The Absence of Morality & Opposition

The Absence of Morality & Opposition WagingWar

I saw online an article about the attacks on NHS Staff in Accident & Emergency Departments had reached such levels that in some they now have Policec1 permanently stationed at these A&E’s along with the normal Hospital Security staff. In Psychiatric Nursing it has always been accepted that when you are dealing with people whose mental states are so fractured as you see in acute illnesses, that at times people can become aggressive. Certainly we are not talking about the Bates Motel but when in extreme distress people can lash out at the very people trying to help them, well in mental health services anyway. However, if we exclude people in acute phases of mental health NHS  (1)crisis, then what is the excuse for attacking our wonderful NHS Staff? To me there is no excuse, being drunk isn’t, being on drugs isn’t, being upset isn’t, being in pain isn’t, being distressed isn’t & becoming impatient/frustrated because you are having to wait certainly is not an excuse to verbally or physically attack or abuse our NHS Staff. It’s not like the Staff want you to wait for long periods, they want you seen as quickly as possible to get you out of the department, especially in A&E. But what people don’t see whilst waiting in the waiting area is the real emergencies coming in through the ambulance entrance, people who have suffered immediate life threatening conditions such as heart attacks, strokes, car accidents, anaphylactic crisis, etc., etc. So these are obviously the priority over some of the reasons people attend A&E for nowadays, and all of the following are real cases:

Sore throat           blister on heal            splinter in finger         headache

feeling            fatigued          bruise on arm             hang-nail           stiff neck

constipation       itching       not liking tattoo          not sleeping       acne

These are but a few of the ridiculous reasons people are attending A&E but my personal favourite was a man who went to an A&E in Coventry and then waited six hours as he fell asleep in the corner of the waiting area and missed when his name was called. When he awoke and was seen by a Registrar he was asked “how can I help you”, to which he answered “I can’t remember why I came here, can you lend me the taxi fair to get home?” He was asked to leave the department immediately. NHS  (4)

We have all seen on the news the pressures that the NHS is now under, and despite what the Coalition would have you believe there are cuts going on and increased levels of Staff leaving and not being replaced. But without doubt the biggest pressures driving people towards A&E ratherNHS  (7) than their own GP’s has been this Coalition’s pushing more and more responsibility onto GP’s with the introduction of CCG’s (Clinical Commissioning Groups), i.e. the most comprehensive changes to the NHS since its conception. This change effectively pushes a huge amount of decision making and responsibility onto the desks of the GP’s effectively reducing their ability to see people within a short period of time. But the UK’s GP provision is also victim to the public’s lack of awareness about what the NHS actually is. Most people when asked to describe the NHS will mention Hospitals & outpatients, but in reality it covers everything to do with physical & mental health, including learning disabilities, and of course GPs. The NHS is one of the largest employers in the world, a world that has envied us for our NHS and been admirers of it for, probably far more than the general UK public are. In the UK the NHS doesn’t register on our consciousness unless we need it but it is at the heart of our country and a significant element of the Welfare State that wraps around us all. It is the most wonderful philanthropic acts of our ancestors to set up a system that cares for the poor, supports those in need and looks after people that are ill, all of which is free at the point of need. Well that was until the Coalition’s madness began in earnest just a few short years ago.


The real risk to the Welfare State and its NHS elementNHS  (6) isn’t the rowdy drunks in the waiting rooms or the aggressive patients, this is but a mere drop in the ocean on which the NHS finds itself in a storm of terrifying proportions, a storm orchestrated by our Coalition Government. The worst aspect in my opinion is that most won’t even miss the NHS and the Welfare State until it is gone and too late to revive it. Now my blog is not in any way minimising the distress caused to our wonderful NHS Staff by verbally or physically aggressive patients, lock them up for a long time anyone attacking these wonderful people, but there is a bigger attack going on, an NHS wide attack with the singular aim of making all parts of the organisation unable to function. My case in point I would direct the reader’s attention to is that it is clear that A&E departments are under huge pressures from people that should be going to their GP or a local Walk-In Centre. So what did the Coalition do to reduce the demand on A&E’s, they took an innovative approach of closing Walk-In Centres, which just went to increasing the pressure on the NHS – told you it was an innovative approach. Over the past few months I have noticed an ever growing body of evidence that would clearly point to the tactics this Coalition is using to redefine the Welfare State & NHS. I use the phrase ‘redefine’ as I really don’t like to swear or be completely abusive, not at this stage of the blog anyway! The tactics are as follows:

