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I Believe In 10603308_492647517536916_6683826760316865030_n

I haven’t blogged for a few weeks as I found the news so 01_NF24RAQ_1090177kdepressing, things seem to be spiralling out of control and for sure the storm clouds have gathered over the ancient lands of Persia. The lightning bolt that focussed the mind of the US and the UK was the appalling televised murder of a remarkable freelance photojournalist named James Foley, apparently by a British Islamic State (IS) Executioner. I say ‘Executioner’ but the savagery of his death was grotesque on every level, but to consider this was a man of peace that spent his career highlighting to the world the plight of everyday people in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, some of the most dangerous places on earth, seemed to amplify the brutality of his death. I have not watched the video they made and transmitted, the very thought of how James was murdered made me feel really quite ill. I cannot imagine what he must have been feeling, or what he went through since he was kidnapped by IS in Syria all those months ago. What I do know is that he will live on through his work, the images he captured and the students he inspired when he would deliver lectures when back in the US. James famously said that Photojournalists, to do their jobs properly, faced danger every day and had to take risks. Rest in peace James FoleyIsis fighters, pictured on a militant website verified by AP.

IS has established themselves not as a group of Terrorists or Extremists but as a funded army of merciless, inhumane murderers, who use public beheadings, mass executions, burying people alive by the hundreds, kidnapping women and children to sell as slaves, staining the name of a most beautiful 1819738112-syria-UN-says-nearly-93000-killed-in-Syrian-conflict-NwJreligion of Islam with their acts of evil. IS have even captured oil wells which they use to raise funds to supply this army of evil worker drones with weapons and training, battle hardened in the streets of Syria. But the oil is not the only income stream IS have, no these dreadful people are funded via various Arab states, Arabs funding the death of Arabs, it is about the most anti-Muslim you can be. The worst of it is that the US & UK created IS by our lack of intervention in Syria, by allowing radical factions to be funded and armed to fight the Assad regime on our behalf, promoted by us, encouraged by us. We even turned a blind eye to our 9/11 enemy al-Qaeda as long as they were fighting to destroy the Syrian Government forces. But then a stalemate was reached in the fighting, many of these once splintered Muslim extremists/terrorists joined together to establish an Islamic State. Some have speculated that Assad agreed some form of ceasefire with these rebel fighters, who held on to the North East of Syria, now using this as a spring board to hit deep into Iraq.unter-schwarzer-flagge-isis-terroristen-in-der-syrischen-stadt-raqqa

Now, as the news channels remain full of the evil that was perpetrated against James Foley, the very people (I use that term loosely) that we supported  are now the very same destabilising the entire Middle East. What really made me sit up and take note was the things James Foley stood for, his friends highlighting them to reporters, the compassion he showed, the passion he had, the things he campaigned for and about, those things he held dear in the midst of the bloodshed he witnessed and photographed. Certainly made me think about what is it that I stand for, what I believe in and campaign for, so here they are, my tribute to a man of passion and strong beliefs that was murdered by the very brutality that he wanted to warn the world about:scrap-trident-fund-the-nhs

1). Spend £100 Billion on Health & Welfare Not Trident: I believe that in this era of wars and genocide, tensions amongst neighbouring states and divided people that we should remove nuclear weapons as an option. I want the UK to be nuclear weapon free and demonstrate to the world that this is the way forward.gaza-blockade-2

2). Stop The Blockade of Gaza: I believe that we must not allow Israel to get away with the genocide that has occurred in Gaza, 2000+ killed most of whom were civilians; 11000 injured; ½ a million left homeless; hospitals, schools and infrastructure generally destroyed;455863

3). Hold Israel to Account & Rebuild Gaza: On this subject I believe the international community must take some of the blame for what happened, many by their lack of action to stop Israel and others by their supplying Israel with arms and ammunition knowing this was being used to kill civilians, in many cases the children of Gaza. The International community must:

  • Pay to rebuild Gaza
  • Compensate those in Gaza that have suffered loss or harm
  • Force Israel to cease their sea blockade
  • Force those responsible for this genocide in Gaza, the Israel hierarchy and political elite to stand trial for the atrocities, as well as holding individuals responsible for specific war crimessafe_image

