Covering Up The Sins

Covering Up The Sins

(They will cover, lie and spin, veil you in a dense choking fog of deceit until you feel sick of the ride and want to get off, a ride which is in the total controlled by the Civil Service!) Cover up (13)

The scandal is unfolding as whistle-blowers gather in the hope, one assumes, of avoiding prosecution,Cover up (10) with names such as the infamous Thatcher being mentioned as part of that 1970’s/80’s cover up instigators. As fast as the papers can churn out new paedophile based revelations, the wheels of the ‘Establishment’ are covering their tracks and it goes way beyond a few missing files. How will this all end, I wish I knew but I do know there is so much more to come out, so much more abuse to be uncovered but what I do know is the ‘Establishment’, the Westminster & Civil Service crew will only let you know what they want you to know, always thus it has been so. Their first card in the game is to announce an enquiry and the 1st rule of the Civil Service comes into play, never have an enquiry you cannot control or dictate what the outcomes will be. Keep that in mind as you read the rest of the blog, but before you do also remember the 2nd rule of the all-powerful Civil Service, an enquiry allows everyone to say they cannot comment whilst an enquiry is underway. This allows for thinking time, cover up time and the writing of statements that they want us to hear, not the truth but what they allow us to become aware of.

Cover up (3)

Sir Michael Havers was the Attorney General who refused to prosecute a diplomat & aCover up (7) member of the Paedophile Information Exchange – PIE, Sir Peter Hayman, and former High Commissioner to Canada. This was a group, and it disgusts me even to think this could have existed, that promoted the legalisation of sex with minors, yes that’s right with children. They existed back in the 1970’s and even became connected and affiliated with people that are now leading members of the Labour Party. They were professional people, well educated, including Social Workers, members of the legal fraternity, teachers, and it was rumoured that some MPs and Civil Servants were also involved, although there has not yet been evidence to prove this. The membership of PIE, which at the time registered in the thousand or more, was not recorded as names but instead each member had an ID number. The addresses that these numbers were relating to were never found, yet the founding member of PIE is still alive and left free from prosecution, as are many of the original members. Again it is speculated by some that the reasons for the lack of prosecutions to many known members of PIE was because of the connections they had. Can you think of any other reason why a public group of paedophiles openly advocating sex with children would not be arrested and prosecuted? I absolutely can’t, it has to be because they had information about members that were of a very high profile and who were extremely politically influential, influential enough to ensure prosecutions were dropped by the Attorney General at the time, Sir Michael Havers. Cover up (12)

In 1981 Geoffrey Dickens MP, a leading campaigner against PIE and paedophilia in general asked the Attorney-General:

 “If he will prosecute Sir Peter Hayman under the Post Office Acts for sending and receiving pornographic material through the Royal Mail?”

The Attorney-General Michael Havers replied:

 “I am in agreement with the Director of Public Prosecutions’ (Sir Thomas Chalmers Hetherington QC) advice not to prosecute Sir Peter Hayman and the other persons with whom he had carried on an obscene correspondence.” Cover up (11)

That was the only answer Dickens received, although he continued to speculate that there must have been high level political people who were paedophiles suppressing any attempts to get to the truth and expose this evil at the heart of our democracy. Dickens also handed in to the Home Office the detailed file that Leon Britton claimed he couldn’t remember when door stepped by journalists last week, only to recant this and say he could remember 24hrs later. I wrote about this fiasco in my recent blog:

But if you want to see the truth about PIE, there is a website exposing the disgusting people involved, exposing them to the world for the evil they are and the evil they most certainly have done: Cover up (9)

After writing this blog I have become even more convinced that the establishment was already startingCover up (6) to cover up, do what they do best and launch enquiries that they control, ‘they’ being members of the House of Commons and Lords with their watch dogs the Civil Servants. They are the eyes and ears that are everywhere in politics, they are the old guard that never change, who created the Freemasons and ensure their power continues regardless of the endless comings and goings of MPs, Ministers and Prime Ministers over the decades and centuries. The real power behind the multiple Ministerial positions and their departments, more powerful than the great religions of this Country, connected into everything, the NHS, the Police, the corporations, the courts, the entire justice system, etc. They coordinate every Parliamentary Committee, every investigatory Commission, everything connected with power in the UK & Commonwealth. Crucially for the ‘Westminster Paedophile Ring’ they were also appointed to find someone to investigate these 40 year old allegations that continue to this day and the missing files. Cameron said, “We have to get to the bottom of these allegations and root out anyone who has acted in such a despicable way.” Sounds like he meant it doesn’t it but he didn’t, the Civil Service appointed Lady Butler-Sloss to head up what is going to be a lengthy investigation into the handling of child-abuse allegations. Cover up (8)

Lady Butler-Sloss is an extremely experienced Judge, and now Law-LordCover up (2) allowing her to sit in the House of Lords, and has done many enquiries for the Government over the years, including the notorious Cleveland Child Abuse ring centred on children’s homes in the region. Lady Butler-Sloss has consulted on many issues for the Civil Service and the Government, proudly sitting in the House of Lords but this is where the problems with her as an impartial lead investigator on an enquiry begin. Many see her as part of the ‘Establishment’, the Westminster in-crowd, part of the system that would seemingly do anything to maintain the status quo, a bastion of power to be defended at all costs, never to be breached by outsiders, the public, the 99%, the ‘plebs’. If these shouts of her being part of the establishment were to be objective, the news that she was the sister of the Attorney General (Sir Michael Havers) should have been the nail in the coffin. How can she investigate the sleaze, the cover up by those in power, when it seems likely her own Brother may have been part of it, or at least had been unwilling to prosecute someone so glaringly involved in paedophilia? The answer is she can’t and what we are seeing is the establishment covering up again, the spin will also start and the mirrors of distortion will be cleaned off ready for the smoke to go with them. All this to hide the most vile of humans, the worst of us, the people we wish did not exist, the vile and evil paedophile, because they are part of this sordid, putrid, self-serving bloody establishment that needs burning to the ground if this is what they do. Cover up (4)

Cover up (1)

I am not an advocate of violence, and I do believe shooting is too good for them, I believe such people should be imprisoned for life without parole. I have locked such people up in my time working within the Prison sector as a Director, and I can tell you there is no treatment, no therapy, no changing any person who has committed multiple paedophilia acts. So I advocate that we reduce the risks of nightmarish acts upon our children, act in a proactive manner to protect them and bring in a law that anyone who has committed an act of paedophilia, or anyone covering up for such people, should serve life in prison without parole – LIFE SHOULD MEAN WHOLE LIFE TERMS! We can never be safe until the establishment stops covering up for these people, our children will never be safe. So for the sake of our children and all the children that follow, have a truly independent public enquiry, STOP THE COVER UP! WM Paedo  (4)

Yours most sincerely

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