(The blue skies acted as a canopy for the local air show) RedArrowsFormation6

The blue skies flood the garden with hazy hot light totally unusual for this area being so far north, Supermarine-Spitfire-IX-FN-L-And-FN-K-fsx1but perhaps global warming may account for this aberration. It certainly is a deviation from most July’s in the UK, which are more prone to grey cloud, rain and the occasional glimpses of blue skies, denoted with people, whose skin are still white from winter covering up, rushing to the nearest beach, picnic area or the like, to expose this considerably pale flesh to roasting rays of the yellow disc that has mysteriously appeared. The pinnacle of this brief yet intense exposure to the radiating rays is usually to turn the normal hue of grey to a vivaciously bright and intensely painful radiating red of sunburn. For days after you can see those poor sun worshipers moving with incredible delicacy due to the continued depth of pain matching the depth of red raw skin waiting to peel away and they wonder why skin cancer is on the rise. This July, this last two weeks, it has consistently got warmer and skies have cleared, for the most part, to unveil a wonderful light blue rarity of British sky wanting to be appreciated. Yes of course it has rained but this has been in ever decreasing amounts as the warmth has built. Now my relatives near the South West Coast will not understand the fuss that this weather brings, but to those of us in the far north, living only about 30 minutes from the North Sea, appreciate just how unusual this weather has been. More specifically the lack of constant rain, driven by cold winds and dull light just escaping the grey canopy above. BBMF-Lanc-12

I live not far from one of the regions busier airports, living here long enough so that one doesn’t register the bellowing roars of enormous jet engines. It amazes me how these vast giant people carriers of the sky can fly at all, held together with rivets and hi-tec glue, reaching 30,000 feet or more, traveling at 500+ miles per hour, crossing vast oceans & continents. I often speculate where these metal tubes are going to or returning from, but flying is not for me. To be accurate flying is fine but I do object crashing into ground or sea from 30,000ft, and the most annoying of all is the wise old owl that rattles off “flying is far less dangerous than driving!” Excuse me, I have been in a car accident and at no time did I crash doing 500 miles per hour or have a head on smash with the ground from 30,000ft. IMG_2804

The irony of course, as I watch these people jetting off on their holidays, is untitledthat the UK has been as hot as continental Europe, but I can’t blame them for going, this warm spell is hardly normal up here in the North. Last weekend was very warm but I was treated to sights & sounds from a local air display show, an annual event that is always entertaining. The pilots use the local airport so I have ring side seats as they take off, land and even practice their formations. There were some real show stoppers of wars long since passed, Spitfires, Hurricanes, even a Wellington Bomber, but also helicopter gunships of modern era and modern fighter jets. The highlight for me was the Red Arrows flying in formation, passing directly overhead on several occasions, just breath-taking. But with all these fighter jets the roar of their engines just shook your fillings loose, the decibels were painful, and the speed of them was remarkable. As soon as you heard the raging, roaring, engines accelerating towards you, the fighter plane had already passed overhead way before the sound caught up and passed you on full volume. It was utterly exhilarating to see these incredibly powerful aircraft that break the sound barrier without even trying, with a roar that makes them the lions of the sky proclaiming, “This is my sky!” As I looked up in complete awe it struck me, that realisation which flashes across my mind, causing me to hang my head low with sadness, with humility after being so self-indulgent and utterly naïve, I felt ashamed at my stupidity.STOP-BOMBING-IN-GAZAThese aircraft were the same as those thundering across Gaza, the deliverers of death to so many Palestinian firemen operate at the destroyed house of Hamas senior leader Nizar Rayanchildren, hundreds killed, thousands injured, the same ground shaking, thundering machines that every child of Gaza would be terrified to hear. Every child of Gaza would know the sound of these man made machines that’s main purpose was to deliver death but were never designed for the purpose the Israelis were using them for. Warplanes, as the name states clearly, are designed to be used against other warplanes, against opposing armies or warships, not against civilians, men, women & children. These innocents are hemmed in by a 20ft high concrete wall on three sides and the sea on the forth side, a sea that is blockaded by Israeli ships of war. People wanting to come in or leave Gaza can only do this through Israeli military checkpoints, which are currently closed. So Gaza, on every level, is a prison, a huge concentration camp for 1.8 million Palestinians, an environment where Israeli leaders act as the prison’s Governors and the prison’s guards are the Israeli army. The Palestinians are crowded into one of the most densely populated areas on earth, herded into a piece of land where they have no hope, no future. This to me sounds very much like what the Germans did to the Jews in World War 2, and now the Jews are doing the same to the Palestinians, including trying to exterminate them. Smoke blots out the sky over the east of Gaza City, where Israel renewed intensive airstrikes

