Monthly Archive: May, 2014

Less Than Zero

Less Than Zero  I don’t understand why, when Labour wiped the floor with the other parties do the BBC and other media streams go on and on and bloody on about UKIP. They… Continue reading

A Clear Message

A Clear Message  Even in the darkness you see inspiration, but only if you look up and stop staring at your feet. Even when the worst of experiences happen, significant loss for example,… Continue reading

Beyond Grief

Beyond Grief  I was totally rocked by the news of Ann McGuire’s murder as she taught her class in Leeds, stabbed multiple times by one of her pupils, but as the news unfolded… Continue reading

What a Party!

What A Party!  My interest in politics, until recently, has always been mixed up with history, the role of parliaments through the ages, the English Civil War, the American Revolution, how the main… Continue reading