10796370394_feb82240a7Doesn’t seem much of a word really, three letters that come together to have far more meaning than you would think at first glance, ‘yes’ now has the ability to set free a nation, which still under colonial rule of Westminster. This isn’t a long blog, this is just why ‘yes’ is the right decision for Scotland in my opinion: Yes-Scotland-logo1

  1. Every country has the right to self-rule
  2. Scotland has a right to determine its own future
  3. To use the resources we have available to fund a positive future that the people of Scotland will not have under Westminster
  4. A future that invests in renewable energies and can be a global focus for such new technology
  5. A future that can reduce the level of poverty that is running rampant under Westminster rule, even amongst people that are working
  6. A future that can eradicate fuel poverty with abundant renewable energy
  7. A future based on innovation
  8. A Scotland that is based on fair taxation
  9. A Scotland where Corporations pay their fair share of tax and are not allowed to ‘avoid’ paying what they owe
  10. Where minimum wage allows people to actually live and prosper and Zero Hours contracts are limited and not widespread as under Tory rule
  11. Where food banks are a mark of a past that Scotland has freed itself from
  12. Where youth unemployment is reduced to a minimum and where every Scottish citizen is included & valued
  13. A Scotland that is based on compassion, care and inclusion
  14. Where disable people are respected for the contribution they make to a fair society and not cast aside as ‘scroungers’
  15. Where elderly and those who are vulnerable are supported and looked after by society
  16. A Scotland where politics are based on compassion, honesty, trust and inclusion for all
  17. Where Corporate influence in politics is tightly controlled and curbed, so never again can we have a situation where financial services and big corporations effectively own political parties
  18. Where politicians are held to account and abuse of the ‘system’ by any SMPs would mean dismissal from public office
  19. A Scotland free of nuclear weapons
  20. A Scotland that preserves the basic principles of Attlee & Bevan, a non-privatised Scottish NHS
  21. A Welfare State based on need, based on support, based on looking after those in need, those who are vulnerable
  22. A Scotland where care is about dignity, respect and quality, and not allowing people to be seen as a commodity where the lowest cost providers thrive in a system that allows abuse to occur again and again safe_image

I am sure I have forgotten elements that I wanted to include but these are the main points for me but equally I want to rid Scotland of what I see as the most abusive period of Westminster politics since the NHS was created. Scotland can and will do better than Westminster, with its millionaires out of touch of what it is like for the majority and its heavy corporate influence. A Westminster that allows the Tories to push forward on their privatisation agenda against what the majority want, facilitated by the lying Lib Dems. A Westminster Government which is utterly bias towards corporations and financial services, which have proved time and again they cannot be trusted, and collapsed our economy in 2010, yet they continue unpunished for their greed. Westminster is the epitome of a corrupt system that is bought and paid for, and to be honest I find it hard to distinguish between the choice of evils that are Tory, Lib Dems & Labour parties, especially when they openly join together to keep Scotland under the old colonial yoke. 1DoNOTDELETE-REasons7

In Scotland we have the first chance in 300 years to become free of this never changing template of politics that Westminster has perpetuated, politics designed for the politicians, for what they can grab from their time in public office, politics of the wealthy and not politics for the people. Scotland has the chance to change all this and to have politics that are for the people and about the people. If the chance is missed to finally have an independent Scotland, it will be another 300yrs before another such vote occurs. I also believe that a win for the ‘No’ camp will emboldened the Tories; they will see it as an endorsement for their policies, for their privatisation agenda, for their bedroom tax and abandonment of the poor, the vulnerable, the disabled and the working class. We cannot let this happen so:13-01-14

Vote Yes

Yes for independence

Yes for growth

Yes for a better type of politics

Yes for nuclear weapons to go

Yes for our children and their children

Yes for an end to austerity

Yes for a better life

Yes, Yes, Yes! independent-scotland-saltireYours most sincerely

Jonathan Wade


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