Yes I understand that a very small percentage of Palestinians are members ofmoqsue-destroyed-by-israeli-bombs Hamas and they fire unguided rockets into Israeli land, most of which fall in uninhabited areas, the others being shot down by the missile defence system, Iron Dome, that the USA sold to them. It occurs to me though that if I was put into a prison for the rest of my life, and the same for generations to come, I would fight back, I would want to hurt the oppressors, the jailers, the people removing all hope from my life and that of my children. I do not condone in any way the violent acts of Hamas, but it is important to understand the context. Israel’s leaders say they are fighting terrorists, but they are doing this by devastating and entire population, killing indiscriminately children, and I can assure you that no baby ever fired a missile anywhere in the world. What we are seeing can only be described as genocide in Gaza, a ‘disproportionate’ response (hate that phrase) if ever there was one. Shelling, missile attacks, airstrikes, tanks, bombings of UN-schools and UN safe havens for refugees, hospitals and places of worship, all war crimes committed by Israel. It is the equivalent of the UK, in the 1970s/80s, putting a wall round Belfast and then killing everyone within the wall to get a few terrorists, using our mighty RAF & Navy to destroy the built up areas, and then sending the army, with tanks and armoured bulldozers to mop up anyone that may have escaped the destruction. Unthinkable isn’t it that we would do such a thing, but the Government know this is happening in Gaza. BuH3EVcIYAABdc8

Whilst we are on this subject, what does our Foreign Minister Hammond say about the genocide, Btz9Xc8IYAAX4-7the war crimes, that are going on in Gaza in plain sight of the world’s media? He started off blaming the Palestinians in Gaza, supporting Israel, and mentions loosely that “restraint may be advisable.” “Restraint may be advisable” is not exactly the condemnation the world should be shouting, screaming at Israel! This is mass murder and all our Government is interested in is keeping a positive relationship with Israel as we sell them arms and other goods, armaments that are used against the people of Gaza, profit that is now stained with the blood of innocent civilians, babies and children for pity’s sake! What the United Nations & NATO should be doing is putting a flotilla of warships together to form a convoy of cargo ships and forcing open the sea blockade of Gaza, delivering medical supplies, essential aid by the tonnes, freeing these dying people from their concentration camp. Just the same as we did for the Jews in World War Two, we freed them from the German concentration camps and it was the humanitarian thing to do, we didn’t supply the Germans with poison gas! I am not anti-Jews in anyway, I am anti genocide and murder of children no matter what country is committing such evil!Btd9fg4IEAA20mh

One of the things that really boils my catheter bag is that the British Government, the European UnionBt01o-PCQAA7aTg & USA have sanctioned (reduced trade and relationship with Russia designed to hurt them economically) Russia for supplying the missile system that was used to shoot down MH17, with the loss of 298 people, a tragedy of enormous magnitude. Russia didn’t even fire the missile that shot the plane down and Governments are entering a trade war against them, but when it comes to the murder by Israeli armed forces of (figures as of 04/08/2014):

1,800 Palestinians in Gaza

30% of them children

10,000+ injured

360,000 ‘displaced’ (now without homes)

A crucial figure of 28 EU Leaders demand Israel stop their genocide, accept our Government. Our Government blames the people of Gaza and then urges restraint by Israel, not “Stop the bloody genocide”, not “Stop killing children”, not “The Israeli political leaders have been charged by the Hague with crimes against humanity and genocide”, no none of this, “We urge restraint”. Btu8dOeIQAA1EEb

Let’s compare statements after the bombing of a third United NationsBtdhWdxIMAADu3d school which the Israelis was told was being used for refugees to shelter:

Cameron: “If it is true that Israel shelled a UN School, then restraint would be needed to prevent further harm” (I have no idea what that means!)

Ban Ki-moon (UN Secretary General): “I strongly condemned the bombing of a United Nations school sheltering people fleeing bombardment in Gaza. It is a moral outrage and a criminal act and this madness”

Even the World Health Organisation has condemned in the strongest terms the killing and wounding of many thousands of civilians in Gaza, and in particular the targeting of hospitals, schools and even ambulances, of which 30 have now been destroyed! All Cameron and our Coalition Government & even the opposition party will say is, “if it is true” – utterly shameful, cowardice and complicit in these deaths!10440667_10152595672917125_2861613469873017074_n

The international community must stop this murder immediately, as the whole region is on fire, the_45356158_gazaruins_afp466b whole Middle East a powder-keg starting to burn and it is being fuelled by the murderous acts of Israel in Gaza. Perhaps a volcano is a more appropriate comparison, as the region is slowly rumbling more and more with forces gathering for the main show of eruption blowing the lid off the region, followed by a pyroclastic flow that wipes out 100,000’s. I wish it was not so but I see ISIS winning ground, building reserves and then turning on Israel. The attack would draw thousands to the fight against Israel, using the excuse they are going to free Gaza. Then we will all get drawn into this war, because if we don’t Israel, believing they are on their own, is likely to use their tactical nuclear weapons as they will be fighting for their lives by this time. Underlying it all will be the justification that the Israeli forces are committing genocide in Gaza, this will be the petrol thrown onto a fire smouldering away. I can just see it coming on the horizon if we don’t do something to curb Israel’s current bloodlust in Gaza. With every picture of dead children the smouldering increases; the pressure within the volcano grows and grows. Wasn’t it the Old Testament that went on about the lands of Persia burning as Armageddon unfolds, not too up on my Old Testament to be honest but it seems somewhat relevant at this point in the history of the Middle East. gaza-mosque-bombed_2991135k


Yours most sincerely

Jonathan Wade


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