Another Brave Hero Falls

Another Brave Hero Falls



Whilst we look on in horror, in revolution at the bloody slaughter of one of our soldiers by so called terrorists, extremists of the Muslim faith, yethe-victim-hit-by-a-cart the very act was so disconnected with the Koran’s message, our thoughts go to the family and friends of this brave man that fought for his country. The very acts of these vicious scum is to be condemned and has nothing to do with the Muslim faith, but everything to do with being violent and trying to justify their animal like behaviour by tagging on to a faith, hacking a defenceless hero going about his personal business. They insult the faith they use as an excuse, but we find similar right wing idiots then reacting and trying to stir up trouble, the so called English Defence League (EDL) – thugs and Neanderthals with nothing better to do than take a tense and inflamed community situation and poor petrol onto it. The two terrorists (I hate using that phrase as in some way it hints at them having a grievance, when in fact they are soulless evil, putrid, scum and nothing else) are not the only ones that should be shot, extremists such as the EDL (Extreme Dysfunctional Lunatics) should have been gunned down by Police for daring to use this hero’s death as an excuse to march on our streets. Both these groups, the murders and the lunatic ‘right’ are as bad as each other, they use terror and violence, threats and intimidation to get their way or influence the political landscape. THEY MUST BE STOPPED!


Both groups, any groups of extreme ‘left’, extreme ‘right’, people murdering in the name of religion or faith are utter brutal philistines and do not deserve to breathe air. We have to take the American’s example following 9/11 or after the recent tornado in Moore where the community came together and put differences of colour or faith aside, neighbours and strangers alike joining forces to overcome the brutality of their experience, and the events in London are no different. This shocking murder was done in the name of the Islamic faith, their representatives and community, our mixed community, our melting pot of a country, all disgusted at the acts of these two mindless, callous savages. I watched as his family poured out their grief, total grief and they were right as they spoke that they accepted the risks he took when he served abroad in Afghanistan but they never even thought he would be targeted on the very streets that he served, and now gave his all, to protect. Of course they were shocked, stunned, we have all felt revulsion and now sadness for those poor people that lost a loving son, brother, father, husband, friend, proud member of our Armed Services, but now has a new title –  he will be remembered as a murdered hero.


I watched as the EDL marched 1500 strong through the streets of my local city Newcastle upon Tyne, and the local community stood strong behind the banner of the anti-fascist ‘Unite’ banner. The local community, of many races and faith, showed these ingrate barbarian beggars of the far right they are no different than the extremists that committed the murder just a few days ago. The Police from the Northumbria Force handled the whole situation well, keeping the two marches apart and stopping it descending into total anarchy on our streets, as I think enough blood was spilt on our roads by that brave soldier, that hero of the state. There are differences between these extremists, the name gives it away, they both want ‘extreme’ things to happen and are prepared to carry out ‘extreme’ behaviour to get what they want. But therein lies the paradox that these ‘extremists’ always fail to comprehend, probably because of their ‘extremely’ low IQ. The paradox is that the more extreme they are, irrespective of the false faith label they attach to their behaviour, the more the State fights back with every fibre in their collective being.


You can temporarily overthrow a people, a country with extreme behaviour, as our history has shown with the Nazis (far Right) or Communists (far Left) but eventually the walls come down, the normal state of politics and beliefs return, and this is the only thing that has remained constant in our history, in our humanity. The only constant is that ‘normal’ people, with ‘normal’ beliefs gain the upper hand despite the terror they face from terrorism, the extreme acts by extremists. Normal people always win out and these insects will lose.


I do think the news programmes and the papers, the media generally, should assist with overcoming the enormity of the occurrences in London and stop showing the scenes where these murderers are talking to witnesses with blood stained hands; come on think of the family of this newest of hero Soldiers. Showing the same clips over and over again, mentioning the names of these less than human killers, blinded by a perverse ideology, give them less air time not more and more. Don’t let these mindless human sharks be used as examples by the people that corrupted innocent minds, as I believe all people are born innocent, born without sin, born with a wealth of possibilities for good awaiting them. Channel 4 news at 7pm showed one of these brain corrupting people in our midst and Cathy Newman (Reporter/Presenter) showed him for what he truly was, one of the evil people that should be locked up or put out of reach of impressionable young minds.


So for me this was definitely worth doing by Channel 4 (although they, Channel 4 News, have been heavily criticised for it) as it showed him for the ruthless, hate filled, heartless monster that he was, no representative of Islam, just a representative of evil. He, and others like him, who I will not justify by using their names, are the real killers behind the youths wielding the knives, detonating the bombs, killing anyone who stands against them. They are the puppeteers behind what was once innocence, twisting it and moulding this innocence into the complete opposite, death, evil, monsters prowling our streets. The Home Office needs to do far more, spend more, getting these inner city communities to open up regardless of race, faith and religion, and working with communities to save these innocents. They have examples to follow, such as Unite in Newcastle upon Tyne. That shows the community standing together regardless of all that would separate them in other places. I know the Home Office says (Andrew Marr Show 26/05/2013 – Home Secretary Teresa May MP) it is doing lots in Prisons to stop radicalisation of people, but this is too late by the time they reach this stage of incarceration, which leads people to hate the State. Then the Home Secretary used Woolwich as a lever to persuade that the ‘Snoopers’ Charter is right – it isn’t! She was wrong to use this murder in such a way, and the Snoopers Charter is just a step too far, allowing the security services and police potential access to every email, text or anything we say electronically, digitally, via social media, Big Brother is trying to watch us. Teresa you shouldn’t have done this, it showed you trying to get the political upper hand with the Snoopers Charter by using our Hero’s death – it was just wrong!


So I say we pray for the families of this brave Soldier, pray for him to be graced in the presence of our God, and by that I mean your God of whatever faith you follow. They are in our prayers and will remain so, whilst these evil carriers of hate (whether on the Left or Right of our politics), regardless of the faiths they affiliate themselves with go to hell or rot in hell courtesy of our Majesty’s Prison Service.


One final note, when these sort of events happen on our streets then I have a little insight into why the American’s have post 9/11 Guantanamo Bay Detention Centre.

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Jonathan Wade


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