Descent into World War 3

Descent into World War 3 BjwEAZeCAAEYHg9

Only 70 years ago was the beginning of the end of World War Two when D-Day unfolded and the reclamation of Europe from the grip of Nazi Germany. This was a struggle that ended with many millions of people being killed, murdered in many cases, the rise of:A general view shows damaged buildings and debris in Deir al-Zor

  • The United Nations to prevent further such global wars;
  • The War Crime Commission in the Hague to make sure that crimes committed during war against humanity would be prosecuted;
  • The Jewish homeland called Israel followed shortly after the end of the war;
  • The independent countries free from colonial rule;
  • Nuclear weapons, the proliferation of which escalated in the Cold War that followed between the West and Russia;

It is in this context that we can see the origins of the current problems being experienced in the Middle East, across the ancient and at one time great Persian Empire. Following World War Two many of the Countries of Africa, Middle East & Asia had been militarised by their Colonial masters in Europe, to act as a supply of trained forces against Germany, Italy and Japan. This was also the undoing of colonial control as once the World War was over, these countries were not happy with returning to being nothing more than property of Europe. Many countries transitioned to independence by agreement, still tied to their once colonial masters with all important trade agreements, others when through many years of ‘troubles’, both peaceful and violent. India being a classic example, Ghandi led India to independence from British rule and although he preached peaceful resistance and demonstrations, they were often met with violence by the ‘state’. Other groups were violent in their protests and these were used as justification for the ‘state’ to violently suppress all protests. Syria Birth Place of ISIS  (4)

However, in some cases the colonial masters put in placeSyria Birth Place of ISIS  (19) figure heads that they could control and this was the transition made post World War Two, a thin veneer of independence, but this didn’t last, couldn’t last, as these Countries were still being abused for their natural resources by Europe and America in many cases. A new age was about to dawn following independence from colonial rule, and that was the rise of the Dictatorships. When you supress people, abuse people, take away their freedom and use them as nothing much better than slaves, so they watch their children starve, then they turn to charismatic leaders who offer them freedom from the yoke of colonial rule, freedom from their ruling puppets. These leaders often come from the poorest levels, frequently rising through the levels of military and earning the trust of both the people but also the masters they serve. In this way they learn how the world operates, the weaknesses of their masters, what motivates the people whose backing they will need. These emerging leaders are intelligent, focussed, ruthless and in nearly every case I can think of have the backing of the common soldiers in their regiments, the trust of the people in their command structure, the essential element. Syria Birth Place of ISIS  (17)

When the time is right, and from years of developing networks behind the scenes, they use their militarySyria Birth Place of ISIS  (16) skills and their own regiments to finally overthrow the hated symbols of colonial rule. These are bloody affairs and in nearly every case that comes to mind thousands die in these horrific revolutions that are sold to the people on the basis of freedom. But they exchange oppressive rule by the puppets of colonial masters with the tyranny of a military state that is utterly ruthless. These new Dictators reinforce their power by rewarding their loyal army command structures and putting in place a system of secret police to root out dissenters, which is done with vigour. Any dissent is crushed, thousands disappear, and media is controlled, voting rigged to return only the dictator, religious divides are exploited setting group against group, city against city, destroying any opportunity for collective structures of protest. The Dictators know all the secrets as they used them to climb into power and they are not likely to allow these same methods to be used against them. Torture becomes an accepted form of interrogation; fear becomes a force to keep control. In several cases of Dictatorships I am aware of there were even policies that if a person spoke out against the regime, all of their family and friends would be killed in the most horrible of manner not fit for such blogs. Whilst the army backs them, the secret police viciously rooting out any dissidents, the era of Dictators was here to stay, some lasting 30 years or more. Syria Birth Place of ISIS  (12)

