Monthly Archive: April, 2014

To Dream

To Dream  On the 04 04 2014, in case you missed it, was the death of Martin Luther King, it’s one of those dates I never forget because of the messages he left… Continue reading

Unrecognised Mental Health

Unrecognised Mental Health  There are many dark times when you have a degenerative condition, many times when you can feel utterly alone even though you are held in the arms of your loving… Continue reading

Be Bold Manifesto!

Be Bold Manifesto!  This is my wish list for the Labour Party to put in their manifesto to restore this country of ours to a decent place to live and work in. It… Continue reading

The Absence of Morality & Opposition

The Absence of Morality & Opposition  I saw online an article about the attacks on NHS Staff in Accident & Emergency Departments had reached such levels that in some they now have Police… Continue reading