has been the case for many thousands of years;6

Tory – the party of austerity for 99% of the population, with a record level of people in poverty and the only time in history where food banks have become a growth industry! Yet the 1% have never been richer and the only party to want to completely destroy all publically owned services, NHS, Welfare State, Fire Service, Ambulance Service, etc. A party that has abused their privileged position for their own greed whilst causing misery to thousands of people they have a duty to support, care for and protect!lib-dem-cartoon

Limp Dems – sold their souls for a sniff of power and then lied openly to every parent with kidsgun for liberal democrats at or going to Uni. In Coalition tuition fees actually went up and the bedroom tax was brought in. These dreadful Limps became the enablers for the Tories, supporting changes that effectively abused and devastated nearly every disabled person and their families in the UK! The Limps deserve to lose all their parliamentary seats if there is any justice;

Labour – I am sorry but they chose the wrong Miliband and when it suited they were all too happy to join forces with the evil that is the Tory Party, well named as the “Red Tories”. Still to this day I don’t know what their stance is on reversing the public services austerity sell off, cuts and elements that have now been privatised within the NHS. Nor do I know what their policies are relating to nationalising elements such as energy and rail!

Green – Love the policies of the Green Party but they are not a serious contender for the General Election, I hope they win more seats but I fear that the bigots, the racists, the anti-immigration lobby will boost UKIP into 3rd party slot – just awful, but my heart lies with the Green Party for sure;MAIN-cartoon

So I am in an utter conundrum as to what now and what will occur at the General Election. I don’t hear Labour supporting the anti-nuclear weapon stance; I just don’t understand why we need to spend £100 billion on Nuclear Weapons to replace the others that we also don’t need. For goodness sake I am sure we have better things to spend such vast sums on, such as housing the homeless, feeding the poor, keeping older people warm in winter, etc. Come on Labour start being bold and start shouting your policies, what the hell are you waiting for? We must have a strong ruling party in 2015 as we are heading into another war in the lands of old Persia, the storm clouds are gathering rapidly and they are as black as the ISIS flags. We need a strong leader to guide us through this period of uncertainty and I do not believe Miliband is Prime Minister material, nor are Cameron, Clegg or Farage for that matter.David Simonds fat cat tax 09.12.12

So there are two key questions:

“Who do we trust with the future of the UK, a future that will include having to deal with Putin and his wish to return to the days of the Communist Empire in Eastern Europe, and the rise of ISIS?” 


“Who do we trust to make sure the NHS is safe and not privatised, to return to politics based on supporting those less fortunate than ourselves?”

Quite the dilemma for 2015!Benefits-cartoon Yours most sincerely

Jonathan Wade


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