Once great empires washed their hands of such situation, frequently continuing to Syria Birth Place of ISIS  (14)make vast sums by supplying the Dictators with ever more advanced weaponry, which they just knew was being used against the Dictator’s own people to supress them in the most barbaric ways. One such case involved several large towns being bombed with poison gas, towns where it was felt the roots of dissidents were being established. Others believed that this was a warning to others not to challenge the ruling family. This behaviour by Dictators in Africa and the Middle East, some ancient lands and cultures going back 8,000 years or more, has continued into the 21st Century as seen in Syria with the gassing of men, women and children of Damascus with Sarin. However, the world was about to change, an act of terrorism would ripple through North Africa and the Middle East, plunging the UK & America into a decade of warfare. I speak of course of the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Centre Towers and the Pentagon, killing over 3,000 people in America. The worst act of terrorism the Americans had ever experienced. Al-Qaeda managed to smuggle in operatives who took over a number of passenger planes which were then flown into the buildings mentioned. There would also be attacks on the British mainland in London public transport by similar Islamist Extremists a few years later, these being called the 7/7 attacks in 2005. Again many people were killed and injured.   clark4-800x555

The American’s saw the attacks on 2001 as a declaration of war, using this to justify the following actions abroad, 13943actions that would ultimately destabilise an entire region. The War in Afghanistan (2001–present) was launched by North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) and allied forces in the ongoing Afghan civil war. The public aims by the NATO forces (but mainly America and British) were to dismantle al-Qaeda and denying it a safe basis of operation in Afghanistan by removing the Taliban from power. U.S. President George W. Bush demanded that the Taliban hand over Osama bin september-9-11-attacks-anniversary-ground-zero-world-trade-center-pentagon-flight-93-second-airplane-wtc_39997_600x450Laden, who had claimed responsibility for the attacks, and expel al-Qaeda forces. The Taliban requested that bin Laden leave the country, but declined to extradite him without evidence of his involvement in the 9/11 attacks. The United States refused to negotiate and launched Operation Enduring Freedom on 7 October 2001 with the United Kingdom. However, there was more to come from these Allies, they then focused on Iraq, claiming they (more accurately the Dictatorship) were funding terrorism. This alone could not convince people as we were still heavily involved in anti-Taliban war in Afghanistan. So in the media a new phrase started to appear, one that would continue to this day to haunt the Blair Government. 11th March 2003 2nd Iraq war erupted. According to U.S. President George W. Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair, the coalition mission was “to disarm Iraq of weapons of mass destruction (WMDs), to end Saddam Hussein’s support for terrorism, and to free the Iraqi people.” A new phrase was born, WMDs, and with it a new war. Syria Birth Place of ISIS  (11)

It didn’t take long to unseat the Iraq Dictator Hussain, but as with Afghanistan, once we had destroyed the ruling structures and infrastructures the only thing left was civil war and multiple terrorist attacks every day for a decade. There was a poll done by the World Health Organisation in 2012 across Iraq and the results were surprising and not widely reported. Syria Birth Place of ISIS  (10)Most surveyed said they felt they had been better off under Hussain’s Dictatorship as at least they had better:




Better medical care


Most commented that since the American & British ‘liberation’ of their country they were far worse off and wished to return to the days of Hussain. Furthermore most also felt that politics, the democracy so Syria Birth Place of ISIS  (7)proudly imposed by the Americans, was more about sectarian division, and the people did not want or trust the new political elite. Most did not want to engage with other ‘tribes’ and felt the dominance of Bagdad was not reflected in the North or South. The same results were found in Afghanistan, where people openly acknowledged that once the NATO forces finally leave, the Taliban will march back in from neighboring Pakistan and take over once more. It was noted by one politician that although there had been some horrific acts of terrorism, including US indiscriminate Drone Strikes killing 100’s of innocent people, all we had accomplished was to allow the Taliban to grow in strength, arms, equipment, training and strategy safe in Pakistan. One Drone strike was supposedly attacking a Al-Qaeda meeting in a remote village – it turned out to be a wedding and everyone at the wedding, including 2 foreign news reporters were killed, dozens of men, women, pregnant women, bride & groom, children, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, even livestock were slaughtered by a guy playing the equivalent of a video game in another country. Utterly indiscriminate but there were so many of these automated killing machine deaths, sorry ‘collateral damage’ as these deaths were called. Syria Birth Place of ISIS  (6)

