Monthly Archive: May, 2013


Together  The wind is cool and the sun (you heard me correctly there was some sun, it wasn’t some hallucination or abolition on my part) was warm to my face, first sun I… Continue reading

Another Brave Hero Falls

Another Brave Hero Falls (I WILL NOT POST IMAGES OF THE MURDERS OR THE EDL) Whilst we look on in horror, in revolution at the bloody slaughter of one of our soldiers by so… Continue reading

On the dark side of the Moon

On the dark side of the Moon  I saw on the news the most wonderful woman talking so honestly about depression, and as it turned out it was the Daughter of the… Continue reading

Poo Sticks and Slugs

Poo Sticks, Hadrian’s Wall and Slugs   There are things Father’s should pass on to their kids, regardless of gender. These should include, and many hidden from their Mother for reasons you will see… Continue reading

Sudden Increase in Vitamin D

Sudden Increase in Vitamin D   And The Perfect Blend of Whisky  Could it be the sudden burst of spring like weather, or is it going to be the only summer we will… Continue reading

Welcome Penny Moon a Guest Writer – (

Guest Writer – Penny Moon ( An Offering Let yourself slip into a safe and relaxed state, no interruptions, pay attention to your breath and deepen it, feel it flowing around and through… Continue reading

Maximising Business Potential

The Problem Within     I was offering someone some advice about their business. I must say they did ask. I didn’t just wander into an office and start telling them how to run their… Continue reading

There’s a Tension at Times

There’s a Tension at Times  There are several elements of mental state I find it difficult to move past or resign to the past, intertwined like ivy in and out of strands of… Continue reading

Bridges Made Unsteady

Bridges Made Unsteady  Attempts to re trace ones path across bridges long since made unsteady by the decay of time, distance and disregarded. I ponder what could have been if I had turned… Continue reading


Nosebleed   I wonder how the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and the Opposition Leader will be feeling after the local elections. I am pretty sure that at least one of them will… Continue reading