Attacks on the UK

Attacks on the UK

(Please be aware some images may offend or upset) Syrian protest banner from Kafranbel on 4 January 2013



This is not going to be a long blog at all as the message I feel I need to get across is not that complicated. Russia and the UK Governments are having a war of worduntitleds at the moment over Syria. The European & UN embargo on sending arms to Syria is expiring on Sunday 2nd June 2013, and Britain, through the very vocal Secretary of State of the Foreign Office and oversees relations, is saying it wants to arm the rebels fighting President Assad’s forces. 22 out of 27 EU countries wanted to extend the arms embargo but no decision could be reached with the UK holding out to let it expire, which it now will. Even the American’s are reluctant to arm rebels who are already and openly supported with Iranian weapons. So the plan is to send to the Rebels fighting for freedom from the Assad dictatorship, with his secret police, torture, detention without trial, murder of oppositions, etc., weapons that will make the aircraft, artillery and armour ineffective. This sounds good and sounds like the right thing, especially with millions of refugees that have left Syria and 100’s of thousands of people dead. The UK action may also allow the use of chemical weapons on both sides (if you are to believe the accounts and claims by both sides).


SERBIA-SYRIA-PROTESTBut it just isn’t as simple as this, the ‘Rebels’ are made up of many individual groups, temporarily working together to fight the regime, but each have different aims post-civil war in Syria. When the war is over with the dictatorship a new war will occur between different groups within Syria that have all been oppressed by the regime, but will fight to the death to gain power in the new Syria that will unfold. Some of these factions in Syria are VERY scary people indeed, and under any other circumstances we would be fighting them, using MI6, SAS, MI5 to hunt them down and ‘eliminate’ them and their members. In fact in many African countries we work with Governments to target their terrorist training camps, and let’s not forget the decade of war to fight the very same terrorists in Afghanistan, who are affiliated with the same people we are about to arm in Syria – IT IS MADNESS!


The main group we should be worried about getting hold of the weapons we are sending is of course Al Qaeda, the people we have given our brave Armed Forces syria-articleLargelives to get them out of Afghanistan. I just don’t understand what our Government is up to; it does not make sense to me. Hague even said that they would only arm groups that we do not need to be wary of, and it is simply nonsense. These factions, these groups making up the Rebels against Assad are all mixed together; arm one and you arm them all and to me this is obvious. What do we see on the news, a flurry of so called evidence that supports the arming of the Rebels, and this is merely to soften us up, to make us revolt at the carnage that we agree without Government and arm the Rebels. Well this won’t work and it is insulting it is so obvious, but nothing new with the Government treating the public like they are ignorant, uneducated “plebs”! Well I for one can see the tricks you are up to and it won’t wash.


People carry the body of men, whom activists say were killed by the Syrian government army, in Taftanaz village,You are about to arm the very terrorist groups that will radicalise Syria and use Syria as a base of operations to attack Europe and the Middle East. They will join with Iran and form an army against anyone nonaligned with their extremist faith and beliefs. Oppression of women, violence to enforce religious laws that have been out of date for a thousand years, and war against the ‘West’ and western cultures. And we are going to arm them! It terrifies me, it really does. Once the Rebels win, and they will, then comes the internal fight and Al Qaeda will win with Iran’s backing, and then they will have access to all of Iran’s weapons, the weapons of the West that the UK pumped into Syria, and then there are the weapons of the regime, including poison gas and rumours of biological weapons. Could we be witnessing the rise of a new global war that is just starting? Yet, the Muslims I know, the Koran, is all about love, faith, helping your fellow man, and it is twisted to fit these extremists and they all get tarred with the same brush. One fails to see how pumping weapons into this volatile situation can do anything other than bite us in the ass in the future. The last thing we as a nation wants is to have its enemy in the guise of the Taliban and Al Qaeda armed with weapons that can down aircrafts, destroy a block of flats, let loose poisonous gas in the underground – come on Hague look at the longer term, the bigger picture. There is an alternative staring them in the face and which has been proven to work too to help a people throw off the murderous shackles of a dictatorship.

Mideast Syria

We supported Libya by creating a no fly zone, effectively grounding their aircraft, which we then destroyed along with artillery, tanks and other armed divisions34ydvyq that were causing the Rebels most problems during the Libyan revolution. The same is happening in Syria, the armoured divisions, the air force of Syria is causing the most difficult to deal with, but giving the Rebels anti-tank and anti-aircraft weapons is not the answer, as these same weapons could be used to start a war with Israel, which we and the Americans would be drawn into, or used against our nation in years to come. No, we must, if we are sincere about helping bring this to an end, create the same no fly zone and replicate what we did in Libya, use our air superiority to destroy tanks, artillery, supplies, etc., to allow the Rebels to take the upper hand and oust Assad, exactly what we did in Libya. Putting advanced weapons into these factions and in some cases terrorist affiliates will be like pouring petrol onto a fire, a fire that will eventually burn Europe, America and Israel for sure – will you Mr Hague MP, take responsibility if this does happen?



Jonathan Wade


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