I Just Don’t Understand

I Just Don’t Understand    4

I roll it over in my mind but I don’t understand;

I see it with my eyes everywhere I look but I don’t understand;

I search for mind answers, some logic that applies to this but I find nothing and I don’t understand;

I am an intelligent guy and I try to make sense of the information flooding my senses but I don’t understand;

I can’t believe that this unfolds in my mind every time I close my eyes and I don’t understand;

I see this nightmare repeating in my mind over and over, reinforced every time I see the media, I just don’t understand;

I see explosions rocking the very ground, with clouds mushrooming to the sky in bleak black cordite bellowing destruction, I don’t understand;

Thud after thud the timid signature before explosive fury is released, the very sound of which takes tower blocks to the floor in an instant, I don’t understand;

Concrete shatters without resistance to the force of pounding from ship, plane, tank and artillery delivery of high explosive, I don’t understand why;

Where once stood built up houses in densely populated communities now stands tonnes of rubble, bent and twisted metal, which once formed homes to many, I don’t understand;

Craters as deep as the buildings were high that once stood on even ground before the sky rained bombs, shells, missiles and rockets to change urban to moonscape familiarity, I don’t understand;

The piles of rebar snapped and twisted sticks out from chunks of fractured concrete slabs now unrecognisable as the buildings they once were, disappear from the roads they stood on, I don’t understand;

The grey of concrete and settled dust is stained with splashes of darkening red, as bodies were shattered with the walls, floors and ceilings that were once homes, I don’t understand;

My mind can’t accept that these rubble covered decimated streets where once homes, shops, hospitals and places of worship, but now act as memorials to bodies buried under rubble by the tonne, I don’t understand;

These were not military targets so when the shrapnel shreds the flesh of men, women and children, breaking bones, removing limbs, removing life of countless numbers utterly indiscriminately, I don’t understand;

Children with broken minds stare with a hollow gaze that is imprinted in my memory forever, harrowing, empty look in their eyes from never knowing if they will be alive from one moment to the next, I don’t understand;

These children left orphans, or without siblings, grandparents, cousins, uncle, aunts and friends, witnessing the horrors of their world being ripped apart by powers beyond their comprehension, I don’t understand;

Children witnessing and being victims of this violent campaign where even UN schools & refugee camps are blown apart, people disintegrated by the force of the explosions, I don’t understand;

Children aware of a terrifying reality that in their world nowhere is safe, anyone can be taken from them, at any time, taken in an instant by the tools of violent oppression, I don’t understand;

Children witnessing the vicious ripping assault from razor sharp shrapnel that macerates fragile flesh in graphic real life slaughter, I don’t understand;

Children shredded whilst they hide with their families, some buried alive, I don’t understand;

Children and their families screaming as they lie on hospital trollies, with blood stained sheets from when shrapnel found them or from crushing walls, collapsing floors, the pain beyond that which anyone should suffer, I don’t understand;

Mosques destroyed, UN zones fired upon, no place to hide, I don’t understand;

1.8 million people hemmed in with high walls so there is no escape, no place to hide from the lethal terror flooding in from the sky, I don’t understand;

Gaza the concentration camp formed by Israel in order to commit genocide, the very people near eradicated in concentration camps in Europe, I don’t understand;

Power plants gone, water supplies limited, medical and food supplies running out in this hell hole, I don’t understand;

We shout for our Government to do something do anything, but they turn their backs, ignore the blood drying on the broken concrete, I don’t understand;

The self-appointed poster-child for freedom and democracy in the world, turns its back and restocks the ammunition to kill more and more in Gaza, I don’t understand;

The public scorn their leaders for their support of Israeli genocide, Cameron, Miliband & Clegg do nothing as the death and injury totals rise by the hundreds every day, I don’t understand;

A fragile hand on top of the dust and dirt, marking another life lost, a future never to be realised, a child no longer scared by the plains and the tanks, the booming of bombs, free at last of fear, pain, breath, a child dispatched and unseen by the aggressors who do not care about this tragic loss of life, I don’t understand; 3

I don’t understand why the world lets this happen, why the leaders do nothing, why our arms companies are allowed to make money off the blood spilt in Gaza, why we don’t use our naval might to deliver aid through the Israeli blockade – HOW MANY CHILDREN MUST DIE! 2

Just because there is a cease fire do you think that people are ok now, without water, without power, 380,000 people ‘displaced’ which is a the term for people whose homes have been atomised by Israeli forces using the arms and ammunition supplied by the US & the UK. People are still dying, 10,000+ wounded, 1,800 killed, 3 hospitals & 3 UN facilities destroyed, 2,000 missing presumed buried under tonnes of rubble. It is said that the stench of rotting bodies fills the air in some districts, destroyed from the constant shelling. In vast sways of Gaza the community has been destroyed, nowhere to live, no life, no future, and the death toll keeps rising as no aid gets in. The solution is in the hands of the international community & the people, such as myself, to apply pressure to force aid to be delivered by the shipload, airlifted in, parachuted in, whatever it takes to deliver essential aid NOW. END THE SIEGE OF GAZA and start rebuilding what you destroyed Israel! Israel, we won’t forget the atrocities that you perpetrated in Gaza!


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Yours most sincerely

Jonathan Wade


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