Less Than Zero

Less Than Zero 6077585

I don’t understand why, when Labour wiped the floor with the other parties do the BBC andBo1IvTWIEAE96Mf other media streams go on and on and bloody on about UKIP. They didn’t do well, they didn’t win any councils and only got 150 + seats against Labour’s nearly 1,900. UKIP isn’t the political ‘earthquake’ they promised to deliver, Labour storming back and wiping out Lib Dems and many Tory seats is the EARTHQUAKE! The BBC seems to have become the UKIP media and spin machine and I just fail to understand why. If you project the votes forward to the General Election 2015, UKIP would win precisely no seats at all. The Green Party made gains in the Council Elections and is likely to make further gains in the EU Elections when the results are announced, they even have an MP in Parliament, but you hear nothing about them on the BBC, is this fair?!? It makes one wonder if the price the BBC has had to pay for survival post the Jimmy Savile and other similar revelations, is its political independence, if it in fact ever had any. Don’t get me wrong, I think the BBC is a wonderful programme maker but it can hardly profess to be independent from political influence. It is only allowed to hold onto its Licence Fee franchise by the grace and favour of their political masters and therefore it is about as independent as a Minister of the Tory Party. 140327tonybennfuneral

To be perfectly frank with you, there is some mileage in the theorycameron_clegg(1) that the BBC’s seemingly unwavering support of all things UKIP is promoted by the desire to keep the country bathed in right wing politics. Let me explain, there are some academics that believe that the Lib Dems are finished, but the Tory Party needs to ensure if it does not reach a majority at the next General Election it needs a coalition partner once again. This time though, if this awful nightmare of the Tories being able to form a Government in 2015, it would do so with the Right who share similar ideology for certain. Now there are a lot of ‘maybes’   and ‘ifs’ in this assumption, but the premise would be borne out by the way the BBC are acting, to promote beyond all rationale reasoning the small gains made by UKIP, are these the potential running mates of the Tories if needed to form a coalition? Yes I know a very scary thought and the stuff of nightmares. There is another school of thought that thinks this media attention on UKIP is further welcomed by the Tories, as it detracts from the chaos and the cruelty inflicted by the callous Coalition, but more of this shortly.


It would seem increasingly likely to be validated as a theory when you hear the BBC refer to the UK as ukip-channel4-3having a “four Party system” following the Local Elections, which is simply nonsense. This theory, however farfetched, has certainly been reinforced and highlighted of late by events in our society, woefully underreported or even subjected to Tory biased spin by the BBC. They have at very best been negligent in the items underreported and overly harsh of all politics accept those of the Right of centre persuasion! I have wondered why the BBC have not reported more news that could be critical of the current Tory but the answer isn’t complicated, it is simply a state media machine as biased as any such media of other tyrannies or dictatorships. But we should look at what has been under reported, all of which the Lib Dems have supported through their coalition endorsement of the Tories:

  • Closures of Sure Start Centres which will negatively affect generations to come of children from the poorest of families;
  • The rampant privatisation of public services, especially the jewel in the state crown our wonderful NHS;
  • Tax cuts for the wealthiest ensuring the top 0.1% hold over 55% of the wealth;
  • Created a London micro environment to attract indie_cartoon070411_594857dmore billionaires than anywhere else in the world, none of which pay tax in the UK;
  • Largest companies have been grown bigger under the Tories yet proportionally pay far less tax and in some cases none at all, yet their profits are in the billions;
  •  The only real growth industry that has expanded faster proportionally than any other organisation in the UK are food banks;
  •  Increase in VAT;
  •  Closure of community resources by starving Local Authorities of cash, with Northern Labour heartlands double-actproportionally having more severe cuts than Tory led Councils;
  •  Culling Badgers with no scientific basis or benefit at all;
  • Demonising the disabled as “scroungers”, “benefit cheats”, “social parasites”, “lazy”, etc;
  •  Increased level of suicides by disabled people following DWP assessments by their agents such as ATOS, Serco, etc;
  • Sanctions by the JCP to people receiving benefits has never been higher, yet the appeals in favour of the person have also reach an all-time high;
  •  Savage cuts in Legal Aid so that people wishing to make legal challenges to the120120120010_228x136a Government are not funded, and there are plans to charge people a fee if they wish to challenge the stoppage of their benefits;
  •  Food, fuel and general economic poverty has also reached an all-time high and is the primary reason for the rise in food bank usage;
  •  Selling off of Green Belt land, parks and school playing fields for profit back to the Exchequer;
  • Cuts and closure of the Social Fund,BoeTLM_CQAAc3bZ Independent Living Fund, Hardship Funds and other benefits aimed at supporting the most vulnerable and in need;
  • Compulsory volunteering allowing Corporations to maximise their profits and side stepping employment laws such as minimum wage;
  •  Compulsory taking of Zero Hours contracts by benefit claimants even though this does not guarantee any income whatsoever from week to week, driving people into poverty and the hands of Pay Day Loan companies and their extortionate rates;