It was suspected that the real reason for invading Iraq was to secure oil, as the country was one of the region’s biggest Syria Birth Place of ISIS  (5)producers, yet there were international bans stopping Europe and America purchasing it, sanctions designed to destabilise Hussain. These sanctions had not worked and many felt there was unfinished business from the 1st Iraq war of 1990, which had freed another oil producer, Kuwait, that had been invaded by Iraq. NATO forces had swiftly forced Hussain’s forces out of Kuwait and back across their borders, but instead of taking advantage and removing Hussain from power, the NATO forces stopped when Kuwait was free again. Instead further, yet still ineffective, trade sanctions were applied, but only the civilians of Iraq suffered, certainly the ruling family of Hussain were not affected and lived a life of utter opulence. Interestingly it should also be noted that the first Iraq war was started by US President George Bush (41st US President) and the second Iraq war was started by his son US President George Bush (43rd US President). So there was plenty of speculation that this was also motivated by unfinished business of the Bush family and Tony Blair was only too happy to go along with it. As mentioned above Iraq effectively descended into chaos once Hussain was removed and the governing structures were dismantled, but more than this it sent out a message to many countries that Dictators were not permanent and could be overthrown. Syria Birth Place of ISIS  (3)

By 2010 the world was witnessing a new era unfold, the ‘Arab Spring’ a revolutionarySyria Birth Place of ISIS  (2) wave of demonstrations and protests (both non-violent and violent), riots, and civil wars in the Arab world that began on 18 December 2010. They were mainly aimed at overthrowing Dictatorships and Military juntas, spreading like wild fire across North Africa and in parts of Southern Europe. By December 2013, rulers had been forced from power in Tunisia, Egypt (twice), Libya, and Yemen, civil uprisings had erupted in Bahrain and Syria ; major protests had broken out in Algeria, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Morocco, and Sudan; and minor protests had occurred in Mauritania, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Djibouti, Western Sahara, and the Palestinian territories. It would appear to the more cynical amongst us that militarily we would support the overthrow of oppressive Government and ruling classes where it was beneficial to our oil interests, as seen in Libya, but where there was no oil involved we would sit back and let the carnage continue, as seen in the war in Syria that is still ongoing. In Syria, as already mentioned, we (the so called ‘Modern’ Economies of the NATO alliance) have stood by and watched the horrors of modern war fair, with wealthy Arab Countries funding the fight against Assad, whilst Russia and Iran supplied Assad’s forces. But we have kept out of it; strangely there is no oil in Syria! Arab_Spring_map_07_2013

But if people were naïve to think Syria was the last of these wars, they were to be proved Syria Birth Place of ISIS  (1)totally wrong. Syria, Iraq, and other African/Arab Countries that experienced sponsored civil wars (sponsored by wealth Arab countries & even NATO Countries in some cases) we the training ground for the extremists we originally started fighting post 9/11. The moment our forces pulled out of Iraq terrorists, religious extremists started to rise again stronger than ever. Now the Islamic Extremists battles hardened in Syria, Afghanistan, etc. and were well equipped with from the aforementioned sponsors. But as the Syrian Civil War started going in favour of the Dictator Assad, the true nature of what had been planned for some time by the Extremist Groups ISIS  (12)become frighteningly clear. ISIS, a former Al-Qaeda affiliate, that was formed and funded well to fight against Assad in Syria was becoming a very large, very well equipped and very strategic army, many of whose leaders were ex-Generals in the Hussain forces that were defeated in the Iraq war, and who had fled to avoid capture, finding a new home in a new Syrian conflict. A point worth noting, ISIS were booted out of the affiliated network that made up Al-Qaeda Islamic Extremists for being too violent, too murderous, too extremist, speaks volumes. ISIS, whose numbers have been swelled by the reduction of armed conflict in Syria and by a large number of foreign fighters from British Muslim communities and such communities in other countries, launched their new offensive, their new Islamic Extremist Jihad (War in the name of Allah against all non-believers of Allah).ISIS  (14) ISIS hovered up support from hundreds if not thousands of young impressionable idealistic young men, who believed they were/are fighting for Allah and to establish a strict, ruthless, in some cases seen as barbaric and inflexible form of Islamic laws by which people must live. Such Koran interpretations include the segregation of men from women in public life, girls not attending school, stoning to death for female adultery, women being banned from owning land or any property, not being allowed out without a man present, and the complete ban of any alternative messages in any form that are seen to go against the teaching of the Prophet Mohammed. ISIS also preaches the overthrow of Israel and promotes the extermination of the Jews in the Middle East & Africa; this fate also applies to homosexuals, whether gay or lesbian. Mideast Syria Islamic State

