Sins of the Father

Sins of the Father

(Tories coming home to roost)     Sins of Father #  (1)

The revelations, the horror of yet more abuse allegations is now unfolding, but this time not connected with the Yew Tree Police investigations that followed the evil of Savile’s vile acts. No, in the week that saw another high profile TV star (Rolf Harris) imprisoned for sexual abuse, including children, locked up for years, we then hear about allegations of a Westminster based paedophile ring protected by Civil Servants. But should we be surprised of this abuse when I see the same Tory Party that was in power when this awful network was uncovered in the 1980’s, still abusing but this time on a National scale!

Sins of Father #  (8)

I see the signs of a nation in misery, of a Government so out of touch with its people that it releases studiesBm-n5iBCUAAX_SH saying how good things are for disabled, the very same people that in reality feel abused and mistreated by the very departments that meant to protect the vulnerable, the people Bevan & Attlee intended to support. This soon to be ousted Tory & Limp Dem alliance of utter evil have, for reasons best known to themselves, focussed hatred of the Right Wing and its media in a campaign to make disabled people’s lives more miserable, make their lives even harder, more difficult and less valued as people. Instead they smear these people, even though not one of them asked to be disabled,  with hurtful labels meant to incite society’s negativity:


“Benefit cheat”

“Welfare parasite”

“Benefit abuser”

So we see a rise in hate crime towards the disabled, towards other benefit users, the vast majority of whom would welcome the opportunity to be tax payers, with millions more that actually are, but you don’t hear about the positive role models. Since 2010 there has been a constant stream of attacks on the minds, morals, emotions and already fragile esteem, followed by a blitzkrieg of benefit changes more harmful to those in need than ever was the Luftwaffe.

Disability Allowance – Gone

Disability Living Allowance – Gone

Independent Living Fund – Gone

Instead this Coalition of evil set about reassessing all disabled people and set1005837_692577957448787_354653244_n targets to reduce the number of claimants, targets that their attack dogs of ATOS & Serco were only too happy to achieve with zealous enthusiasm as they made millions from the misery they caused. But it does not end there, the amount of money Councils are given to support disabled people in their communities has been reduced by over a third on average, over a million children in poverty. Now add in the reality of what is going on at an increased rate:

Homelessness higher than ever before

Food banks have become a growth industry

Highest levels of poverty since 2010

Highest level of debt to payday loan companies

Highest level of evictions by private landlordsbeaygpsiiaa14du

Highest levels of arrears in rent than ever before

Highest level of DWP sanctions on people than ever before

Highest number of appeals against sanctions than ever before

Highest number of successful appeals against sanctions

Private landlords refusing tenancies to people in receipt of Housing Benefit

This could go on for many, many pages, so I will finish this list on the most disturbing figure, the highest rate of suicides by disabled people than ever before, this is also true of people in receipt of benefits, those who have been victimised, vilified and abused by this Coalition until life has no value in living. Bqp73MpCAAA3hed

We should not be surprised about the Tory affinity for abusing people though,Sins of Father #  (2) after all it was under the Tory tyranny of the 1980’s that covered up abuse at the heart of our democracy, a paedophile ring within Westminster. But let’s not just blame the Tories for covering up, Cyril Smith was a Liberal MP, seems the Coalition of Tory & Limp Dem have a history together that is coming home to roost. The perpetrators of both the acts of paedophilia abuse and those that covered up, and are still covering up, should rot in hell for all eternity. This does however have to be put into context, that the Home Office Civil Servants were asked to fully review all records relating to Westminster paedophilia. After reviewing Sins of Father #  (11)nearly 1 million files they found only 4 pieces of information that needed passing to the police, with Ministers resoundingly claiming there was no case to answer – oops! What comes to light in 2014, that a file detailing and naming members of a Westminster paedophile ring including allegations of Civil Servants in the Home Office, was given to the then Home Office Minister Leon Brittan, who is now a Lord! This file, which he first denied ever knowing about, he then recalled was passed to him by the now deceased MP Geoff Dickens, but it is then announced that the file is lost or has been destroyed and was never passed to the Police back in the 1980’s. It was then announced that another file relating to this alleged paedophile ring has over a 100 documents missing, pages containing the detail. The Prime Minister, obviously wanting to control this damaging image of his perverse party then announces the most Senior Civil Servant of the Home Office will appoint someone to once again look at these allegations. Sins of Father #  (2)

I really do despair, asking the very same Department and the Sins of Father #  (3)very same Civil Service to investigate (AGAIN) themselves is just shouting cover up but is a normal Tory ploy as it allows the PM and Ministers to say they cannot comment as an investigation is underway! This is the same Tory Party that allowed Minster Edwina Curry to actually appoint that vile Savile to run Broadmoor, allowing the criminal serial sexual offender to be in charge of other criminals of the same Sins of Father #  (9)level of evil as himself. Savile must have felt he was in charge of a clubhouse of his peers! So it is somewhat ironic when it comes to Parliamentarians holding the BBC to ransom for endemic abuse, when the very democratic establishment the UK is based on is rotten to the very core with abusers. Even Lord Tebbit himself said that in the 1980’s people were more concerned with protecting the establishment than looking at the wrong doings of MP’s and Civil Servants. It has also come to light that Lord Britton has also now been interviewed under caution by the police of a possible sexual offence of some decades ago. Starts to make sense why abuse was so widespread and so easy to get away with throughout the 60’s, 70’s & 80’s when such powerful people, including the TV and Music stars of the same period, were protected by the very establishments that acted as a shield around them. Sins of Father #  (6)

It may also explain why the current Tory & Limp Dems want the Civil Sins of Father #  (12)Service to handle yet another enquiry about themselves, as opposed to the demands of many Labour MP’s demanding a Public Enquiry, which would make further cover ups much harder to maintain. One last thing before I leave you with the thought that the same Westminster crew & their rather uncivil servants are yet again going to get away with the most hideous of crimes, the most evil of deeds, the Civil Servant that was working on reducing the powers of the Police to patrol the internet claiming it was anti freedom of speech, was himself arrested earlier this year and charged with the possession of indecent images of children. Mr Rock does deny such charges but did feel he should resign his position. What will happen if this already greed focussed, vulnerable abusing, crime covering, corporation owned Tory Party is emboldened by a victory at the general election of 2015? It really doesn’t bear thinking about! Sins of Father #  (14)

Sins of Father #  (15)Sins of Father #  (16)Sins of Father #  (19)Sins of Father #  (21)

Sins of Father #  (17)

Sins of Father #  (18)

Are you 100% convinced that the ‘establishment’ & successive Governments  have not been covering up? ! ?

Yours most sincerely

Jonathan Wade


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