4). An Independent Scotland – Vote Yes! A key to the future is to have an independent Scotland, it is not only the right of every Scot to have homeland that has self-rule, self-determination and control over the future direction of Scotland. No longer is it acceptable for successive Westminster Governments to rule over another country, exploiting their natural resources like some old, decrepit colonial master still clinging on to the remnants of a once large empire. No longer can Scotland tolerate the abuse of their nation by a Tory led coalition that is arguably more ruthless than even Thatcher was, and she devastated ship building and other heavy industries in this beautiful Country. I also recognise that this is not only a campaign for independence that will deliver Scotland from the evil that is Toryism, but the winning of independence in a few days’ time will send a shockwave through the Coalition. Cameron will be forever known as the Prime Minister that lost Scotland, which oversaw the breakup of the United Kingdom, that disenfranchised the people so much that an entire country rebelled and kicked his arse South of Hadrian’s Wall.NHS

5). Keep Our NHS Public: Whilst we’re on this subject of Tory privatisationthe most self-serving, abusive, lying, disabled hating, greed focused, millionaires’ club of  moronic, hate filled, evil bunch of utter b******ds that ever were in Government, with their destructiveness like a wrecking ball destroying, dismantling and selling off the nation’s assets to their friends, feathering their own post political careers, the end of which can’t come soon enough for these egocentric, narcissistic, sociopaths, aka the Tory/Lib Dem Coalition. The most damning of a litany of demonic acts is their blatant breaking up and selling off of the NHS to big corporations, many of whom make huge donations to the Tory Party. The NHS and other public services (as the name suggests) were designed to be PUBLIC SERVICES and not profit first corporate owned. It’s wrong on every level and I hope you and your facilitators, the limp, lying Lib Dems get voted into obscurity in 2015, where you can rot in hell for what you have done to the people of this nation and other nations round the world!nhs-plc

I am ashamed I live in one of the wealthiest countries in the nhs%20savaged3_0world yet poverty is on the rise, hunger is widespread even within working families. A country where food banks are actually keeping people alive and homeless people are forgotten by the Government. Disabled people have been vilified and demonised, treated as scroungers and parasites, had services reduced or withdrawn with Councils starved of cash to support their vulnerable residents. This is an era that is reflective more of the Victorian age than the 21st century, with people forced to work in corporations, where minimum wage laws are ignored by ‘Workfare’, which is actually very unfair. The is a nation now where rich and poor are divided like never before, where greed is seen as good, and exploitation of the majority to only better the minority is real in modern Dickensian Britain. All our political leaders are from the rich and the privileged, all starting to merge together, expensive suits, specially selected ties, polished shoes, all sense of character and uniqueness airbrushed out by image and media specialists. A group of political leaders where sound-bite is king and policies are as shallow, as hollow as their empty promises, Politicians where commitments are made knowing they will change, where deceiving the voting public has become accepted as the norm:


“How do you know when a politician is lying? Their lips are moving!”MS193_PeopleBeforeProfit

I believe that most of us plebs wants to:

  1. Be able to believe in those we empower as our Councillors & MPs
  2. Be able to trust these people with tax payers money and their expenses claims
  3. Be able to know that the decisions they make are in the public’s best interest and not based on their own greed
  4. Have a welfare state that is focussed on supporting the most vulnerable in our society, those in hardship or needing our compassion not our condemnation
  5. Have an NHS that is not privatised in any way and is free at the point of access as it was intended to be
  6. Have fuel poverty, resulting in thousands of deaths a year, eradicated by making utilities such as energy companies nationalised

 People Before Profits


Keep our NHS Public peoples-march-for-the-nhs

I am inspired by the Darlington Mum’s that are replicating the Jarrow march to London to highlight the plight of the NHS and the privatisation this Government is putting the NHS through. I am inspired and in awe of people that give their all for the things they believe in, James Foley is amongst them in my mind. These are the things I truly believe in but first and foremost is that I believe in the love, cherishment and support of my family. trident

Yours most sincerely

Jonathan Wade


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