In the Islamic community the vast majority teach peace, reconciliation and education as ISIS  (15)fundamental elements of Islamist life, the Koran being revered as the wondrous teachings of Mohammed, a beautiful set of teachings with true meaning in this era modern pressures, as is the Bible and many other books detailing spirituality of so many faiths. ISIS are extremists and as the name suggests takes such teachings to an extreme level of interpretation that has no place in modern day values of equality. But they exploit the divide that can be found in the Muslim community, which is broadly split into two groups, Shia & Sunni, and ISIS is predominantly Sunni and has declared war on people from the Shia community, which is now the ruling majority in Iraq. This was the tactic ISIS implemented, holding onto territory taken in Syria. They attacked North West Iraq, taking many cities within days; ISIS  (16)the NATO trained Army of Iraq just melted away, as ISIS called upon Sunni’s to join them and over throw the Shia Government. Whilst town after town fell to ISIS, the Shia Prime Minister of Iraq called upon the Shia in the South of the country to rise up, and a civil war came to life. But ISIS are not going to stop with Iraq, they have pledge to take over all Muslim based countries and declared Jihad on the all non-believers, they have the weapons, the backing, and the experience to deliver on their promises too, but this is an army and not just a few extremists setting off a few bombs. This is an army that is sweeping across the Middle East, with its sights set on North Africa and Israel for sure. If Israel is attacked they could well use their nuclear weapons if NATO does not come to their defense. If NATO does help defend Israel, then this will galvanise the Arabic/Muslim world behind ISIS and we will rapidly see world war three commence. June 12 - Terrorists Stealing Control of Iraq

No-one is saying we should have left ruthless Dictators in place to flourish,ISIS  (11) but it feels as though with hindsight we the British people were conned into the Iraq War and for that act Blair should be on trial as there was no evidence of WMD found at all. We all know the real reason was to regain control of oil rich countries such as Kuwait, Iraq and Libya but not bothered with the Dictatorship of oil free Syria, allowing the genocide to continue unhindered. America and Britain acted like the world’s police thinking they were immune from their acts, yet come 9/11 they didn’t think twice to invade two Countries, which was the starting point for what we see unfolding today. The withdrawal of such ‘policing’ by Obama & Cameron left a power vacuum that extremists such as ISIS were only too happy to step into and exploit, eager to use the very weapons supplied in many cases by NATO countries to fight Assad. We really have created this mess and now we must watch as a decade of civil wars are fought in the very countries we tried to have influence over. Wars will be fought on religious ground once again, Sunni against Shia, Jews against Muslims, tribe against tribe, and we will be drawn in again at some point, it’s inevitable to protect Israel. The next world war is on its way, imagine what we will be prepared to do to stop ISIS obtaining nuclear weapons such as intercontinental ballistic missiles with nuclear warheads. I would put money on us having to invade yet another country to stop this happening. This would not exactly be a unique event for us or the US now would it?ISIS  (5)

ISIS  (3)

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