60 Years On

60 Years On queen-elizabeth-ii-CORONATION-thumb-550x286-44940

“Our Queen Elizabeth 2nd has served us for 6 decades, yes I am a Royalist and proud of it….”


Our Queen Elizabeth 2nd has served us for 6 decades, yes I am a Royalist and proud of it and what changes she has seen and she haroyal_familys guided her nation through, from empire to nation, from the birth of the welfare state to the economic crash of 2008. Has our Queen always got her leadership right, well of course not, she may have been appointed by God to serve us but she is only human. All would admit the whole Princess Diana debacle could have been handled better, but our Queen, Her Majesty, our Sovereign, has also done what she felt was in the interest of her nation. Now, as frailty is more apparent on her and her companion in life, she stands still strong as such a proud Grandmother, you can see it on her face when she is with Prince William and Harry. Her Majesty knows the crown is in good hands with these two Princes, and yes Prince Harry too has made mistakes; which person growing up hasn’t. But yes the crown is in good hands with these Princes of our nation. I do wonder though, with sixty years on the throne, is the Queen pleased with what she sees happening to her people?


queen_elizabeth_ii_coronationI have a suspicion, even though she must remain politically neutral being the head of a democratic monarchy, she is probably appalled. I suspect her meetings with Prime Minister Cameron are somewhat formal and our Queen must be so tempted to tell him what she thinks of his policies that have devastated the poorest and most vulnerable in our land. I believe I am right in thinking that wealth wise, the UK is the 4th richest nation on earth, yes I am sure I have read that, but what do we see, our own people being targeted by the coalition and even the disabled attacked by policy and changes to the health and the welfare state. Does this please our Queen, I don’t think so, she saw her nation recover from World War 2 only to be then devastated by the Conservatives 60 years later, by the worldwide recession, but most of all by the no-growth of our own Chancellor Osborne. That’s what will be on his epitaph, chiselled into the marble, “The Man who saw no growth!”

Who leads this charge into further cuts and little or no growth, our own Prime Minister, who would rather have tea with tQueen-Elizabeth-IIs-coron-006he world’s biggest tax avoiders than confront them and reduce the level of cuts needed. He sits with the Queen weekly, as tradition dictates, and he tells her that we are heading in the right direction, whilst her nation bleeds. Is our Queen oblivious to the plight of her subjects, I think not, but I do think she is powerless to help and wonders where it went wrong. It started with greed by the financial sector and her nation is maintained in a negative state by the Coalition. Yes cuts to those that can’t fight back, or can be ignored, is easier than taking on the very people and organisations that avoid tax (legally) but bank rolls the parties in power. Worldwide corporations must have thanked the day the Conservatives came to power and did nothing to stop them legally avoiding tax by the billions, and the Queen can only look on. Cut services, cut investment, cut the welfare state, cut the community NHS, cut, cut, cut and the country and the people flat line – any wonder that before this Government suicide rates were falling, since 2010 they have been rising!


untitledThe Queen looks on as her nation fragments, as her people suffer; the heyday of the 50’s and 60’s long since passed. Labour may have deregulated the financial services leading to the financial crash but the Coalition is effectively a blight on the land, a blight that does mean starvation for some. Yes as we remember the wonderful 60 years of leadership by our Sovereign, her Majesty the Queen, we live in a land where people are left to starve by the state; Beveridge will be turning in his grave. We live in a society where supermarkets are having to donate tonnes of surplus food for charities to distribute to those who can no longer afford to eat – it disgusts me. I can’t think of any other way to describe how I feel about this situation other than “disgust”! In 2013 people starve without donations; we have sunk so far as a nation.


I have lost count of how many times I have heard on the news about cuts to DLA, cuts to Income Support, cut the benefit3s bill further and further, is it any wonder people will starve to death without donations. People still freeze to death in their thousands each winter, and yet the weakest, the poorest, the most unable to cope without support are demonised by a negative campaign at the hands of the Coalition. So when we hear that suicides are increasing, especially amongst the most vulnerable, are we really surprised or is it seen as brutally as one less deficit on the budget sheet of the welfare state. I really do think this is time for our Queen to show leadership and break the rules, insist openly for change, be vocal, be heard. I recall that Prince Charles is pretty vocal about architecture but where is the vocalisation for the people, sod the bricks and how they look when they are put together. We need someone to take a stance against the Government and start a positive revolution to recovering the ground lost in our nation’s morality.

Diamond Jubilee - Thames River Pageant

As we look back over the 60 years of our Sovereign’s reign we also have to look to the future and correct the wrongs that we all see, clear to us all, just open your eyes and see the suffering that has befallen the vulnerable, those that need our care, support and guidance. Let’s stop the persecution of the very people the welfare state is designed to support, send ATOS packing back to our enemy of old, the French from whence they are born. We need to have a positive revolution and we need it now.



Jonathan Wade


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