  1.  Reduce funding, making sweeping cuts;
  2. Demoralise the workforce (pay freezes, change of pension conditions to less favourable returns, increased retirement ages, etc.);
  3. Increase the workload (close Walk-In Centres, don’t fill vacancies, etc);
  4. Announce an internal enquiry into why the ‘service’ is failing (internal so the outcome can be controlled but more importantly control the recommendations);
  5. Declare the Service unfit for purpose (well the internal inquiry does);
  6. Completely re-organise the service (to strip out any and all elements non-essential elements to make the service more ‘viable’ for the next step);
  7. Privatise the service (telling parliament that they had no choice, just look at the state of the service, it wasn’t fit for purpose); NHS  (9)

All the way through this process the Coalition floods the media with tales of horror, how they are fighting to improve the service, that an enquiry has declared it unfit for purpose, that (this is their favourite) they inherited this situation from the last Labour Government. However, I find it strange that the service wasn’t in the newspaper or seen as having a problem prior to the Coalition taking power. If you think this is an isolated incident then I suggest you take note that all of the following are in this process of going through this same process or have gone through it to end up in private hands:

  • NHS – Community Mental Health Services
  • NHS – Inpatient Mental Health Services
  • NHS – Hospital Based Services
  • NHS – District Nursing
  • NHS – Midwifery
  • NHS – GP practices
  • NHS – Administration & Appointments Services
  • Welfare State – Social Care
  • Welfare State – Housing Stock provision
  • Welfare State – Assessment of Needs Service
  • DWP – Pension Services
  • DWP – Benefit Assessment Services
  • DWP – Job Centre Plus
  • Civil Service recruitment
  • Teaching & Schools
  • Prison Provision
  • Probation Services
  • Court Services
  • Security of Public events (the Olympics for example)

For goodness sake even Search & Rescue (helicopter based) has been privatised and what this Coalition can’t privatise it closes down, but the real questions are why are they doing this and how are they getting away with it? NHS  (8)

There has been an implicit covenant between the people of this Country and the Parliamentarians, MPs voted for by the people to represent each area of the country. This covenant effectively states that whoever becomes the ruling Government for the term of theirprotest agains the health and social care bill Parliament (no more than 5 years at a time) must act as the guardians and temporary caretakers of the national assets of this Country and do everything in their power to preserve these assets and to improve them wherever possible. The second element of this covenant is to protect the poor, the vulnerable, the elderly, support people with disabilities and long term conditions to maximise their potential and their lives, to prevent suffering wherever it is found. This isn’t much to ask, it is what the founders of the Welfare State & the NHS envisaged all those years ago, but all this changed in 2010. The Tory led Government, with their powerless sycophantic Lib Dem poodles barking for crumbs off their master’s table, must have thought they’d won the lottery. As soon as they put their arses round the Cabinet Table of Number 10 they put their preconceived plans into place, strangely none of which were mentioned in their manifesto! Since then they have treated the Welfare State & NHS like a closing down sale, so everything must go. This group of Eton old boys, millionaires in their own right, just started privatisation off with a vengeance, with many of their backers and donors getting significant contracts. NHS  (5)

The corporations have been on a feeding frenzy off the NHS  (10)very assets that our forefathers put in place to protect us, not even Thatcher went as far as this callous Coalition has gone, and they’re not done yet. It hasn’t escaped my notice that these Ministers, Junior Ministers and Ministerial Aides are effectively feathering their nest post their political careers, with many knowing they will be on the Board of Directors of the companies they have awarded contracts too or actively promoted. For example, despite the announcement of the Competitions Enquiry into the Energy Companies, they have been rolling in profits since the Tories took over, with bills going up by some 40% since 2010. The Energy companies have been the very epitome of Michael Douglas’ famous, infamous statement that “greed istumblr_inline_mybbcvO5ZG1rd65lp good”! The problem is that it just isn’t, in fact it is the worst thing possible when dealing with the Welfare State & NHS, and have they forgotten that greed lead to the crash of 2008 that changed the lives of everyone in the Country?!?! But our political system is designed to have a balance in it to stop any one political party from becoming like the Tories (right wing dictatorship)! Unfortunately our Opposition Party, Labour, put all their hopes on the economy not recovering, with the tactic that they could beat the Coalition up about the poorly running economy at every opportunity. Again unfortunately, the economy has actually started to improve, yes through luck more than anything the Tories have done, but this has completely wrong footed Labour, who has been struggling to regain their footing. However they need to get their acts together, this Country cannot take another 5 years of the rampaging emboldened Tory pack of corporate sponsored Etonians. The message to the Labour Party is simple, be bold with your manifesto and win back voters, if you don’t then we will have an NHS that is identical to the American model, why else would the Tories appoint Simon Stevens who has spent a decade working within the US private healthcare sector. So what do I want to see from a bold Labour manifesto that will win back voters and energise the majority of us, the working class?NHS  (11)

