Monthly Archive: December, 2013

What Choice Do We Have?

What Choice Do We Have?  This is probably not what most people at this time of year are thinking about but I look to the future and wonder, with a level of anticipatory… Continue reading

Boardroom Psychopaths

Boardroom Psychopaths It’s been a while since I wrote my own blog, favouring to write for Care Plus & IG3, but such focus is now fixed elsewhere, although I will continue to work… Continue reading

GP Practices Fail!!!!!!!!!!!!

The revelation that one in three GP surgeries was sub standard has snowballed – really has. This is more serious than it sounds, if this was possible, as the GPs are the key-stone… Continue reading

Dementia G8 & Awareness Raising

Dementia G8 & Awareness Raising Published December 11, 2013 | Edit There has been so much going on this week relating to dementia, prioritising it FINALLY, raising awareness and even a Health Ministers… Continue reading