Monthly Archive: September, 2014

Depth of Depravity

Depth of Depravity  (As many will know I normally place images throughout my blogs, but on this occasion I just cant, it is just too vile to justify them and I cannot face… Continue reading

What Now?

What Now?  I have to say I am a little gutted by the answer of 55% of Scotland who voted for a resounding ‘No’ to independence and I hope they do not live… Continue reading


Yes Doesn’t seem much of a word really, three letters that come together to have far more meaning than you would think at first glance, ‘yes’ now has the ability to set free… Continue reading

Fracking Hell

Fracking Hell  It’s not often I think that France can show us the way forward, don’t get me started on the French, mind you they did build really nice castles in the Norman… Continue reading