This list of points could run on and on……. article-2283771-184681A5000005DC-207_634x286

My generation grew up in the age of 1980s Thatcher where greed was good, one could never have enough, and rather than this die with Thatcher we have transported it into the new generation of Tory politicians. And so begins a formula that leads to utter disaster on a scale we have not witnessed for 70 years or more:


Rich exploiting the poor and keeping people in poverty + Uncaring Government clearly corrupt and on the side of the rich + Recession and loss of hope = Rise of the far right feeding off people’s despair and giving them someone to blame! anticutsmarch26

Bout7_MIgAAoUBnThis has been the same formula through the 20th Century and now into the 21st Century too, but it always starts with an abusive Government that oppresses everyone other than those at the top of the food chain. I want to make it clear at this point that I am not against corporations, they create jobs after all but I am against a Government that helps corporations exploit the poorest of our society and bleeds them dry of any hope. Is it any wonder that suicides have risen significantly, life that is a constant struggle against hunger, against the cold, against any hope of things getting better leaves many, thousands, with only one option. I don’t agree with it but I understand, nothing flourishes in the absence of light, the absence of any hope, so people living in extreme oppression turn to extreme solutions, susceptible to people telling them what they want to hear, feeding off their pain and despair, offering a solution. This is where you have UKIP step in, when people feel they are worthless, they are detested by their own stated, they feel less than zero.


This has been seen across the EU with the rise of the fare and extreme right, a response by the desperate and a TUC-March-For-The-Alterna-007sign of how bloody awful the Coalition in the UK has become, people would rather vote for rebranded Fascists, cut from the same cloth as the Nazi’s, than live under this level of oppression. This isn’t a sign of how appealing UKIP are, it is a sign of how appalling the Coalition are, how disenfranchised the people are feeling with politics. This isn’t a protest vote but a criminal indictment of the suffering people are enduring under the Coalition. I mean just look at it, people have voted for a fascist, racist, sexist, ignorant, bigoted, beer swilling, narcissistic, ashtray smelling jerk that is utterly against the EU but is happy to take their money in the millions, rather than support the main parties. They have voted for a personality that is utterly abhorrent and repugnant that is anti-immigration accept when it comes to his German partner who he claims many thousands for from the tax payer, who is desperate to keep on the EU gravy train even though his aim is to leave the EU! nhs_protest_for_site

An-anti-cuts-protest-in-B-007But I believe we can change, I believe there is room in our political system for a party that returns to what most people feel politics should be about, key values and beliefs that do not revolve around greed, power and what one can screw out of the system. I speak of a party that believes in honesty, trust, public selfless services, nationalisation of public services for the betterment of the public and not for greed, where profits go to eliminate fuel and food poverty, where those in need of support get the support they need without fear of persecution and where there is a simple fair taxation system. Politics that has independent oversight where parliament is truly representative of society and not representative of the wealthy that can afford to buy their place through media purchases. People voted for on the basis of their principles and their humanity and not through their public school connections or corporate donors that buy a government. So let’s campaign to get back to the values of Bevan & Attlee, the values of a caring, compassionate society who can be judge positively for how it treats the most vulnerable in our society, and not one that vilifies them, cures poverty not causes it. We can do this if we work together, pull together and we stop tolerating greed and abuse of power. BRITAIN-FINANCE-PUBLIC-DEBT-ECONOMY-PROTEST

TUC march

Yours most sincerely

Jonathan Wade


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