  • Top of my list is to Nationalise the Energy Companies allowing the Government to ½ energy bills and eradicate fuel poverty, including cold related deaths;
  • But in equal first place is the repeal of the Bedroom Tax and a repayment of all the money taken from those forced to pay this unjust tax;
  •  Remove the Welfare Cap and invest in the NHS once more;
  •  Increase minimum Wage;
  •  Give public employees an annual pay rise above the rate of inflation;

NHS  (12)

  • Nationalise the Lottery so that all of the profits go to good causes and not have a huge amount creamed off by Camelot;
  • Cancel Trident and use the £97 billion on house building across the country;
  • Make it a condition of house building that every new home has to be energy self-sufficient, both this and building will create thousands of jobs;
  • Cancel HS2 and spend the money generating a new entrepreneurs fund to create a generation of new business owners that will create jobs;
  • Hunt out tax avoiders and reclaim £25 billion a year minimum. Anyone caught trying to evade or avoid tax or VAT should have all their assets ceased and sold off, the money going to create more jobs;


  • Create a fair and equal system of taxation, removing universal benefits for all based on the more you earn the more you pay, and that includes companies. If you make money off the earnings of the British people, for example Amazon, then you pay corporation tax without excuses;
  • All business owners have to establish a Workers’ Hardship fund from 5% of the company’s profits. This fund (which will be a charity in structure) will be administered by the Trade Union representative in the company, can only be used for the welfare of the Workers and their families, and any award to a person or family must be voted for by the Workers of that company;
  • The Workers of a company will have the right in law to vote on to the Board of Directors a Worker to represent their views, this worker will have full voting rights on the Board;
  • All Board of Directors of all companies that are operating in the UK must have an equal number of women and men as Directors and Non-Executive Directors on the Board, as well as a Worker who has been voted onto the Board by the Workers;
  • All Bonuses that are proposed within a company have to be put to the Work Force and Shareholders for a secret ballot to approve (or not) the Bonuses;


  • All companies by law must have all their Workers enrolled with a Trade Union;
  • Any company or organisation making a loss or having made people redundant in their current or previous financial year cannot pay people bonuses or dividends of any kind;
  • Ban forever the private organisations making profit from assessing people’s needs, it’s immoral and disgusting, train and employ our own assessors within the DWP;
  • Increase taxation on bonuses, including increased shares and pension funds that are in effect a bonus;
  • Re nationalise all parts of the NHS;


  • Establish a minimum wage set by the TUC;
  • Nationalise all aspects of care in the community, instead paying Councils to care for their constituents in their own homes where possible, as this immediately cut out a 33% to 50% on the cost of care, which is often profit care companies make;
  • Set a minimum wage for carers & set up a licensing scheme for them;
  • Invest in CQC, it’s an organisation that if funded correctly would revolutionise care for the better;
  • Nationalise PFI builds and stop payment to the profiteering companies exploiting the tax payer; David Simonds force fed fat cat 21.04.13
  • Nationalise housing stock for use by the council for families in need;
  • For every pound the Councils spends on creating affordable housing for their constituents or social housing, they are to be given another pound to set up schemes to increase employment opportunities;
  • Removal of University fees for students whose families have a household income of less than £40,000pa;
  • Removal of prescription charges for families whose household income is less than £40,000pa;
  • Removal of Bishops & Hereditary Lords from the House of Lords and establish an all elected House instead based on ¼ Tory, ¼ Labour, ¼ Lib Dems, ¼ Other, and they are to be called the People’s Senate;


This is the basis of the manifesto I would have the Labour Party pledge to in order to take power back from this unjust Coalition that has ceased power for the sole purpose of raping our national assets for the benefit of corporations. It is disgusting how this Coalition has targeted and abused the very people they should be protecting and so I am begging the Labour Party to embrace the opportunity they have and…….


Yours most sincerely

Jonathan Wade


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